How To Do The Low Bun Hairstyle – A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Pick your vibe and sport your low bun in a relaxed look or a classy, sleek style.

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Okay, you have chosen your attire for your best friend’s wedding, picked the right makeup shades, and selected the best pair of heels. But with just two days to go, you realize you have forgotten about your hair. Your savior comes in the form of low bun hairstyles. Keep reading to know why these hairstyles are the best, no matter the time, place, or event, and how you can create them easily.

Some events and occasions call for elegant hairstyles. You can get lost between the intricate updos and deeply woven braid styles. If you want some classy and natural hairstyle, look no further than the low bun. There is a low bun hairdo for every occasion and personality! You want to go for a business meeting, opt for a sleek, neat low bun. Want to look elegant at a formal party? Try a loose low bun with some strategically free hair strands to frame your face. Want something a tad intricate? Opt for a braided low bun. The possibilities are never-ending with this hairstyle. And low buns are not at all high maintenance! Also, they suit any attire while keeping your hair off your face and neck.

If you think the low bun only works for long hair, think again, my friend! You can have short, medium, or long hair and still try this hairstyle. The best part is that it takes less than five minutes to complete the look! And if you have hair that gets greasy fast or simply forgot to wash your hair, the low bun can still make your hair look amazing.

To know how to achieve this simple low bun wedding hair, scroll down and read more!

Before You Get Started
  • Low buns look good on square-shaped faces as they soften the sharp edges. On the contrary, it may make round faces look plumper.
  • Jazz up your messy low bun with side fishtails, french braids, or side bangs to nail the casual chic look.
  • If you have short or medium-length hair, extensions are your best friends for these buns.
  • Low buns hold perfectly on one-day hair. Use a texturizing spray for grip if you are doing it on freshly washed hair.
  • Use styling balms to smoothen flyaways and hairsprays to minimize frizz and keep the bun in its place.

What You Need

  • U-pins: U-pins work best with this updo as they do not require being pulled apart and pushed in the way bobby pins do. All you need to do is slide a U-pin in, and it stays in place.
  • Hair elastic: Try using one that does not have a metal clasp in it as it can damage your hair. Also, please, for the love of all that is holy, never use those office stationery rubber bands because they will ruin your hair by breaking strands off from the middle.
  • Paddle brush: You gotta get rid of those knots and tangles in your hair.
  • Light hold hair spray: Just a spritz or two of a light hold hair spray should help keep your bun in place.
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You may try braided, bobby pin, boho, and ballerina buns to amp up your low buns.

How To Do A Low Bun Hairstyle?

Follow these steps carefully to make a low hair bun:

  1. Brush all your hair back: Brush out all the knots and tangles from your hair. Now, pull all your hair back to smoothen it down and create a neat look. If you want to go for a messier look, just comb your hair back with your fingers.

Brush all your hair back
  1. Tie a ponytail to form the foundation of your bun: Tie all your hair into a low ponytail. You can position the ponytail either at the very nape of your neck or a couple of inches above it, depending on how low you want your bun to sit.

Tie a ponytail to form the foundation of your bun
  1. Add volume to your hair to add a more relaxed vibe to your style: Tighten your ponytail by pulling it apart so that the hair elastic pushes up to create volume at the top of your head. Another good option for you is to tease down the hair at the crown of your head to add even more volume to your hairstyle. This added step could especially work well for someone who has fine textured hair.

Add volume to your hair to add a more relaxed vibe to your style
  1. Create a pocket to flip your ponytail into: Create a gap above your ponytail by pushing your fingers into the hair above your hair elastic and gently pulling it apart. Make sure that your gap is at least a couple of inches wide. But, do not make it so big that the ponytail under it loosens completely.

Create a pocket to flip your ponytail into
  1. Topsy tail your ponytail to add a bit of quirk to your hairdo: Flip your ponytail over and into this gap. This is called ‘topsy tailing’. Honestly, you could even stop your hairstyle here because a topsy tail ponytail looks quite cute all by itself as well.

Topsy tail your ponytail to add a bit of quirk to your hairdo
  1. It’s time to braid: Divide your topsy tailed ponytail into 3 sections. You could divide them equally or vary their sizes, depending on how messy you want your bun to look.

It’s time to braid
  1. A braid will add that bit of oomph that you are looking for: Simply braid these 3 sections of hair right till the end and secure with a hair elastic. This braid will add a bit of daintiness and femininity to your otherwise simple hairstyle. Another alternative here is to go for a fishtail braid if you want to create a more intricate look.

A braid will add that bit of oomph that you are looking for
  1. Tuck your braid in to create your bun: Pick up the braid, flip it over, and tuck it into the pocket you previously created to topsy tail your braid. If your braid is too long, make sure you fold it and then flip into the pocket so that it does not hang down from the other side.

Tuck your braid in to create your bun
  1. Secure your hairstyle in place: Insert a couple of U-pins into the gap to secure the braid in place. A pro-tip here is to spritz on some hair spray onto the bobby pins before inserting them into your hair so that they stick in place and do not slip out.

Secure your hairstyle in place
  1. Add some finishing touches: Finish off with a few spritzes of light hold hair spray to set the updo in place. Pull out a few wisps of hair from around your face to give your updo a softer look.

Add some finishing touches

Voila! You are done! And that took you just 5 minutes to perfect, didn’t it? Now, you can spend more time on your makeup (or trying out some Snapchat filters) before heading out to the wedding. Enjoy!

Stylecraze Trivia
Popular American actresses like Camilla Belle and Kristen Stewart have sported low buns in various red-carpet events.

Infographic: DIY Steps To Enhance Your Low Bun Look

Low buns are easily achievable at home to enhance the OOTD/OOTN look for any event. You do not have to visit a salon to create an elegant yet chic bun. Even if you do not have a mirror in front of you, you can still rock this hairdo in 5 minutes. And the best part is that in a few very simple steps you can personalize the low bun, even with damp hair.

Check out the infographic below to know the easy DIY steps to enhance a low bun hairdo right at home.

diy steps to enchance your low ben look [infographic]

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

There is something very elegant and beautiful about low bun hairstyles, whether messy or sleek. No matter the occasion, when in doubt, always choose a low bun hairdo. They are very easy to achieve, and you can always pair them with other styles like braids or hair accessories like delicate hair clips. The best part about these hairstyles is that you can try them irrespective of your hair length. Even if you have short or medium-length hair, you can try and successfully achieve these low bun styles. So, scroll up and practice how to perfect a low bun. Soon you will be teaching and styling others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do low buns look good on round faces?

Yes, low buns look good on a round face if you style them with long peek-a-boo bangs.

How do you do a low bun with a middle part?

Instead of brushing your hair back, part your hair down the middle. Then, comb down the flyaways and wrap your hair in a low bun.

How do you do a neat low bun with short hair?

Brush your hair back into a ponytail just above the nape of the neck. Tuck the ends of the hair under the bun and secure them with pins.

How do you make a chignon bun with short hair?

Part your hair on one side and tie a ponytail about 2 inches above the hairline. Now, make a loop with your hair. Let the ends be pointed towards the crown. Secure this loop at the base with hair pins. Pull the edges of the bun to loosen it and give it a more tousled look.

How To Do Low Bun Hairstyle This Wedding Season

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