15 Tips On How To Fix A Broken Relationship

Written by Harini Natarajan

Every relationship goes through ups and downs of acceptance and dismissal. At some point of time, your relationship may face a breakdown, but fixing it is not impossible. Pain and hurt do not mean it is the end. You need to burn down the wall of sorrows, crisis, and expectations that’s standing between you both. With patience, trust, and love, you can save the relationship that meant the world to you but seems to be headed south. Here is a list of 15 tip son how to fix a broken relationship. Take a peek!

Ways To Fix A Broken Relationship

1. Return To Where You Started

Return To Where You Started


Re-evaluate what brought the two of you together. What you loved about each other and the nuances that seemed cute then but irritate you now. There were reasons for loving your partner, so dive deep into your heart and remind yourself about those.

2. Communicate Openly

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship with fewer chances of misunderstanding. Keeping quiet about certain things leads to an endless blame-game in our minds. Do not assume your partner understands everything you are feeling. Something said casually or in humor may have hurt you, and your partner may have no clue about it.

Communicate openly and tell your partner what hurt you instead of keeping it bottled inside and becoming bitter about it. If something about your partner is bothering you, like their smoking habit or spendthrift nature, do not brush things under the carpet. Tell them what is bothering you and try to find a solution together.

3. Eliminate External Factors

Some times, it is hard to realize that issues are building between partners due to a third person or thing. Find out who the bad apple is and be open with each other – make sure no one is filling the other’s ears. Do not let external factors be the cause of any mistrust or bad blood. Remove anyone with negative energy that comes between you both.

4. Learn To Forgive

Learn To Forgive


Everyone makes mistakes, and if your partner is regretful of their actions, it is worthwhile to forgive them. Forgiveness is a way to detach from the pain and start afresh with a positive note. Make sure your partner is genuinely sorry and does not intend to repeat the mistake. Take the higher ground and forgive to move forward in the relationship. Do not let the past hold you back.

5. Set Boundaries

Every relationship is based on mutual understanding and compromise. If rules need to be set, they should be followed by both of you. For instance, if you want your partner to spend Sunday afternoons with you, make sure you do not have other plans either. If you want your partner to quit smoking, you too abide by the rule. Play a fair game – rules apply to both.

6. Share Something Special

If your relationship is in troubled waters, it is time to take the anchor. Plan something special for your partner. Spend quality time doing something fun like you used to do before. Try to shut out your problems for a while and be like old times. This is an excellent way to reignite a dimming fire, remember the good times, and express how much the relationship means to you.

7. Accept Your Partner Wholly

Accept Your Partner Wholly


 When you get into a relationship, you love the person for who he/she is, not for who you want them to be. So, learn to accept the little nuances. Not accepting all the facets of your partner will eventually lead to frustration and resentment. Try to overlook the small things and communicate about the big things.

8. Let It Be Fluid

Couples often split because they get very rigid and polarized about their ideas. It becomes a case of ‘my way or the highway.’ This is very unhealthy as you are not open to any views or ways of your partner. Be fluid and open to suggestions and ideas from the other side. Respect what your partner says, feels, and does, and you will be respected back.

9. Remember, The Honeymoon Period Does Not Last Forever!

Initially, everyone puts their best foot forward in a relationship. We put on our best clothes and our best behavior. But with time, you see a shift in character and all the realities. Be open to understanding that no one is perfect. Probably, your partner also sees things in you thar are new. Make a sincere effort to adjust to each other instead of giving up so quickly.

10. Show Some Interest

Show Some Interest


As the relationship gets older, our partner may take things for granted. We put the relationship in auto-mode, expecting the passion to remain the same even though the enthusiasm is missing. Show interest in your partner. Ask them about how the day was or what happened at work. Ask how the ballet lesson or the golf practice went. Keep your interest and communication alive. Silence can be a sign of comfort, but it can also be deafening.

11. Avoid Heat Of The Moment Arguments

Avoid saying things in anger and rage. Do not bring up the past and nag when both of you are arguing. Back off, and later when both have calmed down, communicate with reasoning and openness. Words uttered in the heat of the moment are often rude and hurtful. This may worsen the situation that is already sensitive and widen the breach.

12. Do Not Isolate

Many of us tend to practice withdrawal when things get unpleasant. This attitude can be very depressing for your partner. It leads to frustration due to a lack of communication. Learn to let your partner in. If you cut yourself off from your partner, apparently, your problem will be distant, but you might also lose your partner. Lose the problem, not the relationship.

13. Reignite The Flame

Reignite The Flame


Sometimes, boredom can creep into a relationship due to daily responsibilities and absence of romance. Rekindle the romance through small and big gestures. Take a holiday together or a walk after dinner, holding hands. Make an effort to give each other time and attention. Create an ‘us’ time where you form your bubble of love and romance. Do fun things together and make each other smile, reminding yourselves how things used to be.

14. Respect Choices

Each of us needs our space and time. Respect each other’s space, choices, and boundaries. If your partner does not like to party, do not force them to go out. Set your boundaries where your partner respects your time with friends, and you respect that they do not want to be among the crowd. Boundaries are also limitations on what we will or will not tolerate. It is a matter of self-worth and respect.

15. Spice Up Your Sex Life

Lack of sex often leads to the breaking of a relationship. Try to spice things up and make your sex life exciting with variations and foreplay. Express your love often, whether verbally or in bed. Do not hesitate to be open about your desires. The physical connection can also help you reconnect with your partner mentally.

It is beautiful being in love, but staying in love is challenging. Trust, communication, brutal honesty, mutual respect, and patience go into making it work. It is high time to put in some serious effort and rescue your relationship from the brink of destruction. Get in touch with everything that built the relationship in the first place, and that can keep you together for a lifetime. Good luck!

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