15 Cute & Lovely Hello Kitty Tattoo Designs

15 Cute & Lovely Hello Kitty Tattoo Designs April 27, 2018

I don’t have to tell you how super popular, cute and adorable Hello Kitty is. Without talking too much, I’ll quickly take you on a tour of the cutest tattoos now – get set ready!

Hello Kitty Tattoo Designs:

1. Fairy Kitty tattoo:

This is a cute kitty with pink dress and purple wings. It is so adorable. The stars on its pink dress are tiny and lovely. It looks magical.

2. Halloween Kitty Tattoo:

This is the Halloween kitty. The ghost kitty looking all white and scary but still adorable, the black one complete with the red bow, the bats and the spider web – everything is so perfect.

3. Simple Kitty tattoo:

One of the simplest hello kitty tattoos, this tattoo is still high on cuteness gradient. The simplicity makes it all the more sweet. After all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication now isn’t it?

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4. Witch Kitty Tattoo:

This is another hello kitty tattoo design, a witch kitty. It is sitting on a broom stick with a cute purple cape on its back. It is wearing a cap which has a small cute star and it also has a jingle jangle bell. That orange bow is also so kawaii!

5. Japanese Hello Kitty Tattoo:

This is one of my favorite of the kitties. The black dress and the props, pink detailing for the dress, it couldn’t get any cuter now, can it?

6. Stars and Kitty Tattoo:

A kitty face is adorable anywhere and this proves it so well. The kitty face with a rainbow and stars around, this is absolutely too cute to handle!

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7. Hearts and Kitty Tattoo:

Combine hearts with the cutest kitty in town and you have yourself the prettiest tattoo. This one is lovely – the pink and blue complement each other well and the white and the wings on the largest heart show that wishes come true.

8. Gory Kitty Tattoo:

Here is a less seen version of the cute hello kitty. Gory and damaged, this still looks adorable in a twisted way. Don’t you think so?

9. Finger Kitty Tattoo:

At the look of it a simple tattoo, this qualifies to be one of the cutest kitty tattoos. Just the outline of face complete with a bow and the nerd frames, this is super adorable! What do you think?

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10. Kitty Outline Tattoo:

How would you like to have a cutie patooti tattoo on the back, stars to complete the whole look? I love this one! The kitty looks surprised and astonished and this definitely too sweet!

11. Kitty Couple Tattoo:

If you thought one kitty is too cute to handle, imagine the cuteness of two of them combined. These sweethearts of cats here have adorable details in them – flowers, whisks, heart and a butterfly. This is one of the cute hello kitty tattoo designs.

12. Kitty on Anklet Tattoo:

An anklet replaced by the hello kitty charm? Bring it on! This is one of the very popular and quirky kitty tattoos out there. The bows, the beads and the kitty face complete with her red bow, this tattoo is worth all the love it gets.

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13. Ninja Kitty tattoo:

A ninja kitty! How cute is this one now, huh? I am definitely loving this one J this kitty is complete with the ninja move too.

14. Pirate Kitty tattoo:

A pirate kitty, this one’s eye patch has a heart! Haha, we could all die thanks to its cuteness. No matter how gangsta it wants to be, hello kitties are always oh-so-adorable!

15. Nerdy Kitty Tattoo:

Now this one is a nerdy kitty. She has some huge nerd glasses on, and seems to be winking. Interesting, yea? Cute, I think.

If you have stopped aaawww-ing at these adorable hello kitty tattoo pictures for girls, tell us which one you liked that most?

Give your idea ample time to test if you really want it inked, save the spot for a tattoo design that will not be regretted.