5 Signs You Are A Hopeless Romantic & How To Stop Being One

If you daydream a lot and fall in love easily, you may be a hopeless romantic!

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Who is a hopeless romantic? A hopeless romantic is essentially someone who still believes in love despite negative experiences in the past. While many may speak ill of this ideology, it has its share of benefits. A hopeless romantic gives all he can in a relationship and expects the other person to reciprocate in the same way. They commit to the relationship completely and love beyond any boundaries and limits.

However, the world is not what they think, and they are susceptible to disappointments. So, there are surely some drawbacks of being driven by this romantic ideology. That said, should you be a hopeless romantic or not? Read on to find out.

What It Means To Be A Hopeless Romantic

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There are two sides to being a hopeless romantic; they are often wanted but also criticized. A hopeless romantic is the one who is always head-over-heels in love. Nobody loves as they do. Being a hopeless romantic, you will always find joy and contentment in the little things of your relationship. You will be seen romanticizing good over bad most of the time, imagining scenarios, surprises, and so much more in your head.

Against all negative past experiences and a seemingly unhealthy present, a hopeless romantic embraces love even when it is a red flag pointing straight at them, waving a hello. They get emotionally invested, feel like they have found their soulmate, and get attached from the very beginning without analyzing what lies ahead of them.

A hopeless romantic may sound like someone who is all gooey, chirpy, unreal, and madly in love, but they don’t always have positive experiences from their love affairs. Reality strikes hard when they face the harsh truth. And that’s when hopeless romantics hit rock bottom. However, they must learn to balance the reality and fantasy of love to enjoy their love life without getting hurt.

Hopeless romantics are eternal optimists and dreamers who indulge in excessive sentimentality. Whether it is a red flag or a do-or-die situation, they tend to try to make their way out of it. However, if you are wondering what makes you one, fret not. We have all the signs or symptoms covered. Scroll down to learn.

Signs You Might Be A Hopeless Romantic

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  • You Daydream A Lot

Are you someone who has their marriage planned even though you might be single? If you know which wedding songs you will dance to, how you will doll up for your engagement, and what your future partner looks sounds or looks like, you are one true hopeless romantic! You are often lost in thoughts, daydreaming about your future partner, already in love with the idea of love, without actually being in love.

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As a hopeless romantic, you may also have a long list of people you have crushes on and, most likely than not, have pages of diary dedicated to scribbles about them and saved souvenirs from your moments together.
  • You Fall In Love Fast And Easy

Most people take time to fall in love. They analyze, discover, and prepare themselves for what the relationship might look like in the future. However, hopeless romantics are idealists and likely to fall in love hard and fast, as soon as they enter the relationship or even much before it starts. You idealize your partner, irrespective of who they really are, setting unreal expectations from the relationship. A hopeless romantic doesn’t differentiate between infatuation and love.

A blogger admits to being a hopeless romantic and reflects on her earlier perceptions of love. Recalling her past, she shares, “These twisted romance story ideals led me to have my first sort of “romantic fling” in high school; I wouldn’t even call it a relationship, it was so insignificant and brief. A boy showed me attention for the first time and I gushed over it, high with the idea of someone loving me (i).”

  • You Are Blindfolded In Love

Hopeless romantics overlook red flags until they are deep into the relationship. You dive deep into the flowery relationship with all the reasons you think made you fall in love. Even if you notice potential problems and issues, you skip those by convincing yourself it can never overpower your love and affection. However, ignoring a problem doesn’t make it disappear. When you are done with honeymooning in the relationship, you discover potential differences that may be roadblocks in your bond.

  • You Face Love-Bombing

Hopeless romantics get into relationships easily, quickly make a commitment, and imagine their partners to be a certain way. As a result, you may find yourself in toxic relationships. The realizations dawn upon hopeless romantics when the spark is lost. You fall prey to manipulative decisions, dramatic explanations lacking logic, and even false promises. Once the fairy tale love runs out of the reel, toxicity plays on repeat.

  • You End Up In One-Sided Relationships
Being in one-sided relationships as one of the signs of a hopeless romantic
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Not every relationship is based on a 50:50 ratio. Sometimes, they are 70:30, and sometimes, 60:40. However, a balance is maintained. But, hopeless romantics are more on the giving side, as they invest more unlikely of their partners. You end up feeling too much to bring alive your imaginary vision into the picture. Due to this, you end up receiving less and ending up in a one-sided relationship.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with being a hopeless romantic. However, such people live far away from reality, investing in their imaginary world to the extent of losing themselves. Even when they realize the reality doesn’t align with their vision, they leave the relationship incomplete and premature. Hopeless romantics also have challenging breakups where they lose confidence in themselves.

Well, why fall for hopelessness when you can be a hopeful romantic? Let’s find out how to stop being a hopeless romantic.

How To Stop Being A Hopeless Romantic?

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  • Be Practical

Have your set of expectations and ideologies about love and relationships but keep them in check when you pursue someone. Do not blindly indulge in dating or give in to passions without analyzing your and the to-be partner’s expectations. Align your possibilities and disadvantages, think about the hiccups, and don’t ignore the red flags.

  • Communicate
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Communication is the key to every unopened door. Talk about every minute detail that you think matters or will come into play in the longer run. Open communication will help you understand and analyze better. You can identify the issues and, most likely, find a way to deal with them, too. Have a rational mind while communicating.

  • Be Aware Of The Post-Honeymoon Period

Relationships are interesting and a lot more joyful in the initial days. Don’t be scared or lose hope as soon as you see the spark fading away. Hold your ground and believe in your partner and the relationship. Be ready to face some challenges with faith and practicality. Don’t be scared of the reality that walks in.

protip_icon Trivia
The honeymoon period is widely believed to last anywhere between 6 to 24 months into a new relationship.
  • Be Optimistic

Do not be terrified by the red flags or seeing relationships fall out. On the contrary, be optimistic that you can always find love. That said, you should also be alert to the flood of emotions relationships bring. Don’t overthink or romanticize drama and emotions. Take feelings as they come but think them through very rationally. Do not let overindulgence ruin your sense of self.

  • Don’t Settle For Less

A hopeless romantic often settles for less. Instead, remind yourself how worthy you are of better things. Do not settle for less thinking love will always find a way to happiness. Set boundaries and draw milestones for yourself and your relationship. If you don’t feel safe, sound, and secure in a relationship, gather the courage to walk out. Do not sit back, hoping things will get better. Try to make things better but never at the cost of your sanity.

You are now armed with the knowledge that will keep you grounded in reality when it comes to relationships. However, it is important to know the difference between being hopeless and a hopeful romantic.

Hopeless Romantic Vs. Hopeful Romantic

A hopeless romantic views love through rose-tinted lenses, often expecting an unrealistically fairy-tale-like experience. Despite facing setbacks or heartbreaks, you persist in your pursuit of a dreamy love story.

On the other hand, a hopeful romantic approaches love with optimism, embracing the journey with an open heart while acknowledging the imperfections and disappointments that come with real relationships. You believe in the potential for genuine connection and personal growth, finding joy in the shared experiences and even heartbreaks that love brings.
While a hopeless romantic is driven by unattainable fantasies, a hopeful romantic seeks fulfillment in the genuine and imperfect beauty of love’s reality.

Infographic: 5 Signs To Show You Are A Hopeless Romantic

Do you wonder why you fall in love easily every time, even after many a heartbreak? Do you give your all in a relationship and love beyond boundaries? It might be because you are a hopeless romantic. Are you still trying to figure it out? Check out the 5 signs of a hopeless romantic in the infographic below.

5 signs to show you are a hopeless romantic (infographic)

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Get the high-quality PDF version of this infographic.

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Being a hopeless romantic has benefits as well as drawbacks. It is fantastic because no one loves people as much as you do. It is amazing how much you respect and acknowledge every little thing and how your empathy outweighs all the problems. However, being so engrossed in love, kindness, and feelings may cost you later in life when it comes to dating, as you may be taken for a fool and taken advantage of. Therefore, it is better to be a “hopeful” romantic, where optimism meets maturity and discernment. When and while you fall in love, keep your hopeless romantic side in check and make good use of your senses. Everything else will ultimately fall into place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is being a hopeless romantic a good thing?

Hopeless romantics harm nobody but themselves. It is not wrong or bad to be one. But it is always better to be a hopeless romantic with all the awareness. Be open to the hiccups, the good vibes, the roadblocks, and everything else. This way, you will be less hurt and more aware and responsible of your actions and decisions.

Do hopeless romantics fall in love fast?

Yes. Hopeless romantics fall in love faster than anybody else since they greatly value the matters of the heart. They jump into a relationship without thinking of the negatives. It is often seen that hopeless romantics overlook all red flags and hiccups, idealizing their romanticized version of love and a relationship.

Does a hopeless romantic believe in love at first sight?

Hopeless romantics might believe in love at first sight, as they often think there is one perfect person for everyone. However, in some other cases, they might not fall in love quickly but long for their former partners hopelessly even if the partners move on.

What is the difference between a hopeless romantic and a realist?

Hopeless romantics live in fantasies and strongly believe that one day they will meet their soulmate and everything will fall into place. Meanwhile, while realists do believe in love, they do not ignore the bumps on the love road and live in reality, unlike hopeless romantics.

Can a hopeless romantic be happy without being in a relationship?

Hopeless romantics tend to plan their romance and life out with a person they like even when they have never talked to that person before. They live in the love bubble imagining the happy life they can have with their soulmate. However, all of this might come tumbling down if they are not careful or ignore the red flags.

How can a hopeless romantic find a partner who shares their romantic ideals?

Hopeless romantics need to let go of the fantasy and understand that every person has a different love language. They need to observe if their partner is also putting in the effort or if it is just them trying to make the relationship work. They need to communicate with their partner to make sure that both parties are on the same page.

Key Takeaways

  • A hopeless romantic often fails to see the red flags in a relationship.
  • A hopeless romantic is found fantasizing a lot. They imagine the relationship to be blissful even when it is not and begin to make marriage plans immediately at times.
  • It is not always harmful to be a hopeless romantic, but it is essential to be practical and optimistic and communicate well with the partner and be aware of the challenges accompanied by relationships.

Are you a hopeless romantic? Find out in this video if you are not sure! This video provides 10 signs that indicate you may be a hopeless romantic.

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