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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? May 8, 2018

Yeah, the eternal question – how often should you wash your hair? It is pretty simple actually. When you feel that your hair is greasy and unclean, wash it! As simple as that.

Other aspects of hair washing include what you need to wash it with, how often is too often, and how long you can go without washing your hair. It all depends on your hair texture, scalp, and styling method.

Without further ado, let’s find out below the whole funda of washing your hair.

Shampooing Your Hair

Shampooing Your Hair Pinit


When you think of washing your hair, you mean shampooing it, right? Yes, using shampoo to clean your hair has become synonymous with washing hair.

It is also the most popular method of cleaning hair – it eliminates dirt, product build-up, sweat, dandruff, and excess oil from the hair. It’s shampoo time when your scalp feels itchy, hair becomes excessively oily, and you notice dirt flakes in your hair.

Shampoos contain various ingredients that help remove debris and oil from the hair. While this process makes your hair cleaner, it can also damage it if used excessively because shampoos may contain harmful chemicals and sulfates. Also, they may strip the hair of the natural oils and make it dry and itchy.

You need to have some oil in your hair to protect it from damage. So, if you feel that you are shampooing your way to dry and damaged hair, reduce the number of times you wash your hair.

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How Often To Shampoo Your Hair

  1. Hair Texture
  2. Scalp Type
  3. Styling
  4. Exercise Patterns

1. Hair Texture

1. Hair Texture Pinit


How often you wash your hair comes down to your hair texture and type. If you have thick and curly hair, then you need not wash your hair as frequently as those who have thin, straight, and flat hair – that’s because an oily scalp is more visible for those with thin hair. Wash your thin hair every other day to keep it non-greasy and clean.

If you have normal hair of average thickness, then wait till your hair feels unclean and oily to wash it.

The same goes for dry hair too. Those with fragile hair should be extra careful about the washing frequency because fragile hair is more prone to damage and it’s best if you don’t wash it too often.

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2. Scalp Type

2. Scalp Type Pinit


If your scalp is too oily and tends to produce so much oil that it needs to be washed every day, then do it. While for a normal oily scalp, once in 2-3 days would do, depending upon the hair’s condition.

Those living in an extremely humid place also might need to wash their hair daily. However, daily washing is not recommend generally because that strips the oil from the scalp, and is damaging to the hair, making it dry and brittle.

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3. Styling

3. Styling Pinit


If you are lathering your hair with hair creams and styling products, then you need to wash your hair more frequently. The product build-up in your hair causes it to become limp and dry, and therefore needs frequent cleaning.

If your hair is treated, blowed-out or processed, then the oil in your scalp takes more time to travel through the tresses because of the damage. Therefore, you should wash it less often and condition it more.

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4. Exercise Patterns

4. Exercise Patterns Pinit


Do you exercise every day? Sweat like crazy in the gym or practice intense power yoga? Then the whole hair washing game for you changes irrespective of your scalp condition and hair type.

The sweat becomes a deciding factor here on how frequently you need to wash your hair.

Sweat spreads the sebum in the hair, leads to bad odor, and makes your hair dirty. It’s best if you take a quick hair wash after a workout.

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The ‘No Shampoo’ Trend – Good Or Bad?

You don’t have to wet your hair and use the shampoo all the time. Luckily for those who can do with a quick cleanup between a traditional head bath, the ‘no shampoo’ trend is a boon.

The ‘no shampoo’ trend refers to dry shampoos, powders, and leave-in conditioners that are easy to use on the go and save time.

The powder absorbs excess oil from the scalp whereas the leave-in conditioners style and tame the hair. Dry shampoos, on the other hand, freshen up the hair and add volume at the roots.

The verdict – it’s pretty good and comes in handy when you are in a hurry. It extends the time between your hair washes, so is perfect for someone leading a hectic life.

Any Other Alternatives?

Of course, there are shampoo conditioners that do the job of both the products at one go. Simply use it as a shampoo and leave it on for some time, like you would a conditioner. Then, rinse.

Or, you can just wash your hair with water when you feel it is not too dirty, but you still feel like rinsing it to wash off the little dirt that has accumulated on your hair and keep the scalp clean and fresh. Works best when you shower immediately after a workout or swim.

That’s about it, guys. How often should you wash your hair comes down to your sense of cleanliness, the way your hair looks and feels, and its odor and scalp condition. Keep these in mind, and you’ll know when to wash up; but, make sure you don’t push washing your hair for more than 2 weeks. Go for it.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

Are natural cleansers like soap nuts better than market bought shampoos to wash hair?

It depends on your preference. While natural cleansers are pure and chemical-free, they can be messy and cause allergic reactions on the scalp. On the other hand, shampoos are easy to use and carry but contain chemicals that can harm the hair. Try both and choose the one that suits you.

Is it best to oil my hair before shampooing?

Yes, if you can, warm some coconut/almond oil and massage it into your scalp. It is nourishing, soothing, and moisturizing, and makes your hair healthier and stronger.

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