How Many Calories Can You Burn In One Hour Of Yoga?

Reviewed by Anirudh Gupta, Certified Yoga Instructor
Written by Jyotsana Rao

Are you a yoga freak? Do you swear by yoga as a complete way of attaining health and wellness? If you want to tone down and are looking to attain peace of mind, then yoga is your best bet! The twisted asanas and meditation techniques have many physical and mental benefits.

Note: Weight loss and losing flab can be the by-products of yoga and not its essence.

However, can yoga help you lose flab? And which is the most effective yoga technique for weight loss? Read on to find out!

Calories Burned In One Hour Of Yoga:

Jill Lawson, founder of Lawson Yoga, says, “If the method to test caloric expenditure was only based on heart rate, then Bikram and other hot yoga classes might top the charts as the styles of yoga that burn the most calories.”

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However, a higher heart rate doesn’t translate to higher calorie burn. Other factors can increase heart rate without any calorie burn.

So, now that we know that heart rate and calorie burn aren’t dependent on one another, let’s look at the different styles of yoga and also note how many calories does each style burn.

Usually, performing yoga can help you burn around 100 to 450 calories in an hour, depending on the style, the pose, and the person.

1. Hatha Yoga

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A one-hour session of this form of yoga helps you burn 189 calories. Hatha Yoga is the most popular form of yoga in the west. It is the basic practice of yoga postures. Although it may seem to rely on continual movement, holding a balanced pose is also an important feature of hatha yoga. It is the best option for people who want to explore yoga, and it can be an invigorating experience as well.

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2. Ashtanga Yoga

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It helps you burn 351 calories in an hour. Ashtanga Yoga combines breathing technique with a series of set postures. Ashtanga Yoga boosts arterial health and helps you relax your mind. While practicing it, you need to follow a rigid order of postures. Ashtanga Yoga helps to purify the blood by creating ‘internal heat’ that incinerates toxins and other waste particles in your body.

3. Bikram Yoga

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It helps you burn 477 calories in an hour. It is the best version of yoga if you are looking for weight loss. A session of Bikram Yoga can last up to 90 minutes. You need to perform the 26 postures and two breathing exercises, in a heated room to enhance muscle flexibility. The increased sweating will help you detoxify your body.

4. Vinyasa Yoga (Flow Yoga)

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It helps you burn 594 calories. Vinyasa Yoga or Flow yoga has fluid poses. It involves constant movement, which ensures that the calorie burn is continuous. Vinyasa yoga isn’t rigid, and it does not follow a predetermined sequence. You can look forward to a different routine every time.


Remember that the above yoga exercises are just supplementary techniques. You should start slow and steady to get the alignment, structure, and composition of the pose correctly to prevent injuries. Yoga is a great form of exercise and does contribute to the weight-loss program. So are you ready to include this one hour yoga workout in your regular regime? It is a holistic workout for your mind and body.

Now that you know in detail about the calories burned in one hour of yoga, let us know if you’ll give it a try. If yoga has helped you lose weight, please share your yoga regimen details with us by commenting in the box below!

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