How To Apply Full Nail Water Decals Perfectly?

Written by Jyotsana Rao

Full nail water decals are a god send for those girls who love doing Nail art but don’t have enough time to paint their nails and omg the waiting is a big no ….no..? But still they love nail art now & they can enjoy nail arts with help of full nail water decals.

Things Required:

  • You need a glass of water.
  • tweezers.
  • fast drying top coat.
  • a full nail water slide stickers/decals.

What does this packet contains?

This packet contains 22 full nail decals and a small emery bord filer for smoothing. The back of this packet has full instructions to use them but still there are small things that you should keep in mind while doing your nails.

Before Tutorial:

Before starting doing your nails, keep all your things ready – glass of water, nail decals as shown in following pictures:

Stepwise Tutorial:

Step 1:

First take the decal according to your nail size and trim it if needed.

Step 2:

Now take the decals and dip them in a glass of water with help of tweezers as shown in the picture below:

Step 3:

After a few seconds, take that out and it will slide automatically from its backing as shown in the picture below:

Step 4:

Now put the decal on your nail and press them according to its shape as shown in the picture below:

Step 5:

Cut the excess and smooth down the decal using the emery board given in the pack as shown in the picture:

Step 6:

Finally apply fast drying top coat (Revlon top coat works best with them) and you are done but keep one thing in mind that you should be doing one nail at a time.

Let’s see how full manicure looks:

These decals comes in many designs in price range of approximately Rs 150. You can find them online on ebay stores etc.

So girls are they yay or no no for you ?

Do share your views and if try them share your pictures too.

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