How To Be Happy With Yourself – 13 Brilliant Tips To Follow

Because you, you beautiful soul, are worth it – and you need to learn how to celebrate yourself.

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Building a relationship with yourself is important, as it can make you feel happier and more fulfilled. But how to be happy with yourself? Some people love being surrounded by their loved ones, while others find peace when away from everyone. When you love yourself and enjoy your ‘me’ time, it will help you to build confidence levels. This article explores some proven ways to be happy alone and the difference between being ‘alone’ and ‘lonely’. Scroll down for more information.

Being Alone Vs. Being Lonely

You can be alone when no one else is near you or when you are walking through a crowd but unaccompanied. So, being alone means being by yourself. It is a physical reality. However, being lonely is a state of mind where you feel friendless or loveless. You can be around friends and family and yet feel disconnected and isolated.

While you can be happy alone and feel content spending time with yourself, loneliness makes you wish to connect with someone. It is a distressing emotional response to your circumstances. So, you can live a solitary life and not feel lonely, and also live a seemingly rich social life and yet feel lonely.

Ronald Hoang, a Sydney-based Relationship and Family Counselor, says, “It’s also important to know that life is not a permanent state of enthusiasm. Not everything that makes us happy is good for us and not everything good for us is what makes us happy. Happiness is an inside job, it’s a byproduct of wellbeing. If you’re looking to find happiness somewhere out there, you’re looking in the wrong place.”

Now that you have an idea of what it means to be alone and be lonely, let us explore a few ways through which you can learn to be happy alone.

13 Ways To Be Happy Alone And Live A Full Life

Humans are social beings who love to stay connected and interact with each other. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t thrive and be happy by yourself if the need arises. Here are some ways to help you discover how to enjoy and be productive in your alone time:

1. Enjoy Your Own Company

How to be happy with yourself ae enjoy your own company
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To be able to enjoy your own company, go on a self-date. Do the things that you would do on a date with a partner. For instance, treat yourself to a solo movie and dinner date.

If it seems too much to begin with, start by visiting a café and sitting down alone with a cup of coffee. Enjoy your coffee while observing your surroundings. Get used to the feel of doing things alone.

2. Develop A Relationship With Yourself

Being alone gives you the time to develop a relationship with yourself. You get ample time to consider your needs, ambitions, and desires. Nurture all these things.

Start by not criticizing yourself when you do not live up to your expectations. Reflect on whether the things you seek in life are the ones that can bring you true happiness. Compliment yourself every day for little things like making a cup of tasty coffee or cleaning your house.

3. Be Self-Driven

How to be happy with yourself and be self driven
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Does your daily routine make you jump out of bed every morning with enthusiasm? What is it that can make you look forward to your day with excitement?

You need to make a list of the things that can stimulate you to grow and evolve. If you love playing a musical instrument, baking cakes, or riding a bike, incorporate them into your daily routine and make a fresh start. This way, you will feel refreshed doing something every day that you love to do. Also, you will be happier spending time with yourself as you learn to live alone.

protip_icon Pro Tip
Happiness is often linked to a sense of purpose and meaningful relationships, rather than external achievements. Therefore, it is important to establish achievable short-term and long-term goals to help fulfill that purpose.

4. Keep Your Body And Mind Fit

Regular exercise offers many benefits for your mind and body. The chemicals that your body releases during exercise can enhance your mood and make you feel less stressed and more relaxed. At the same time, you feel more energized to go about your daily life. Ensure that working out does not feel like a chore to you. Figure out a routine that includes jogging, exercise, and walking to remain committed to a healthy lifestyle.

5. Pamper Yourself With Self-Love

How to be happy and pamper yourself with self love
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More often than not, people run after perfection. But sometimes, it can put you under a lot of stress. In such times, you need to remember it is alright to be less than perfect.

Be kind to yourself even if you fail. Once you stop trying to control everything and start practicing self-love, you will be more satisfied with your life. It will, in turn, make you happy being by yourself.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Self-care is personal, and it should contribute to your well-being. Eating nutritious foods, journaling, taking a relaxing bath, learning a new skill, playing a musical instrument, or gardening are some practical examples of self-care.

6. Nurture Your Passion

Is there something you always wanted to do but never found the time or opportunity to pursue? Even if you have never had any passion, you can try doing things that aren’t part of your routine life.

It can be something as simple as trying out a new recipe, learning a new craft, or doing anything else that interests you. You can even volunteer at animal shelters or retirement facilities. Focusing on something new can enhance your confidence and teach you to be happy while being on your own.

7. Bid Goodbye To Comparisons

How to be happy with yourself anf bid goodbye to comparisons
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Every life is different, and so are the struggles and achievements associated with them. Avoid comparing yourself to others. As you scroll through social media platforms, you may come across plenty of people who seem to have picture-perfect lives. Maybe it is just the pictures that are perfect and not their lives.

Even if their lives are perfect, it must not be a reason for you to feel any less about yourself or your life. Rather than feeling self-pity, work towards fulfilling your dreams and becoming a better version of yourself.

8. Live In The Present

Life is about living in the present. When you hold on to past mistakes, you continue to carry their burden into the present. Likewise, if you constantly worry about your future, you miss out on living in the present.

Go out and do the things that you have always thought about doing later. Cherish the little things that add joy to your life. For instance, take out time to appreciate the blooming flowers in your garden or treat yourself to your favorite ice cream once in a while. Be mindful of all that is happening around you and celebrate life through the big and small moments.

9. Cherish Your Network

How to be happy with yourself and cherish your network
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Getting used to being alone does not mean you have to give up on your relationships. Take time to nurture them. If you cannot meet them physically, ring them up and talk to them. Be genuine in your interactions.

Small gestures, such as wishing them on their birthdays or congratulating them on their achievements, can help you strike a balance between being alone and staying connected.

10. Get Used to the Idea of Doing Nothing

When was the last time you allowed your mind to wander? Keep aside five minutes every day to free your mind from every thought and emotion. Sit down in a quiet place, away from all distractions, such as your phone, TV, internet, music, etc.

Close your eyes and allow your mind to drift away. See where it leads you. It may not be easy at first, but you will enjoy this exercise after a few days. It will make you comfortable with silence.

11. Enjoy The Beauty Of Nature

How to be happy with yourself and enjoy the beauty of nature
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Go out and start spending time in nature. Head out to a nearby park or green area and start walking. Allow your mind to soak in the smell, sights, and sounds of nature.

You will find the fragrance of flowers, the chirping of birds, and the beauty of plants and trees soothing. Soon, you will realize there is so much to observe and enjoy even when you are alone.

protip_icon Did You Know?
The Japanese concept of “shinrin-yoku”, or “forest bathing”, involves relaxing and sitting quietly in the presence of trees. This sensory activity enables you to destress and enhance your mental health.

12. Be Grateful For What You Have

It is so easy to take the things you have for granted and run after what you don’t have. Rather than doing that, start practicing gratitude. Each day, take some time to reflect on the things you have in your life and be grateful for them. These can be anything — your family, job, house, car, or pet. This act of gratitude will enhance your happiness and contentment.

13. Meditate Regularly

How to be happy be with yourself and meditate regularly
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From the time you wake up to the time you retire for the day, your brain functions continuously without any break. In fact, even in sleep, it is engaged in keeping you alive. While you give your body a break when working for long hours to re-energize, our brain also needs to reset once in a while to function properly and keep you happy. For the brain, meditation gives it the break it needs. Take 15 minutes of your daily routine to sit down, relax, and meditate. This will not only help reduce stress and anxiety levels but also increase mindfulness and self-awareness. Meditation gives you the chance to reflect on your emotions and breathe out your frustrations, keeping you grounded in the present.

To be happy with yourself, start enjoying your own company before anything else. However, training yourself to be happy while alone is not something you can achieve in a jiffy. It takes a lot of effort from your side to make yourself fall in love with your inner self. The tips and strategies listed above –⁠ from pampering yourself to bidding farewell to comparison to living in the present – can ⁠help you slowly reach a place where you enjoy being alone. However, it does not mean that you cannot meet your near and dear ones. Cherish your network as well as your relationship with yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know you’re happy with yourself?

When you are happy with yourself, you feel a sense of belonging, are extremely honest with yourself, learn to say no whenever it is needed, and also learn that your past won’t let you stop.

What makes a person truly happy?

Good health, stability (mental and financial), and a true sense of fulfillment may make a person truly happy.

How do you help someone who isn’t happy with themselves?

Be a good listener, give the assurance that you are there for them, offer the moral support they need, and try to motivate and tell them how important it is to maintain their self-esteem and mental health.

Why is self-love so difficult?

If you have that fear of not being good enough, that will make you fail to love yourself. Also, a wrong idea of the “real” you and your past will make you disconnect yourself from self-love.

Key Takeaways

  • Spending time alone can boost confidence and help you become a better version of yourself.
  • Keeping yourself fit is one of the great ways to keep yourself happy.
  • Habituate enjoying your own company and develop a connection with yourself.
  • Invest in yourself, practice self-care, and focus on your passion.

Do you have high expectations of yourself that you can’t meet? It is time to go easy on yourself and be happy with all that you are. Check out the following video to learn how to do it.

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