How to Fix a Bad Hair Day in Just 8 Simple Ways

Written by Ramona Sinha

Crazy cowlicks, knots, tangles, and misbehaving strands are enough to ruin bright and sunny mornings, especially when you do not have the time to shower and blow-dry. Bad hair days can get ugly and mess your well-planned schedule when you are clueless about the solution. Not anymore! Here are 8 simple and quick tips on how to fix a bad hair day right here!

Scroll through this article to find eight quick fixes for bad hair days and ways to avoid them altogether.

How to Fix a Bad Hair Day in Just 8 Simple Ways

Problem 1: Greasy And Limp Hair

How To Fix It: Don’t have the time to wash your greasy hair? Blast it with a dry shampoo of your choice. Spread the product on your roots, lift and shake it up, and blow dry for a few seconds to fluff up the roots and perk up your mane.

You can also try hairstyles like sleek ponytails and plaits. A simple updo works best with greasy and oily hair.

Problem 2: Flat And Lifeless Hair

How To Fix It: If your tresses are stuck to your scalp and look lifeless, flip your hair upside down and blow dry. Alternately, use a texturizing spray to add bounce to your hair. In the long run, you can use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner regularly.

Problem 3: Frizzy Hair

How To Fix It: Hot and humid weather can cause frizz. A leave-in conditioner can save the day. Choose one that smoothes, detangles, and prevents hair breakage. Use a deep conditioning hair mask weekly or fortnightly to improve hair health and texture.

Problem 4: A Bad Bedhead

How To Fix It: What is worse than missing the alarm and waking up with only a few minutes to leave for work? It is waking up with a bedhead – or terrible hair day. However, there is a simple fix for the malady.

Braid your hair and clip up the flyaway strands with some accessories. If you have short hair, switch your parting from right to left or vice-versa. Use a detangling serum to moisturize and de-frizz your hair and seal with a medium to strong hold hairspray.

Problem 5: Unruly Bangs

How To Fix It: Your bangs can be a real head-turner on good days, but they can certainly make bad hair days worse by going wild. To fix that, dampen your bangs and use a round brush and blow dryer to get them in shape. You can also wear a hairband or tease them with a brush, pull your bangs back, and pin them up for a puffed hair look.

Problem 6:  Hat Hair

How To Fix It: Hats, caps, scarves, and beanies are must-haves in winters, but they often lead to hat hair. Follow these simple tips to prevent it:

  • Tuck your hair behind the ears to prevent any creases.
  • Change your usual hair parting before wearing a hat or cap.
  • Ditch the comb and use your fingers instead to brush through your hair after removing your hat.
  • Wear a silk scarf underneath your hat to protect your strands.

Problem 7: Uneven Hair Texture

How To Fix It: Uneven or wonky hair texture with messy curls and zigzag strands often result from lived-in hair. Luckily, you can fix this type of bad hair day by tying your hair into a messy top knot that looks effortlessly cool and cute.

Problem 8: Undefined Curls

How To Fix It: If your ringlets are out of control, twist your hair back into a bun to look presentable immediately. However, if you wish to wear your hair down, try these tips to add definition:

  • Dampen your hair.
  • Gather it into two tight plaits on either side of your head.
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes and unwrap the plaits.
  • Twist some hair sections with your fingers for more definition.
  • You may use a hair styling gel while twisting.

Bad hair days can cause a lot of stress during busy days. These simple hacks can help you tide over such days confidently. Here are a few more tips to avoid waking up with tangled and messed-up locks.

How To Avoid Future Bad Hair Days Altogether

The best way to avoid a bad hair day any day is by following a proper hair care routine. Here are a few ways to avoid a bad hair day:

  • Avoid brushing or tying your hair when wet.
  • Always use products that suit your hair type. For example, curly hair needs moisturizing ingredients. However, such products will cause buildup in oily hair.
  • Take time to wash your scalp while shampooing to clear all dirt and buildup. Massage your scalp for at least a few minutes.
  • Use a deep conditioner or conditioning mask once a week to ensure proper hydration.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo once in two weeks for thorough cleansing.
  • Blow-dry correctly. Start from the roots and then move to the ends. Also, alternate from hot to cool air.
  • Get a good haircut.
  • Lastly, always clean your hairbrushes and accessories.

Also, consume a balanced diet and consult a doctor if you are experiencing excessive hair fall.


There is rarely a problem that cannot be solved, including your bad hair days. Some days can be incredibly hectic that you do not get time to take care of your hair. Follow these tips to manage your hair on those days. However, do not forget to pamper your hair and follow a proper hair care routine to banish bad hair days from your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a bad hair day?

Excessive humidity, product buildup, frequent washing, using the wrong products, grease – anything can cause a bad hair day.

How can I hide my bad hair day?

Follow the tips mentioned in the article, or wear a scarf, try hairstyles like plaits, top knots, and sleek ponytails to hide a bad hair day.

How can I fix my hair for school?

Try low braided ponytails, double French braids, and braided buns to keep your hair in place at school. For unruly bangs, pull your hair back with clips.

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