How To Dry Curly Hair Effectively At Home

Written by Annie Jangam

If you have curly hair, you know that it has a mind of its own. Some days you have beautiful natural curls, and other days it is a frizzy pouf ball! The best way to ensure that you get maximum volume and lift in your curly hair is to dry it properly. In this article, we have listed some simple ways to dry your curly hair without damaging it or making it frizzy.

Keep reading to find out how to get tangle free, natural curls!

How To Dry Curly Hair At Home

There are various ways to dry curly hair at home. These include:

1. Air-Dry

The simplest way to dry your curly hair is to air-dry it. As your hair dries, it forms curls naturally. You can use a T-shirt to absorb the excess moisture. Apply a mousse or a hair gel to your damp hair to get curl definition. Remember to use alcohol-free products to avoid making your curls crunchy. Although a little time-consuming, it is the easiest way to get natural curls. It is advisable not to touch your hair when it is air-drying to avoid frizz and tangles.

Pro: Best curl definition

Con: Time-consuming

2. Hair Diffuser

Use a hair diffuser to blow-dry your hair, especially if you are pressed for time. This attachment offers controlled air-flow, which helps in drying your hair with minimum frizz and adds amazing volume. You can also use the same attachment to scrunch curls your curls as your blow-dry them to add definition. Apply a leave-in conditioner to hydrate your hair. If you notice that your hair is losing its curls due to the heat, give a break of a week or two between blow-drying sessions.

Pro: Time-saving

Con: Your hair can get frizzy if you don’t use the right technique

3. Microfiber Towel

Use a microfiber towel to squeeze out the excess moisture. You can wrap your damp hair in the microfiber towel and wait for your tresses to dry. This fabric reduces friction and static, thus reducing frizz and dryness. So, do not rub your hair with this towel. Instead, scrunch it gently with the towel to get frizz-free curls.

4. Hooded Dryer:

Go old school with a hooded dryer! This is a fast and effective way to dry your curly hair. Simply twist your hair in rollers and sit under a hooded dryer for those gorgeous curls. Remember to condition your hair and use a detangler or your fingers to remove any knots before putting it in rollers. This helps in retaining the natural texture of your hair.

Pros: No heat damage

Cons: Expensive

5. Clip The Roots

If you want to avoid flat hair, you can clip up your hair at the roots while drying it. This adds some much-needed volume and bounce to your hair. Inverting your head and blow-drying it can also help. Remember not to keep your head inverted for more than 2 minutes when drying your hair as it can make you feel dizzy and light-headed.

Pros: Adds volume

Cons: Requires time and effort

6. Stretch Your Hair

You can braid or twist your hair to get natural curls, depending on your hair texture. Don’t forget to deep condition your hair to avoid damaging it. You can use this technique to revive second-day curls.

Pros: Heatless method

Cons: Can add kinks to your hair


The way you dry your hair can have a major impact on your curl definition. Try the different drying techniques listed above to find out what suits your hair the most. From heatless curls to time-saving hacks – you can combine different methods for the best results.

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