How To Apply Bridal Eye Makeup – Step-By-Step Tutorial

A complete guide to help you style your eyes for your most important day

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Wedding is one of the most important events in any woman’s life and we want to look perfect on this day no matter what. Knowing that eyes are the best feature of the face, you should highlight them with perfect bridal make up for the eye. Eyes speak volumes and everybody can read that sparkling eyes of the bride to be/.

This Indian Bridal Makeup article will help you get the perfect set of eyes on your special day.

Tips prior to make-up:

1) Get your eyebrows done one before the wedding day. Getting it done on the same day shows visible redness & irritation that could spoil your look for the day.

2) Sleep well to avoid dark-circles and swelling under your eyes.

3) Buy products that you need for eye make-up if you are doing it yourself: The range could include

a)    Tissues
b)    Foundation/ Concealer
c)    Eye-liner
d)    Mascara
e)    Kajal or Kohl-pencil
f)     Eye-shadow
g)    Some brushes
h)    Lashes-Curler or false eye lashes

Step 1:
Start by cleaning and moisturizing your face and neck completely. Blend a foundation suiting your skin type and apply it over your face and neck in a uniform pattern.

Step 2:
Apply a concealer on your eyes, over the dark spots (if any) and dark-circles to match the skin tone. Once you get the flawless tone, proceed to step 3.

Step 3:
Choose an eye shadow that matches your dress color, if not, a golden with smoky black combination suits any of the dress colors. Use a good branded brush of high quality to apply the eye shadow over the lid, just above the crease, start from the inside (nose-side) and move towards the outside.

Apply another coat again from the middle of the lid, give strokes towards the corner of your eyes and blend the shade well. This method will help you balance the tones equally all over.

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Step 4:
Kajal for eyes: Apply kajal like you usually do. Don’t put a thick layer as we are focusing on the lid more than the lower part of the eyes.

Step 5:
Next step is to apply Eyeliner by keeping your hands very steady. Start with a thin line near the inner-corner and a thick one towards the outer corner of your eyes, as shown in the picture below. Depending on the kind of look you are creating, you can also choose your eyeliner pattern including winged, stretched, or mixed with false lashes, double winged etc,.

Step 6:

Mascara gives a thick look to your eye-lashes.  Apply it firmly without spoiling the liner and kajal.

Use a curler after the mascara dries up completely; it gives a shape to your lashes.

You could also try false eye lashes for a glam look. However, do not choose over decorative ones. Focus mainly on applying eye shadow and eyeliner. Also, the colours you choose should perfectly complement your dress in order to get the perfect look!

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Your eyes can create magic on your big day. So play with your eye makeup. Let your eyes do the talking, and let them take center stage to make your wedding pictures stand out. The tips we shared in the article are easy to follow and can help you perfect your bridal eye makeup in no time. Also, don’t forget to be happy. Your marriage is a significant milestone. So make sure the day is filled with joy and laughter because your happiness will brighten up your eyes more than makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you put eyeshadow on hooded eyes?

Apply the transition eyeshadow just above your natural crease to create an illusion of crease. Use a deeper shade and blend it towards the outer eyelid and lower lash line.

How do you apply eyeshadow to droopy eyelids?

Create a triangle at the outer corner of your eyelids. Blend it upwards to fade the color into the crease.

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