Bleaching Brown Hair Safely At Home – Tutorial

Written by Anjali Sayee

If you have colored your hair once, it is tough to resist doing it again. From prismatic shades to full-blown Marylin Monroe blonde, changing your hair color is weirdly satisfying and mood-lifting.

But if you have brown or dark hair, you have to first bleach it. And, contrary to popular belief, you can bleach brown hair from the comfort of your home. Save your bucks and shake off your fear, my brunette beauties. Check out this tutorial on how to bleach brown hair safely at home. Swipe up!

Things You Will Need

  • Lightening powder
  • Volume 20 or 30 developer
  • Hair toner
  • Foils or a shower cap
  • Gloves
  • Rat-tail comb
  • Color bowl and brush
  • Clips

Now that you are ready with all the necessary items for bleaching, do a patch test before jumping straight in. Here’s how to do it.

Do A Patch Test

Mix one part of the lightening powder with two parts of the developer. Take a small hair strand behind your ear and coat it with the bleach mixture. Wrap it with the foil and wait for 20 minutes. If the bleach does not irritate your skin or scalp and cause hair fall, you can apply it safely on your entire hair.

If your patch test is not successful, consult a professional about the products you should use to bleach your hair. With these points in mind, let’s show you how to bleach your hair at home easily.

How To Bleach Brown Hair Safely?

Step 1: Start with unwashed hair.

Step 2: Use the rat-tail comb to part your hair into four sections.

Step 3: Secure the sections with clips or bands.

Step 4: Wear the gloves.

Step 5: Mix 1 part (15 g) of the lightening powder with 2 parts (30 ml) of the developer.

Step 6: Apply this bleach mixture to the hair sections from tips to the roots.

Step 7: Use foils or a shower cap to protect your hair.

Step 8: Wait for about 45-50 minutes to allow the bleach work into your hair cuticles before shampooing. You can also follow up with a conditioner.

Step 9: Allow your hair to air dry or use a blow dryer on the cool setting. See how it looks.You may not get the desired result in one session. In that case, reapply the bleach 3-4 days later.

Step 10: To lighten your natural hair color further, apply another coat of bleach. Begin by brushing your hair.

Step 11: Section your hair and secure each section with a band.

Step 12: Wear the gloves and apply the bleach to your hair sections.

Step 13: Wear a shower cap and wait for 50 minutes before washing your hair.

Step 14: Here’s how your hair will look after the second session.

If your hair looks yellow or brassy, you must tone it down the next day. Not sure how to do that? Check out the following section.

How To Tone Bleached Hair

Step 1: Dilute the 20 volume or 30 volume developer (1:2 or 1:3) with water. Mix 1 part of the diluted developer with 1 part of toner.

Step 2: Apply this mixture to your hair and wait for 45 minutes.

Step 3: Shampoo and condition your hair with cold water (room temperature water).Voila! Here’s the end result!

Here is the final transformation before and after pictures.

That’s how you can go from brunette to bleached hair of any level you want. It depends on the strength of the bleaching products used and the duration you leave it on.

What if you want to lighten your hair further? Scroll down to explore how to reach that level of satisfaction.

How To Lighten Your Hair More

If you are not happy with the way your hair turned out after a single bleaching session, you can go for a second bleaching session after 4-5 days. Use good-quality products to prevent frying your hair and reduce the chances of hair fall. Also, do not forget to tone your hair for a better finish.

Now the golden question is, how can you bleach your hair roots? Find your answer in the following section.

How To Bleach Hair Roots

First, do a patch test at the back of your neck. If you pass it, prepare a bleaching solution, section your hair, wear the gloves, and apply the bleaching solution to your hair roots. Ensure to cover the back of your head.

Here are a few before and after pictures of brunette beauties bleaching their hair at home. Take a look.

Brown Hair Bleaching Before And After Results

Bleached hair is weak and prone to breakage. Thus, protecting your hair from damage is essential whether you bleach it at home or a salon. Here are a few simple tips to take care of your bleached hair without spending much money or time.

How To Take Care Of Bleached Hair

  • Massage your hair and scalp gently with warm coconut oil. Leave it on overnight. The next day, wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner.
  • Do not wash your hair frequently. Let the natural oils keep the strands moisturized.
  • Use a microfiber towel to dry your scalp and hair.
  • Always use a blow dryer on a cool setting.
  • Minimize the use of heat styling tools. Apply a heat protectant to your hair if you are using one.
  • Wait for at least two weeks after bleaching to color your hair. Over processing bleached hair can weaken it further and lead to hair loss.
  • Apply an avocado mask once a week. Mix avocado with yogurt or egg white. Apply this mixture to your hair and wait for 30 minutes before washing it off.
  • Protect your hair from sun and pollution. Wear a silk or satin scarf while stepping out.
  • Wear a scarf while sleeping to prevent static and friction.
  • Go for a hair spa treatment at least once a month.
  • Apply argan oil to your hair every time you wash it.

Follow these tips, and your hair will remain strong, smooth, and shiny. But before you get your hands on the bleach, you should know if it is safe to bleach your hair at home. Scroll down for the answer.

Is It Safe To Bleach Your Hair At Home?

Yes, it is safe to bleach your hair at home if you use the right products and follow the instructions mentioned in this post. If you are skeptical, leave the roots and bleach only the ends of your hair. This will reduce the chances of hair fall or dissatisfaction with the results.

Also, make sure to do a patch test. If it itches or burns, you probably have to use a different brand of bleach and developer. Ask a friend to help you bleach the back of your head. Always leave a minimum of 3-4 days gap between two bleaching sessions.

Final Thoughts

You can go blonde from brown or dark brown safely and easily at home. Make sure you have the right ingredients and follow the steps mentioned above. Take care not to fry your hair. You can ask a friend to help bleach the hair at the back properly. Go ahead and start experimenting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you leave the bleach on your hair if it’s brown?

Leave the bleach for about 45-50 minutes on your brown hair.

Is bleaching dark hair bad?

No, bleaching dark hair is not bad or damaging.

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