8 Amazing Hindu Tattoo Designs for Spiritual Connection

Pay respect to your deities and show your unwavering devotion with these spiritual tattoos.

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Hindus, the followers of Hinduism, get tattoos related to their creed inked on their bodies to represent their unwavering and pure faith. These Hindu tattoos are not mere body art – they are a way to pay respect to revered deities, centuries-old traditions, beliefs, philosophies, and mythological stories. Some people prefer spiritual elements, while others like to get symbols of deities inked. Check out this article to learn about some popular Hindu tattoo design ideas and their meaning. Keep scrolling!

8 Simple Hindu Tattoo Designs

Whether you want a Hindu tattoo or are in love with its rich traditions, here you will find a diverse collection of this ancient art form:

1. Hindu Tattoo For Guys

man with a Hindu tattoo for guys on his arm
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Lord Ganesha is among the most revered deities of Hindu culture. His tattoo is perfect for those who prefer intricate tattoos. The commitment to ornate details and precise shading will take longer than usual to complete the tattoo but the results would be thoroughly satisfying. You can also use colors for a more vibrant look.

2. Hindu Tattoo For Females

woman with a Hindu tattoo for females on her arm
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The Sanskrit word ‘Om’ is a symbol of spirituality not only among Hindus but all over the world. It is enchanted during meditation to channel the positive energy inside an individual. It is a common tattoo subject among Hindus and people who believe in spirituality.

3. Traditional Hindu Tattoo

man with a traditional Hindu tattoo on his upper back
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The temple tattoo shows your commitment to the exploration of spiritual truth and knowledge. These structures can be tattooed as a standalone or paired with other symbols having Hindu significance. The blackwork gives a striking appearance to the design, and with the placement on the back it shows the wearer carrying the spiritual knowledge with them wherever they go.

4. Ancient Hindu Tattoo

man with an ancient Hindu tattoo on his back
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Meditation has been an important part of ancient Hindu culture. Mahadev, or lord Shiva is often seen in the meditating state. The tattoo of Mahadev with eyes closed alludes to him meditating peacefully is common among Individuals who value inner peace and spirituality.

5. Forearm Hindu Tattoo

man with a forearm Hindu tattoo
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In Hindu culture, a chakra has several meanings. Lord Vishnu is seen holding a whirling Sudarshana Chakra on his fingers. It is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘cakra’ meaning ‘wheel’ or ‘circle of life’. It represents the seven energy centers inside a human body with each having its significance.

6. Hindu Tattoo On Hand

woman with a Hindu tattoo on her hand
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The feather of the national bird of India has an important significance in Hindu culture. He is often depicted as having a peacock feather adorn his crown to represent his beauty, royalty, and power. Additionally, the peacock is also associated with Goddesses Saraswati and Lakshmi, making it a symbol of benevolence, knowledge, wealth, and prosperity.

7. Small Hindu Tattoo

woman with a small Hindu tattoo on her fingers
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Not all tattoo enthusiasts like tattoos with intricate details or intense shading to create an impact on the viewers. Some prefer minimalist tattoos that show their devotion subtly. This illustration of Om on one finger commands attention.

8. Hindu Tattoo Sleeve

man with a Hindu tattoo quarter sleeve on her upper arm
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Hindu goddess tattoos are powerful and pious art renditions. The large tattoo design of a Hindu goddess covers the quarter sleeve of the arm. There are various gods and goddesses in Hindu mythology hence getting the tattoo of the one you are most devoted to would be a good choice.

Hindu tattoos have deep religious significance for the devotees. They showcase the faith, devotion, and trust the individuals have in the Supreme Being. Some prefer the illustration of their revered deity while others with a more abstract outlook go for the symbols of Hinduism. You can use colors for a pop of color or opt for black-and-white illustrations for a more realistic effect.

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