How to Dye Your Dark Hair Purple Without Bleaching It

Written by Ramona Sinha

Changing the hair color is so much more than just external appearance. It changes the way you look and boosts your confidence. Whether you choose a deep and dusty shade or pastel balayage, all shades of purple can dramatically transform your naturally dark hair.

You may think that dyeing dark hair purple without bleaching is difficult, but it is not. Thanks to the latest hair color innovations, you can color your dark locks in any lovely purple shade without lighteners and bleaches. Scroll down to find out how you can have bright purple hair without bleach.

Can Dark Hair Be Dyed Purple Without Bleaching?

Yes. Dark hair can be dyed purple without bleaching.

Several brands manufacture hair colors that do not require bleaching for a good color payoff.  You also need to follow the right coloring method to achieve that perfect purple hair without bleach. If you are determined to add a splash of purple to your strands, find out what you need to get that in the next section.

Getting Purple Hair Without Bleaching

Firstly, you will need the right hair color. There are three types of hair colors to choose from:

  1. Permanent Hair Colors: These colors contain ammonia that lightens or bleaches the hair to create a blank canvas for the dye to work. Ammonia can dry out your hair and damage the strands. Moreover, a lot of permanent hair dyes require pre-bleached hair.
  2. Semi-permanent Hair Colors: These penetrate the hair partially. Semi-permanent dyes do not lighten dark hair, contain little to no ammonia, and are not as harsh. However, due to their less permeability, they do not stay for long. A semi-permanent dye will only last for 3-6 shampoo washes. This is an ideal, less damaging option if you want to try different shades of purple on dark hair without bleaching.
  3. Demi-permanent Hair Colors: These colors contain an alkaline agent instead of ammonia. They also require a developer that helps the color penetrate the hair shafts. Since they do not lighten the natural hair color, you get a more uniform finish. Demi-permanent hair colors last longer than semi-permanent colors (20-28 shampoo washes) with minimum damage.

You can choose either semi or demi-permanent hair colors for dyeing your dark hair. Here are the things you may need for hair coloring.

Things You Need To Dye Dark Hair Purple Without Bleach

For Prepping Your Hair

  • Clarifying Shampoo: This will rid the hair of any stubborn styling products or scalp build-up.
  • Hydrating Conditioner: Clarifying shampoo can be too harsh. Follow up with a hydrating conditioner to nourish the hair strands.

For The Color

  • Your choice of product: Choose from semi-permanent or demi-permanent colors.
  • Hair clips: You will need a handful of them to part your hair.
  • Gloves: A disposable pair of gloves will prevent staining your fingers.
  • Shower cap or plastic bag: To cover colored hair.
  • An old tee: This will prevent staining your clothes.
  • Timer: Any device with which you can keep track of the time.

For The Aftercare

  • Conditioner: Choose a conditioner that is suited for colored hair.
  • Heat protectant: If you plan on heat-styling the hair, don’t forget to use a heat protectant.

Assemble all these and follow the steps mentioned in the next section to color your hair.

Steps To Dye Dark Hair Purple Without Bleach

  1. Pick A Shade Of Purple: Pick a shade that complements your skin tone.
  2. Prep Your Hair: Wash your hair thoroughly a few days before coloring. Avoid washing it just before coloring to prevent stripping the natural oils. This will ensure less damage.
  3. Part The Hair: Part your hair into four sections with the clips. The more sections, the easier it is to handle. Don’t forget to wear an old tee.
  4. Mix The Product: Follow the instructions on the package and mix the color solution in the given ratio. If it is for direct application, take the product out in a bowl.
  5. Apply It To The Hair Sections: Ensure that all the strands are well coated. If you plan to cover the whole head, take tiny sections to ensure no strand is left out. Use multiple mirrors to check all sides of your head.
  6. Set The Time: After applying the product, cover the head with a plastic cover or a shower cap. Set the waiting time as recommended by the manufacturer. Usually, it takes a minimum of 20-30 minutes for the color to set.
  7. Wash The Product Off: Wash the color off with regular water. Do not shampoo. Instead, apply a conditioner to protect the color.
  8. Dry The Hair: Let your hair dry. Do not use heat immediately. Apply a heat protectant if you must style it.

Here are a few dos and don’ts and the aftercare tips for maintaining the color.

Pro Tips While Coloring Dark Hair Purple Without Bleach

  • Do A Patch Test: Always do a patch test to prevent any allergic reactions. This will also give an idea of how much time you have to keep the product on for achieving the perfect shade.
  • Pre-Condition Your Hair: Even if the product claims to protect the hair from damage, it is best to pamper it with a deep conditioning treatment a few days before the dye session. This makes up for any moisture loss or damage.
  • Use Color-Protecting Hair Products: Be it a shampoo, conditioner, styling gel, or spray, invest in a color-safe formula to maintain the color for longer.
  • Avoid Frequent Hair Washes: If you want the color to stay for as long as possible, avoid washing the hair too often or going swimming. Do not use light-colored towels or clothes as well, at least for a few days after dyeing.
  • Apply Petroleum Jelly To The Skin: Apply petroleum jelly around your neck and ears to prevent staining.
  • Avoid The Sun: The UV rays can fade your gorgeous purple hair color. So, cover your head before stepping out in the sun.

One important thing to note is that the color payoff may vary, depending on the hair type, texture, and natural hair color. You may not get the same results shown on the packaging.


No more exposing your dark locks to ammonia or peroxide to dye them purple! Although purple is a fun color to sport, it washes out quickly. To make it last longer, you may have to refresh and tone the color quite often. You can follow the coloring tips shared in this article for application and regular touch-ups. We hope these tips will help you dye your hair purple at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors can brunettes dye their hair without bleach?

Shades like deep violet, ruby, indigo give good color payoff without bleaching on brunette hair.

How do I maintain unbleached purple hair?

Avoid frequent washes, use color-safe products, and go for frequent touch-ups to maintain the color.

What shade of purple works best with dark hair?

It is best to find a shade that complements your skin tone. Subtle deep berry hues, warm plum, neon purple, deep sangria tint, and saturated purple shades will look good on dark hair.

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