How Long Should You Date Before Getting Married?

Written by Harini Natarajan

Whether you are in your twenties, thirties, forties, or fifties – there is no time limit on dating. There is no rule to stop dating at a certain age. There is no magic number, age, or other misleading ideals when you should give up dating and start thinking about marrying your partner. Marriage involves committing to stay together and loving, honoring, and respecting each other. Therefore, the decision to get married should only be made after careful introspection. Although there is no fixed age to get married, people often wish to settle down when they think they have found their perfect partner.

Dating involves getting to know each other, testing out your compatibility, and building a comfortable, trusting companionship. It takes very little time for some people but years for others to reach that point in the dating phase where they start thinking about tying the knot. And, it is definitely not an easy decision. So, here we are, trying to understand how long to date before marriage. Keep scrolling to find out more.

How Long Should You Date Before Getting Engaged?

Dating itself is complex, and the thought of getting married complicates it further. How do you know that you are ready to get married? Is it a horn blaring in your head? A message delivered in your sleep? Or a premonition that, yes, this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with? Whatever your signal was to prompt your readiness, you are here to find the answers to a question many have asked themselves.

Is it too soon to get married? Am I hurrying into something that might not last? Am I in for heartbreak or a lifetime of happiness? These are just some of the questions that no one can confidently give the right answers to.

It is said that a minimum of 1-2 years of dating reduces the probability of divorce by 20%, and dating for 3 years or more reduces it up to 50%.

This does not mean that you are rushing into things either. Just because some relationships worked better after dating longer does not mean that you are setting yourself up for divorce by getting married within a year of dating. The health of your marriage depends entirely on how much work you put into it and how committed you are to each other.

That being said, dating does differ a bit based on your age. Let’s learn more about this below.

Dating Before Marriage In Your 20s

Relationships in the twenties usually don’t last as long as when compared to adults. These young adults are still in search of their roles in society and setting up their careers. This does not leave much space for the decisions regarding settling down after dating. Very few people successfully settle down in their 20s.

Dating Before Marriage In Your 30s

By their 30s, most people have set their footing in their careers. Through the many trials and errors in relationships, they have figured out what they desire from their partner and what to look for in a relationship. Here, even a year of dating solidifies the relationship a lot. Couples in their 30s who have dated for at least 2 years are said to have an almost 80% success rate in marriage.

Dating Before Marriage In Your 40s

By your 40s, you usually know yourselves completely. You know what you want in life and what decisions to take to get what you want. But, we are conditioned to think that dating is only reserved for people in their teens, 20s, and 30s. Dating in your 40s might feel like a rebellious act against society, but it is definitely not. Getting married at this age is not about adjusting anymore but finding the person that fits you.

Dating Before Marriage In Your 50s

There is nothing wrong with dating in your 50s. In fact, most of the relationships built at this age are for companionship, so the marriages borne out of them will most likely survive to the end. Relationships that persevere past the one-year mark at this age tend to survive other hardships that the couple might come across.

The basic needs for a relationship to survive the ups and downs of life are explained below.

Things To Consider Before Marriage

1. You, Me, And Us

Knowing yourselves individually is of utmost importance for the marriage to survive, period. For anything you want to do in your life, you need to know yourself first. Otherwise, you will never be happy or satisfied. Know yourself, understand yourself, and then try to understand how you two individual, independent human beings are compatible with each other and how far you are willing to go for each other.

2. Conflict And Communication

The basic foundation of a relationship depends on the kind of communication the partners have. There is no place for lying, hiding, and secretiveness in a marriage. You need to communicate your needs to your partner and listen to them when they do the same. The only way to resolve conflicts is to communicate.

3. Religion

Religion is one of the most important parts of a person’s life. Compromising, understanding, and accepting each other’s views on religion is necessary when you are considering building a life together.

4. Children

Before getting married, it is absolutely essential that you discuss whether you both will be having children. Some people adore kids so much that they want to have them as soon as they get married. Some people even want to get married just to have kids. Then, there are those who want to stay child-free by choice. Can you imagine these two kinds of people having a successful marriage for long? Chances are very low. Therefore, it is important to talk about this before committing to marriage.

5. Shared Interests And Values

As two independent individuals, you probably have different interests, hobbies, and pastimes. Respecting these differences is as necessary as finding things that you both can do together to bring you closer and make the relationship stronger. Find things that interest both of you – it could be painting, just sitting together and reading your own books, watching movies or documentaries or shows together, or even a sport!

6. Finances

A rather important aspect of a successful marriage is the way you handle your finances both individually and together. This includes how you save your money, what your spending behaviors are, and how you plan on splitting day-to-day expenses as well as big purchases. Your retirement plans are also a huge part of this conversation.

7. Sexual Compatibility

Sexual compatibility is of utmost importance in a successful marriage. Know your kinks and turn-ons, as well as your partner’s. Discussing and agreeing to try out both your kinks will help you understand each other better. This will also show you how much your partner is ready to learn for you and from you and if you can really satisfy each other.

8. Balance

How do you balance your work and family life? How do you plan to do it in the future? What do you expect from your partner regarding their family and work lifestyle? All of these dynamics need to be discussed to establish a balanced life once you get married.

9. Leaving The Honeymoon Phase

The honeymoon phase is that phase of a relationship when everything seems perfect. There can be nothing wrong in your paradise, and your partner can do absolutely nothing wrong. But, this bubble bursts eventually, and you come face-to-face with issues in your relationship. So, consider marriage only after you are past the honeymoon phase of your relationship.

10. Future

Figure out your expectations from the relationship. What do you want out of it? How do you plan to make it come true? What kind of dynamic do you want to share with your partner? What kind of life do you want to build with them? All of these are important questions to ask yourself and your partner.

The Bottom Line

There is no set amount of time that you should be dating before getting married. It somewhat depends on your age, but there are no solid rules here either. People in their 20s and 30s usually date for a longer period before getting married than people in their 40s and 50s. Ultimately, do not rush into things because of a non-existent timeline. Take your time to understand yourself and your partner, your individual and combined needs and goals, and what your expectations are from the relationship. Get married only when it feels right to both of you.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

Is a month too soon to fall in love?

Love does not follow any rules, and you cannot put any timeline on it. There is nothing wrong with falling in love within a month of meeting someone. What matters is how you proceed forward and build the relationship.

Is 6 months too soon to get married?

The only thing that can ensure a good marriage is finding the right partner. If you have found someone great and discussed your expectations from marriage with them, there is no harm in getting married to them 6 months after meeting them.

Is it better to get married or just live together?

Each relationship is unique. Some people want to get married, while others prefer a live-in relationship. What you choose to do depends entirely on your and your partner’s views on marriage and which dynamic works best for you two.

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