10 Highly Effective Height Increasing Tips For Teenagers

Written by Jyotsana Rao

Teenagers want to be taller and stronger, so it is very important to make certain lifestyle changes in order for them to grow taller. Adolescence is actually the best time to work on your height so that you can be happy with your stature in future. This article lists ten height increasing tips for teenagers in the form of lifestyle changes and exercises. Read on to know more.

Height Increasing Tips For Teenagers

Check out some of the best tips to increase height in teenagers.

1. Healthy Breakfast

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A healthy breakfast is recommended by all diet experts as part of a proper lifestyle. Skipping breakfast leads to gastric problems and ulcers, and increases the acid content in the stomach, causing its lining to erode away. A healthy breakfast boosts metabolism and helps in greater absorption of nutrients. This in turn helps in height gain in teenagers.

2. Proper Nutrition

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Proper nutrition determines the body’s growth pattern and also determines height gain. Most children in India are malnourished. Malnutrition leads to stunted growth and these kids fail to reach their actual height by the time they hit puberty. Hence, a balanced diet is very necessary for adequate nutrition. A meal should be rich in zinc, manganese and phosphorous that aid growth. Apart from that, a diet rich in proteins helps aid height and growth as proteins are the building blocks of the body.

3. Having Adequate Sleep and Rest

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Proper sleep patterns determine the body’s growth. It is only when we sleep that the body regenerates its tissues for growth and repair. Hence, rest is very important. A proper time is to be fixed for rest because rest is very important for the human growth hormone to be generated in the body. It is necessary to get eight to ten hours of sleep every day. Proper hormonal secretion is aided by rest and proper sleep timings; hence, adequate sleep helps in attaining height and growth.

4. Frequent, Smaller Meals

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Frequent, smaller meals help to keep the body recharged and high on energy. So it is better to have six meals a day rather than three in order to regulate the metabolism. Smaller meals are more frequent and help in quicker absorption of nutrients by the body. These nutrients ensure good hormonal regulation, which in turn, helps the growth hormone in the body to promote growth and attain a good height.

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5. Exercise and Yoga Regime

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Exercise plays a very important role in height attainment. Height increasing exercises for teenagers is the best way to adopt. Exercises help stretch out the limbs and body tissues, and some specific exercises like skipping or climbing help in height gain. Sports like basketball, swimming, tennis and football have been known to increase the height. Apart from that, certain yoga asanas are very effective for height gain.

6. Maintain Ideal Body Weight

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Obesity has been known to cause stunted growth, so in order to grow in height, it is crucial to maintain an ideal body weight.

7. Drink Plenty of Water

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One of the simplest height increasing tips for teenagers. Water detoxifies the body and cleanses it. It aids in the absorption of nutrients that help in height gain.

8. Avoid Growth Inhibitors

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Growth inhibitors like smoking or drinking cause stunted growth. These must be avoided. Use of narcotics or even antibiotics acts as growth inhibitors and stunts the body’s growth.

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9. Practice Good Posture

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Good posture helps to align the body’s structure so that it grows taller. Slouching and slumping stunt height gain and hence, should be avoided.

10. Avoid Smoking and Drinking

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Smoking and drinking at an immature age stop the natural growth of the body and make the body stunted. These must be avoided if one wants to grow taller.

Hope you liked our post on height increasing tips for teenagers. Thus, by making these lifestyle changes and following these tips, teenagers can avoid stunted growth and grow to their fullest height.

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