How To Be A Good Friend – A Detailed Guide

Written by Sushmita Barman

How to be a good friend is a question that troubles many. Here we try to help you with a detailed guide on how to be a good friend. Friends are integral and important part of our lives. They add meaning to life and help us evolve as good human beings. They stand beside us in thick and thin. We place them above our family members in some situations, which denotes their importance. While we don’t choose our parents, we can select our group of friends. So, we should choose wisely and also be the right choice for our friends. So, dive into the article and understand the essence of being a good friend. Read on.

Why Are Good Friends Important?

In this one good life that we are blessed with, we gotta make sure that we build beautiful relationships with people around the world. And, friendship, being one of the purest bonds, is almost a necessity because it is not easy to go on with life without having the love and warmth of a good friend. Good friends will add meaning to your lives, be your rock through thick and thin and help you strive in life. These pure souls are dependable and will always be there to cover your back at all times. And with their support, we too begin to develop ourselves as lovely human beings and make our lives meaningful. So aren’t good friends important? They sure are!

How Can You Be A Good Friend To Others?

Friends can be our guiding light, our savior. At times, you may have some personal issues or things that you may not be comfortable discussing with family members. These are times when you actually feel at ease when you have a reliable friend/friends with whom you can discuss your problems without being judged. And it goes beyond doubt that we need to give what we can expect from others. So, if you expect your friend to be truthful, honest, trustworthy, dependable, transparent, loyal, etc., you too must reciprocate with the same integrity and gain their trust. It has to work both ways wherein you gain the trust of those you consider good friends or best friends and you, in turn, will have to possess all the qualities mentioned above, where your friends too will feel proud of having you as a close friend.

Always make sure that your friends are doing fine and ask if anything is bothering them. Even if you fail to meet them up due to all the busy schedules we are tied to, give them a call or text them to know how life’s treating them. Sometimes, your friends just need someone to listen to them. That in itself can be therapeutic for someone who’s hit a rough patch or is going through a bad day at work or at home!

How To Be A Good Friend To Kids?

If you are wondering how to be a good best friend to kids, then you definitely gotta chill because it’s not that tough! Kids tend to make friends easily as it comes to them naturally. They require playmates. Whether it is in their school or their neighborhood, kids tend to have their playmates and bond well easily. However, it is important for adults to be good friends with children as well. We live in uncertain times, and there are lots of issues that go unnoticed. If you are easily approachable, kids will be more comfortable discussing matters with you. Encourage children to speak up and listen to them when they have something to say. Do not discourage a child who wants to share something with you. It is very important to be there for them during their formative years. By being there and being supportive, you will help bridge the gaps, and that will facilitate effective communication.

How To Be A Good Friend To A Girl?

There is nothing different about being a good friend to a girl. You may introduce yourself to the girl and begin that small talk and then take things forward one day at a time as, you know, there is really no hard and fast rule with regards to who should start the conversation first. The most important thing is to gain her trust. You must also ensure that you don’t feel awkward or conscious and thereby make her conscious too! Just let things come naturally and go with the flow. While some girls may be extroverts, there may be some who are introverts. So, you must understand and give your friendship time and space.

Having common tastes, likes and dislikes can create a comfort zone as you will have a broad range of topics to discuss. However, it is not absolutely necessary that you have to have the same interests. You may have different areas of interest, and that is perfectly fine. Be attentive when they speak to you; listen to them carefully and absorb what they are trying to convey to you. It can be extremely annoying for your friends if you don’t remember the details in your conversation and if you forget important bits of information.

How To Be A Good Friend To A Depressed Person?

We live in tough times, and the past year has necessarily brought out the worst in us due to the pressures we have been through owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this has had a huge impact on friendships and relationships too. You may have friends who have lost their loved ones, lost their jobs, or are experiencing financial woes. There may be friends who are dealing with depression and anxiety. These are difficult times, and if you have a friend who you know is going through a rough patch and is depressed, make sure you offer support at all times, regardless of anything else. It is not often that we find good friends. So, never let go of good friends at any point in time. Speak to them whenever you can ask them if they are doing okay, and help them express their feelings. Also, if all else fails, you can ask them to take professional advice and be there by their side throughout their journey.

Simply the fact that you are looking for answers to “how to be a good friend”, indicates that you really want to make a difference in your friend’s life and be known for your kindness and unquestionable support. Whether it is any special celebrations or some tough times, being a good friend means standing by their side through thick and thin. Age, caste, and language are no barriers when it comes to genuine friendship. Simply be yourself and be there for your friend in times of need or otherwise, just for fun, to find yourself at the top of their friends’ list sooner or later.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to ask a good friend to be your girlfriend?

Before you make any grand plans, try to understand the girl and remain good friends first. Without a strong foundation, there is no way you can ask a good friend to be your girlfriend. You may risk losing a good friend if you are hasty in your approach. Be careful and try to give subtle hints and see how she responds before you can pop that million-dollar question!

How to be a good listener to your friend?

It is essential to know not just how to be a genuine friend but also how to be a good listener to these friends. If your friends come to you with a pressing issue and need you, do ensure that you find the time to be there for them. Depending on your work schedule, you may tell them that you will be available at a certain designated time to speak with them. If the matter is not urgent, you can always offer them reassurance and call at a time that is convenient to both of you. Even if you are held up with work, you may text them to convey the same. At times, friends don’t look for advice, but all they need is your time.

How to be a good best friend to a guy?

If you’re wondering how to be a good friend to a boy, then there is nothing different in it either. If you are a girl, be casual in your approach to a guy. You can make the first move, approach the guy, introduce yourself to him and start getting acquainted with him over a coffee, group outings, or at informal gatherings. Also, it’s the same if you are a boy yourself. Your honesty is all that counts. Approach the boy with an open heart and respect his privacy and individuality.

Can best friends fall in love?

Of course, they can. There are plenty of possibilities where friendships can turn into romantic relationships. But before anything else, you always, always, and always need to be good friends for a certain period of time and earn each other’s trust in order to take things forward.

Key Takeaways

  • It is important to be approachable to be a good friend to a kid.
  • Be a good listener to a friend who is feeling depressed.
  • To be a good friend to someone, build a solid pillar of trust and help them evolve as good human beings.

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