How To Apply Foundation For Long Lasting Lipsticks

Most of us have one common makeup product that we all love – a lipstick!

Indian girls have the perfect skin tone to carry off most lipstick shades. Most of us also know the basics when it comes to applying lip colour, like the liner and how to draw our lips in different ways and the like.

The one thing though that has not yet caught up with Indian women is using a foundation for your lipstick.

Why to use a foundation for your lipstick:

Some issues while applying foundation on your lips:

There can, however, be a little makeup glitches while you are applying a foundation on your lips. Here are the most common ones that you may face:

A proper application of the foundation will ensure you do not face the above problems. The end result will be professional and your makeup will last much longer.

Things you will need for applying a foundation on the lips:


Step 1: Removing the dead skin from the lips

Step 2: Hydrating your lips

Step 3: Concealing and blending

Step 4: Applying foundation on the lower lips

Step 5: Applying foundation on the upper lips

Step 6: Blending

Step 7: Concentrate on the cupid’s arrow

Step 8: Lip Liner

Now fill in your lips using your lip colour.

How this helps

This procedure will help your lip colour stay on longer and smudge less as the base of the foundation and concealer will hold in the product better.

Do try out this simple makeup trick and let us know if it worked for you!

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