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How To Choose The Right Toner For Highlighted Hair?

How To Choose The Right Toner For Highlighted Hair? September 19, 2017

Picture this: You are in a saloon getting your hair highlighted. You’re reading a paper, and you hardly looked in the mirror to see what was going on. The hairdresser is done, and you look up in horror. Those highlights look so different from the sun-kissed hair you were dreaming about. In fact, they look like somebody turned you into a zebra.

While the above situation would be familiar to all of you who have colored their hair at some point, it does not usually happen to some ladies. How? Well, they use hair toner for their highlights. What does it do? Read on and find out!

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What Is Hair Toner For Highlights?

Hair Toner is a solution that helps refresh and cover up dried and uneven color schemes when you highlight or streak your hair. Toner is not only good for the hair, but it also can maintain the elegance of your highlights. If you have bleached or highlighted your hair, you might want to make sure that your hairdresser uses some toner on your colored hair.

What Does Toner Do?

Toner helps soften and blends your highlighted hair with your regular hair, making the streaks appear more natural and in line with your current hair.

Toner helps you achieve that perfect shade by adding new tones to previous highlights.

It is especially effective when you need to change your base color of the hair, or want to add some natural shine to your hair. When you are changing the color from dark to light or are simply looking to get a multi-layered look, hair toner is the best option as it helps tone the hair and evens the color out all through the strand.

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Once you bleach your hair, and it has been highlighted, you usually proceed to wash your hair. This is where toner comes into the picture; you will notice that the new color you have applied is captured by the toner and the toner breathes life into your hair.

It is quite unlikely that you will get the perfect shade you want on the first try. As a toner helps the new color blend in with the old color, the new color looks more natural and blends seamlessly with your existing shade.

These are some basic reasons why you should consider using a toner for hair highlights.

Using Toner:

  1. As we have mentioned, toner evens out hair color and highlights. Once you have applied the new hair color, and you rinse it off, apply the toner in long strokes. Make sure you apply it evenly all through the strand. As you work on your hair, you will notice how the toner brings out a shine to your hair color. The toner also acts as a filler, evens out hair and ensures that the color spreads from the tips to the ends.
  2. Toner helps add shine and makes your highlights look supple. It helps blend the color evenly. When you apply a blonde or a yellow shade of color, you will notice that sometimes the root of your hairs seem brighter than the ends. This usually happens as the hair closer to your scalp is close to a source of heat; the brain.
  3. Toner acts like a topcoat for your hair. It adds shine and richness to your hair, making it look stronger and seals the color in so that it lasts for a longer time.

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Always carry a photograph of the style you wish to get. This ensures that you get a flawless haircut, while getting the perfect shade from those highlights.

So, tell us about your own techniques for coloring your hair. If you do use a hair toner for highlights, please share your experiences with the fellow readers here; leave a comment below.

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