How To Encourage Someone Not To Give Up

Written by Sushmita Barman

Knowing how to encourage someone going through a rough patch is a great quality. Your ability to give the much-needed support, both mentally and emotionally, can helps people get over their negative thoughts. But not everyone possesses that quality, right? So, how to boost a person’s morale and self-confidence? This article explores the best ways you can follow to encourage a person and bring them back on track. Keep reading.

Best Ways To Encourage Someone

So, how do you encourage someone to keep going? This might sound relatively easy, but it requires a skill set to encourage someone. It is deemed an art that does not entail any form of patronizing. If you are trying to up the game in bettering someone, here are the ways and skills that you need to inculcate within yourselves. Here are some incredible ways on how to give encouragement to someone.

  • Learn The Love Language Of People:This would help you understand how they consider love and other emotions. Observe the ways concerning how they communicate and convey their feelings and woes. Most importantly, learn about their perspectives on endearment and love. Since emotional expectations and fulfillments vary from one to another, it is better to understand the individual’s needs first so that you can address their issues and help them in dealing with the same.
  • Share Thoughts That Are Characterized By Encouragement:You must not hold yourself back from trying your best to encourage others. Express positive thoughts if you feel they would stimulate the people in need to become better.
  • Praises And Appreciation:These elements are the firsts of ingredients that would lead you in encouraging others. While listening and talking to people, you must note their achievements and interests inside your mind. And be witty enough to appreciate them with small and direct praises.
  • Asking Before Offering Help:When someone is hurt or disappointed, offer them the space to respond to your help. Some might not be quite ready to seek help as they need to grieve or process the absence of something in their life. Phrases like “Would you like me to help?” or “How can I help?” are simple yet affirming questions to ask before deciding to help on your own.
  • Send A Note Valuing Their Existence:A handwritten note or virtual message can help the person cheer up while encouraging them to stay positive through thick and thin.
  • Celebrate The Achievements And Victories:This is one of the best ways to encourage one another in any relationship. While you do this for every small achievement and milestone, this will ensure a healthy bond and make the counterpart feel better. Celebrate your victories with a coffee or meal.

How To Encourage A Person Who Is Depressed To Stay Hopeful

If you have someone you know who is depressed, learn how to approach, help, and deal with them.

  • Don’t Force Them:While dealing with them, don’t ask, “Are you okay?” as they might say they are fine, which they might not be in real life. Instead, leave them with a statement saying, “I am here if you are ready to talk.”
  • “Is There Anything That I Can Do To Help You?”: People with depression need someone to motivate them to move forth in life. You can ask them specifically about how you can help them. You can pick up good food for them or leave a text asking them if they are feeling better.
  • Ask Them If They Are Feeling Better And Managing Well:This way, they will open up to you about their treatment and its effectiveness. Asking about their treatment plan will facilitate you in sticking to their treatment plan, and you will be able to help them out. Acknowledge the small changes and progress they make.
  • Tell Them That You Will Be There For Them:Loneliness looms over a depressed individual. Be there for them, so they don’t feel the urge to isolate themselves. Tell them firmly that they are not alone. And assure them that you will always be there for them no matter what the situation is.
  • Be Specific About How Important And Significant They Are To Your Life:Make them feel appreciated and loved. Let them know that they are wanted and essential to your life. Tell them how their existence comforts you.
  • Show Them How Proud You Are For Them:Your words are not meant to cure a person suffering from depression; however, they can help them to a great extent. Tell them you are sorry for what they are going through, and remind them that you will be there for them through their life’s crisis.

How To Encourage Someone Who Is Struggling

The key points about how to encourage someone who has been struggling are:

  • Let Them Know That Seeking Help Is Not Wrong:Many believe that asking for help weakens a person. So, give them an example of a time when you or someone had sought help, and that eventually helped in healing.
  • Validate Their Emotions:Your priority is to make them understand that seeking professional help might be an outlet to heal. Challenge their convictions which implies that nobody understands them. Your push to make them engage in therapy or so would be your first step in offering support.
  • Be A Good Listener:Before becoming a good listener, make sure that you are patient enough to hear everything they will vent out. Keep your judgments aside and let them speak as and however they feel.
  • Spend Quality Time With Them:Assure them that you have time for them and make them engage in relaxing activities such as yoga, swimming, and meditation. Join them and have a good time together. This will boost their mood and keep them sane.
  • Offer Praise:A praise would ensure that they feel good about themselves. Even after going through loss, if they are functioning efficiently, they deserve praise for that. Just reassure them that they are doing great.
  • Do Some Research And Suggest Resources:These include a range of mental health centers and specialists, including psychologists, counselors, and psychiatrists. Assist them in contacting those who are trained in treating and handling mental issues.

How To Encourage Someone Who Has Lost A Loved One

Grieving is an essential part of healing. Accepting the hard truth makes one stronger, although nothing can replace or compensate for that loss. Just make sure to be there for someone who has lost their loved ones.

  • Avoid Skipping The Topic:Listen to the subject of their loss and let them vent out.
  • “I’m So Sorry For Your Loss”:This is very straightforward and basic to say to the one who is grieving. Don’t feel bad about saying this.
  • Acknowledging The Memories:You have got to let them share the memories they had with the late person.
  • Offer Assurance:Assure them that you will be there for them in times of need. A simple gesture of empathy will make the person feel at ease.
  • Help Them Move On:This is not going to be forceful. And never say, “You need to move on.” You might never know how long it would take for them to heal. Just be supportive and listen to them while they grieve; they will feel better gradually.
  • Don’t Let Them Overindulge In Smoking And Drinking Out Of Grief:But how do you encourage someone to stop smoking and drinking to escape the pain and grief? Motivate them to join other productive things so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Tips To Encourage Someone

Here are a few ways on how to encourage someone to talk about themselves, how do you say encouraging words to someone, and how do you encourage someone to stay strong.

  • Smile:A smile spreads happiness to others as well.
  • Listen and Acknowledge:Be patient while listening to them and acknowledge their thoughts and opinions as well.
  • Observe Them And Catch Them Putting Their Efforts:Keep a close eye on them and when you notice them putting even the slightest of efforts, let them know about it and appreciate them.
  • Share Optimistic Perspectives:Share positive thoughts about things and everything; however, don’t resort to toxic positivity.
  • Augment Their Morale:This can be achieved by appreciating them in front of others. Just remember that the praises must be genuine and not exaggeration anyway.
  • Bring Them A Pet:A pet is supposed to take away worries. Bring them a pet, and you will see them healing faster than you had anticipated. But make sure they are okay with it first.

You must have fathomed that encouraging someone takes a lot of cautious steps to help the one concerned. I hope you are now well aware of what to say and not to lift someone up and aid them in healing.

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