How To Fix Clumpy Lashes?

Written by Jyotsana Rao

Overdoing strokes of mascara leads to droopy, product-laden lashes, so here are some tips on how to fix clumpy lashes that can ruin your whole look on an important day. Sometimes, a hurried application may lead to an uneven look, and some of the chunks freeze on a few lashes, making them look downright ugly, for lack of a better word.

Well, we have some detailed steps below to help you avoid this situation. So, scroll down to take notes and make sure your mascara spreads evenly without any room for error. Pro skills check!

Step 1:

Well, like the first step in any crisis, take a deep breath and calm down because this can be fixed – to perfection! Clumpy Lashes can be avoided and can actually be fixed in a snap.

Old, unused mascara will give you the caked up clumpy look and eventually can also lead to irritation in the eyes, so one great tip for having the perfect lashes is to use your mascara while it is still new. Buy a long lasting mascara that is water proof and smudge free. Also, find a mascara that has a mascara applicator which has plenty of space in between the bristles. A bristle like that goes in between each and every lash, covering each one, for a fuller, natural look. Too many plush bristles on a mascara applicator will give you the clumped look when you apply it over your lashes.

Step 2:

While applying mascara, always check if your applicator has any excess liquid on it because this excess liquid is going to stick onto the lashes causing a mess. Remove any excess liquid at the edge of the bottle so that your wand just has a layer that beautifully coats those lashes making you look luscious.

Brush your lashes starting from the roots up wiggling the wand gently from side to side. Working through your lashes in a slight zig-zag motion removes clumps. This trick works best on lashes that are still a bit wet, so perform the zig-zag motion right after you’ve applied your mascara. This defines the lashes well without any clumping. It’s the mascara placed near the roots, not the tips that gives the illusion of length.

Step 3:

Now for any reason, if your lashes look clumped even after this, we recommend keeping a make-up remover pad handy. It is crucial to remove traces of the disaster quickly and effectively before the mascara dries up. The moment you realize your mascara has gone awry, without much ado, simply wipe your lashes holding the make-up remover pad at a sixty-degree angle with your forefinger between your lids. This sweeping movement will take off all the excess mascara while leaving your eye shadow if any, intact.

Now using a paper towel, pat dry your lashes gently; use a paper towel as tissues will tend to stick on to the lashes while a paper towel will soak up any extra moisture. Using gentle yet firm strokes coat your lashes again with mascara and do the zigzag routine for the perfect blinkers. Remember to close your eyes and place the mascara wand on top of lashes at the base and pull through to remove any clumps.

When it comes to makeup, there is nothing unfixable. So, why endure the discomfort that clumpy lashes give you? Not only do they come in between your vision but also they spoil your look. So, now that you know how to fix clumpy lashes, what is holding you back? Learn from the tips and tricks mentioned above and get started. Your makeup should define your features and enhance your look. So, do not let any makeup products ruin your day. Also, applying the mascara gently with precision is the key.

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