20 Hime Cut Styles Making The World Go Gaga!

Written by Anjali Sayee

With the ever-increasing popularity of anime, it should come as no surprise that hime cut styles are the biggest hair craze! Also known as the hime katto, this princess cut originated in Japan during the Heian period. Royals in the imperial court would grow out their hair length but cut their bangs eyebrow-length. They would also cut their sidelocks close to their cheek length. Swipe up to check out the best hime cuts to make you feel royal!

What Is The Hime Cut?

The hime cut is a combination of the Amasogi and Binsogi hairstyles. The Amasogi is a blunt shoulder-length cut that was popular back in the imperial times. The Binsogi cut involves cutting the hair near the ears at ear-length. This was done during a ceremony called Binsogi when a woman turned 20, which is how the hairstyle gets its name.

The hime cut is most often seen in “gothic Lolita” culture. It is popular in South Korea now, with many K-Pop stars sporting the look.

Since your hair is cut at different lengths in this hairstyle, it requires a fair bit of maintenance. Check out the next section to find out what you need to do to maintain it.

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How To Maintain The Hime Cut

  • If you have long, straight hair, you will just need to trim it regularly to keep it looking fresh and on point.
  • For wavy or curly hair, this cut is high maintenance and will require regular straightening, trimming, and touch-ups.

Now that you know everything about hime cuts, let’s deep dive into all the ways that you can style it!

20 Stunning Hime Cut Styles

1. Cheek Length Hime Cut

mmhiw  / Instagram

While the traditional hime cut has the sidelocks cut at cheek-length with bangs, you don’t always need to sport bangs. Go fringeless this season and slay with this stunning hime cut.

2. Chin-Length Hime Cut

sarangdmd  / Instagram

The traditional hime cut is cut a little below the cheeks, but you can take it up a notch by taking it all the way down to your chin. This helps frame your face by accentuating your jawline.

3. Thick Hime Cut

mark_chi / Instagram

Do you have thick hair? Then, one of your biggest issues is finding the right hairstyle to show off its volume. The hime cut is perfect for this purpose. Your thick tresses will look flawless when cut in its three separate layers.

4. Long Hime Cut

zurakogaming / Instagram

Long side bangs can make any hairstyle look dapper. So, why not pair long side bangs with your hime cut? This is a great way to minimize the regular trims required to make your hime cut look fresh.

5. Double Sidelocks Hime Cut

ushi_tnk  / Instagram

Double scoops of ice-cream, second servings of cake: all good things come in doubles. Just like this double sidelocks hime cut. While the first sidelock is cut at cheek-length, the second one is cut a little lower. Also, notice how the first sidelock is more prominent than the second one. This helps in adding depth to your hair.

6. Tapered Hime Cut

qian.iris / Instagram

The hime cut most certainly looks stunning on thick hair, but it also looks elegant on thin hair. It adds a certain soft touch to your hair and helps in adding dimension to your face.

7. Dissociated Hime Cut

alicornia_cosplay / Instagram

Notice how the bangs, side bangs, and sidelocks are all clearly separated? This is why it’s called the dissociated hime cut. The levels are clearly demarcated from each other and don’t blend together. This adds an edgy touch to the look.

8. Curved-In Hime Cut

kimcheehana / Instagram

The classic hime cut is usually styled super straight. Most hime cuts nowadays follow that style still. But, what if you want your hime cut to stand out? Well, opt for this curved hime cut where the sidelocks are curved at the end. It might not look like much of a difference, but it helps draw attention to your facial features.

9. Thin Bangs Hime Cut

elata.666  / Instagram

Women with thick hair know that having thick bangs is not easy. You have to trim them constantly, and your forehead is sweaty most of the time. You can solve these issues by keeping your bangs thin but your sidelocks thick. This will add some great dimension to your hime cut.

10. Modern Hime Cut

mollyacevode / Instagram

Most face shapes don’t work with all types of bangs (unless you have an oval face). So, try this modern hime cut that merges sidelocks with long side bangs. The middle parting can make your face look longer, which is perfect for anyone with wide cheeks.

11. The Cosplay Hime Cut

matthiu.hope / Instagram

Cosplay is a big deal! Whether its at Comic Con or just to dress up like your favorite character for those likes, cosplays have gotten bigger and bigger over the years. Since the hime cut is often seen in animes, it is regularly sported by cosplayers.

12. Sleek Hime Cut

aleebystore / Instagram

Blunt bangs and blunt sidelocks make for a sleek hime cut. Simply apply some hair gel to your bangs and sidelocks before combing them down. Use very little gel as you don’t want the cut to look oily and weighed down.

13. Hime Cut Pigtails

uminisizumu / Instagram

Most female anime characters sport the hime cut. This is because the hime cut is very versatile. When you tie your hair in pigtails, you can see how the sidelocks and bangs stand out and help in framing your face.

14. Hime Cut Bob

jsakorea / Instagram

While in imperial times the hime cut was done on long, straight hair, the hime cut looks great even when done with a bob. With many K-Pop stars sporting this androgynous look, it’s only natural that many will follow suit.

15. Hime Cut Lob

msyyc_kyu / Instagram

The stylish long bob is one of the most sought-after hairstyles. So, why not pair it with the hime katto? Trust me when I say it looks absolutely brilliant. It adds a lovely twist to a classic style.

16. Contemporary Hime Cut

I love how the bangs in this style taper into the sidelocks while the sidelocks are dissociated from the rest of your hair. It jazzes up a regular bob cut. If you love short hairstyles, give this one a try.

17. Cute Hime Cut

xxminhrxx / Instagram

The hime cut looks very cute. That’s why many teens and young adults love sporting it. Add a subtle curve at the end to give your hime cut that cutesy girl-next-door vibe.

18. Flapper Hime Cut

pio_chan23 / Instagram

I love this vintage take on the hime cut that has been done in a flapper style. It looks straight out of a manga, doesn’t it? The short locks and layers draw attention to your eyes, nose, cheeks, and jawline.

19. Anime Hime Cut

smolcactus.cosplay / Instagram

The minute I saw this cut, I had a flashback to the many the anime series I used to watch as a kid, especially Jigoku Shoujo. While Ai Enma’s cut is more of a traditional hime katto, this modern take on the cut is pretty rad too.

20. High Fashion Hime Cut

errolkaradag / Instagram

When you have a hime cut this edgy, you need to flaunt it on Instagram. Look at the well-defined layers, bangs, sidelocks, and the perfect tuck behind the ear. So flawless!

If you want to go for an edgy and badass look, you need to get the hime cut. Which of your favorite anime characters sport the hime cut? And which of these styles would you personally love to sport? Comment below and let us know! Arigato!

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