How To Cuddle With Your Boyfriend: Types Of Cuddles

Bundle up with your partner and bask in the stress-relieving benefits of cuddling.

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Let’s talk about how to cuddle with your boyfriend! Cuddling is an art. It garners closeness and keeps romantic relationships alive. And, like with any other kind of art, the technique is crucial because doing it wrong can leave you both feeling uncomfortable and frustrated. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to learn how to cuddle with your boyfriend the right way to make him feel loved.

You may be wondering what the greatest way to cuddle up with your significant other is. Which techniques will not make your arms tingle and tired after a few minutes? This article explains some cuddling positions to try out if you want to cozy up close to your sweetheart. Check out different cuddling techniques below!

13 Types Of Cuddles

Cuddling is amazing for de-stressing and creating intimacy. However, there is more to cuddling than just wrapping your arms around a person and holding on tight. Cuddling is a language of love and affection. Some people love to cuddle and latch on to their partners at every chance they get. Others, not so much. They treat cuddling as a precursor for the “main event.” There is no right or wrong method of cuddling, but these cuddling positions do have an edge over the general ways. Take a peek.

1. The Spoon

Cuddle up with your boyfriend with the 'spoon'
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Spooning is a great cuddling position. And, let’s be real – it can be a bit sexual as well. Whoever is the “big spoon” wraps their arms around their partner while lying close to them on the side. If you are the “little spoon,” your bae will wrap his arms around you, and your back will rest against his stomach.

2. The Half Spoon

If the traditional spooning technique leaves you feeling hot and uncomfortable, consider the half-spoon cuddle. It lets you be close to your partner and gets you all warm and fuzzy, but gives you enough space so that you don’t feel claustrophobic.

3. The Honeymoon

Cuddle up with your boyfriend with the 'honeymoon'
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Cuddling is an all-time thing when your relationship is in the honeymoon stage, and you and your boo just can’t get enough of each other. You want to be entwined all the time, even when sleeping. In the honeymoon cuddle position, you and your partner face each other and entangle your limbs. You are so close that you can actually smell each other’s morning breath. But those things don’t matter because you both are absolutely wild for each other.

4. The Sweetheart Cradle

Cuddle up with your boyfriend with the 'sweetheart cradle'
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This position is often sought by couples when they feel the need to be nurtured. In this position, your partner lies on their back and holds you while your head rests on their chest. It is an extremely comforting form of cuddling that generates feelings of well-being and trust.

5. The Lap Pillow

Cuddle up with your boyfriend with the 'lap pillow'
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Laying your head on your partner’s lap is amazing for bonding. It also builds trust as it leaves you feeling vulnerable. This position also makes it easy to steal a kiss or two. It is the perfect cuddling position for binge-watching your favorite shows.

6. The Butt Pillow

If you like to use your bae’s butt as a pillow, it could mean that you are feeling submissive and they can “have their way” with you. It also serves as a great cushion to rest your head on.

7. The Butt Cheek-To-Cheek

In this cuddling position, you and your partner face opposite directions but are close enough to let your butt cheeks and lower backs touch. Knees are often in the bent position, although you can stretch a leg and play footsie if you want. This cuddle implies that you want to have a physical connection with your boo, but you also value your space and sleep quality.

8. The Leg Hug

Like the butt cheek-to-cheek cuddle, this position is opted for by couples when sleep is the priority, but both of you still want physical contact. After finding a comfortable position, put a leg on top of your SO’s leg. (You may need to keep adjusting your legs if you feel uncomfortable after a while.)

10. The Arm Draper

Cuddle up with your boyfriend with the 'arm draper'
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For this cuddling position, you and your boo will need to face each other and drape your arms around each other. You will be eye to eye, which is awesome if you both are in a romantic mood, but super distracting if you want to just sleep. I mean, have you ever tried to sleep while someone is staring at you?

11. Pancake Cuddle

Cuddle up with your boyfriend with the 'pancake cuddle'
Image: Shutterstock

This is perfect for when you are feeling playful. In the pancake cuddle, one of you lies on top of the other. It is not the best cuddle position, but it does feel pretty good to get compressed completely!

protip_icon Quick Tip

You can slide in a pillow under your limbs to avoid pains and aches that longer spooning may cause.

12. Sitting Spoon

Cuddle up with your boyfriend with the 'sitting spoon'
Image: Shutterstock

In this classic cuddle, you and your partner both sit up with your arms draped around each other. Fold your legs and turn towards your SO. Fit them on his lap while his legs are positioned below yours.

Not only does cuddling make you feel good, but it is also amazing for your health. Here’s why you need to cuddle more.

13. Lap Cuddle

Lap Cuddle
Image: Shutterstock

The lap cuddle position is a form of cuddling in which one person sits on top of the other, with the back against the surface of the couch or bed, facing the other. The person on top may face forward, leaning back into the lap, or fold their legs beneath them, facing the lap. This position facilitates intimate and close physical contact between partners and fosters a sense of comfort and safety. The lap cuddle experience is a comfortable and fulfilling way to bond with one’s partner, with a focus on safety and visual contact. It also serves as a gateway to communication and conversation.

protip_icon Quick Tip

River banks, beaches, and sofas (while Netflixing and chilling) are some of the most romantic settings for a Sitting Spoon.

Why You Should Cuddle More

Why you should cuddle with your boyfriend
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1. It Creates Intimacy And Sexual Satisfaction

Cuddling most often leads to making love, but cuddling after sex is important too. According to a study done in 2014, couples who cuddled after having sex reported better sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction (1).

2. It Increases Bonding

Oxytocin is also called the cuddle hormone. It is released when you cuddle with a loved one and makes you feel connected and loved (2). In other words, the more you cuddle, the closer your bond will be.

3. It Helps You Communicate Better

Touch is an excellent way to communicate emotions such as gratitude, sympathy, and love between you and your partner. Sadness or happiness can be expressed through touch as well.

4. It Lowers Blood Pressure

Cuddling has a calming effect on the body, which may lower blood pressure effectively. Research states that even short periods of hugging and hand holding lower diastolic and systolic blood pressure (3).

6. It Relieves Stress And Anxiety

According to a research done in 2004, stroking, squeezing, and stretching can relieve anxiety and stress by increasing serotonin and dopamine levels in the body (4). These neurotransmitters regulate your mood effectively. Dopamine is also known to regulate the pleasure center in your brain.

7. It Relieves Pain

Cuddle with your boyfriend to relieve pain
Image: Shutterstock

Cuddling may even have the power to reduce pain to a great extent. It balances energy and promotes natural healing.
Cuddling is simply awesome. When you are done cuddling with your partner, give them a smile and a kiss to show them how happy they make you. Tell them how much you love them and stroke their hair. Don’t feel embarrassed to show them how much they mean to you.

Infographic: 5 Most Romantic Types Of Cuddles To Share With Your Partner

Everyone loves cuddles and, fortunately, there are many types to go around for different moods and occasions. Some are utterly romantic and sensual, while others are comforting and assuring.

Check out the infographic for a quick review of the most romantic cuddling positions that are great for intimate moments together.

5 most romantic types of cuddles to share with your partner (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Snuggling and cuddling with your partner can bring you two closer as you feel more comfortable around each other. It not only increases intimacy but also lowers blood pressure, and relieves anxiety, among other benefits, and helps love and relationship thrive. This affectionate physical touch helps strengthen the emotional connection. However, not everyone feels comfortable in a big bear hug, so you and your partner can opt for other variations like the half-spoon, the butt pillow, the sweetheart cradle, the leg hug, and more from the article. So, what are you waiting for? Get cozy in the comfort of your partner’s arms and let all the negativity melt away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to cuddle with your boyfriend?

Cuddling with your partner shows them you love them. It improves the relationship and makes both of you feel all warm, fuzzy, and happy. It can also lead to steamy moments. But if your partner is going through a tough time, cuddling can be a small way to show them your support.

What does cuddling do to a guy?

While cuddling can lead to steamy bedroom activities, men don’t always look at it that way. Cuddling your man lets him know you love him and makes you feel close and secure with him. It leaves the door open for an honest and vulnerable heart-to-heart conversation.

How do I tell my boyfriend to cuddle with me?

Be honest and let him know want to cuddle. If he is lying in bed or sitting, you can go cuddle him. Even if he is standing you can go hug him to give a hint that you want to cuddle.

Why do guys breathe heavily when cuddling?

Cuddling can get men turned on, making them breathe harder.

Do guys get attached after cuddling?

Cuddling can increase the emotional bond you share with him and make him feel closer to you.

Key Takeaways

  • Cuddling with your boyfriend can make you both feel loved and creates intimacy.
  • There are several cuddling positions you can try, like the spoon, the sweetheart cradle, the leg hug, and the arm draper.
  • Cuddling increases allows you to communicate your emotions to your partner without using any words.
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Learn how to cuddle with your partner like a pro! Watch this video for tips on how to make your cuddling experience enjoyable and comfortable for both of you.


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