Hobbies For Teenagers: En Route To Fun Pastimes

Written by Sushmita Barman

Teenage years, ah! Full of life, enthusiasm, emotions, confusion, and those constant “I dunno what to do now, I’m so bored” complaints from them. And when we see their glistening eyes evoking those desires to make the best of life, well, they make everything feel alive too. But as time passes by so fast today, teens’ addiction to mobile phones, gaming laptops, those latest play stations, and other gadgets is growing exponentially. And one can only wish if one could shield them from those harmful screen rays. Now, this poses a serious dilemma. Let me help you here. “Hobbies for teenagers”. Rings a bell? It should. Because keeping these teens occupied with some crazy fun hobbies is by far the only way to help them clear their heads and mature better. Hobbies that suit their passions and interests will also allow them to recognize their gifts and talents and channel them into successful careers. Sounds amazing, right? We have compiled an exciting list of hobbies that you can engage your child in. And if you, dear reader, are yourself a teenager, then you must read on too. But before we begin this list, we want you to understand the significance of hobbies for teens. So c’mon, let’s find out:

Why Are Hobbies For Teenagers Important?

Well, hobbies are an essential aspect for folks of all ages, to be honest. But when we talk of the crucial phase of adolescence, hobbies tend to hold more value. This is that age where teenagers undergo mental, emotional, and physical changes tremendously. This implies that they require utmost care and attention to refrain from going astray instead of growing into mature and responsible humans. And hobbies come to their rescue, for they keep their minds busy, minimize their involvement with mobile phones, help them identify their skills and talents, and develop new ones. Also, they get a chance to socialize more through group hobbies and do fun activities, especially outside the school premises. So with exciting hobbies in place, we can have a win-win situation – less screen time, more bonding with people, and realizing one’s strengths.

Now that the importance of hobbies for teenagers has been established, let’s explore what we have in store for you:

Indoor Hobbies For Teenage Girls

Our blossoming girls are now more upset than ever, given the mess the Covid-19 pandemic has done to their routine, to their outings they had been planning for ages. I know it’s terrible. And this is precisely why we have compiled a list of hobbies for teenage girls that they can make use of being indoors itself. Let’s check’em out!

  • Learning A Foreign Tongue: There are bazillions of languages in this world. It would’ve been fun if we could learn’em all, right? Well, one step at a time. Let’s learn some of these beautiful tongues while we go crazy, wondering how to kill our time cautiously then. What say?
  • Baking: Let’s say Mother’s Day is around the corner, and the teen plans on surprising the mom dearest with a self-baked cake. We can already see happy tears running down her cheeks even thinking about it. So, baking looks like the perfect option here.
  • Learning Or Playing A Musical Instrument: Now, when your teen is partying with friends and if they play those six or four strings, they’re the star. So let them play a musical instrument or learn one.
  • Painting: If Van Gough’s “Starry Nights” mesmerizes your child or Da Vinci’s “Monalisa” makes them wanna solve its mystery like crazy, then they definitely have a thing for painting. So help them create their own stories on those canvases.
  • Singing: Now singing is one of the most beautiful ways to spend time doing. Won’t it be fun to try out different genres of music and ace them eventually?

Indoor Hobbies For Teenage Guys

The same applies to our little men too. They just couldn’t do those weekend hangouts with their buds during the pandemic, which is why we have listed below some interesting hobbies for teenage guys that they can try at home. Let’s know more about them:

  • Cooking: Knowing how to prepare food is “The” basic life skill, and one must learn it. So why not help them learn it and fill the tribe’s tummy with some happy food?
  • Knitting: If they wanna fill the family wardrobe with warm and fuzzy woolies, teach them how to knit. It is one of the soothing tasks to do.
  • Gardening: Oh, and the pleasure you get outta gardening is beyond words. It starts with one tiny plant, and when you see it bloom, you’ll know what “life” is all about. Teach them gardening and help them fill the house with greenery. Plus, the extra oxygen – Worth It!
  • Upcycling: Using those scraps to make something beautiful can give you life’s greatest joys. Teens can upcycle an old unused piece of furniture or fabric and transform it into something unique, a decorative element, and the like.
  • Reading: Now, what do I even say about reading? It’s one of the easiest and most valuable activities to indulge oneself in. Also, if they wanna go places for free, get those books that take them to their dream journey through their settings. You’re welcome!

Fun Hobbies For Teenage Girls To Try Outdoors

We can only hope now for the pandemic to subside. And when our dear hopes are fulfilled, the teenage girls will demand outdoor activities. Here are some really good hobbies for teenage girls that can be tried outta the crib. Read on to get some necessary inspo in that regard:

  • Swimming: Swimming is not just a hobby but an essential life skill and a good-for-health activity—a perfect thing to do as a hobby.
  • Birdwatching: Let’em escape into nature and watch those chirping birds dancing across the blue sky as they go about their daily routine. They’ll witness God’s exquisite creations and learn their different calls too. It’s very soothing.
  • Volunteering: Look for some age-appropriate platforms where they can offer their volunteering services. Maybe an animal shelter, an orphanage or a local theatre, or anything that suits their interests.
  • Cycling: Let’em take their wheels out and cycle around the neighborhood. When the streets are clear, cycling becomes way more fun. It also keeps you active and healthy.
  • Skating:


And skating is another beautiful hobby to try. When you ace it, won’t it be fun to skate around the society complex on those smooth lanes?

Cool Hobbies For Teenage Guys To Try Outdoors

And when we are finally gonna be blessed with a pandemic-free world, we will need some fun activities that our growing boys can take part in, too, right? So, below are some outdoor hobby ideas for teenage guys that you can get inspired from:

  • Creating Fairy Gardens: “Oh So Beautiful” is what people will chant once they see that gorgeous little fairy garden. Make them grab those miniature fairies and gnomes and fairy huts and create a fairy garden for the porch, deck, or that garden corner. Enhancing the premise much? Totally!
  • Fishing: When one finally catches that rohu, one gets addicted to fishing already. Teens should go fishing; it is another therapeutic hobby and also helps you gain patience because, you know, they’ll be waiting quite long to get that one fish hooked.
  • Learning A Sport: Make your teen learn an outdoor sport that can keep their muscles active. If they develop a strong interest in one, they can also take it forward and make it a career option.
  • Dog Walking: Your teen probably got that dog because they wanted a companion. But it became the parents’ responsibility solely. Hmm…not so good. Send this pet out in the warm sun and with the teen for a walk.
  • Sailing: But first, make them learn it and have all the necessary protection. Then they’re good to go, sail some waters.

Art & Craft-Infused Hobbies For Teenagers

Now, what are some fun hobbies for teenagers that involve art & craft? Scratching your head and wondering? Don’t. Instead, go ahead and learn below about these awesome art & craft hobbies and give life to that creative insect lurking aimlessly inside your teens! Why at all when we are here to help you with those too?

  • Decoupaging: It’s basically cutting out images, pasting them on different objects, and further coating that image and the object with varnish. Have them try it, and you’ll know why we suggest this.
  • Felting With Needle: Grab that barbed needle and transform wool into cute 3D objects. You can get help from tutorial videos, and warm and adorable felted animals are on your way.
  • Glass Etching: Make gorgeous glass etching patterns with just a few affordable supplies like a stencil, an etching cream, and a few more decorative items that go with this project.
  • Woodworking: Try this creative, productive, and relaxing hobby, and you’ll know why Ron Swanson from “Parks and Recreation” is obsessed with woodworking. He totally knows his woods, and so will your teen.
  • Jewellery-making: Your teen’s creativity gets an instant boost once they start making hand-made pieces of jewelry. Also, won’t they make fabulous gifts for the family? “Always.”

Well, honestly, there’s so much more that teenagers can do instead of staying glued to the screens. So what’s this wait all about then? The aforementioned ideas should be of great help. So dear parents as well as teenagers, get yourself into the business ASAP!

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