How To Flirt With A Guy – 13 Best Ways To Try

Follow these simple tips to perfect your flirting skills and snag the man of your dreams.

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We all have that secret crush, that one guy who makes us daydream and our palms sweaty. You probably promised yourself that you would get flirty with him and ask him out. But you have a hurdle – you aren’t really sure how to flirt with a guy! It’s easy to picture how you want your first flirtatious conversation to go in your mind, but actually making it happen in reality can be stressful for some of us. Keep reading to learn some pointers on how to rizz up a boy and bring him to his knees!

Best Ways To Flirt With A Guy

1. Make Eye Contact

Flirt with a guy by making eye contact
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If you have just spotted him across the room in a bar or met at a party, eye contact is your primary method of showing interest, especially because you haven’t spoken yet. As you run your glance across the room, pause and lock eyes with him. Let your glance linger for a while. Give a sweet, shy smile and then look away slowly.

This guy may be dumbfounded by his luck that a girl as lovely as you would be paying attention to him (yeah, guys are like that!), so it may take a couple of tries to get your point across. Do make sure he doesn’t have a girlfriend who might have stepped away from him to mingle before you try this technique! If you already know the guy, look deep into his eyes when he talks to you. This will show him that he has your complete attention.

2. Smile

For some reason, many women think that being as cold as an ice queen who is always playing the hard-to-get game is the perfect approach to dating. If you have been told so, disregard that advice immediately. A sweet, happy woman gets more attraction than a sullen one with a bad attitude.

Smiling, laughing, and being generally sunny are very attractive. However, don’t burst out laughing at each and everything he says – it is kind of creepy – but remain interested and enthusiastic. Pay attention to him and respond in an appropriate manner when he tells a story. It is rewarding to be around a spirited, sweet person.

3. Use Body Language

Flirt with a guy by using body language
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Even if you haven’t had a chance to open your mouth, you can express a great deal just through your body language. Eye contact and smiling are also a part of this, but there are a couple of other things you need to know. For example, don’t cross your arms. Crossing your arms makes you seem unapproachable and closed off, which will scare the guy away. Some people may unconsciously do this when they are nervous, so make sure you avoid doing it.

And yes, flip your hair. This is a very feminine act, and it will draw attention to your beautiful mane. It is also a well-known flirty move. If you flip your hair in front of a man, he will probably get it that you are flirting with him. You can also play with your jewelry. Playing with your necklace will draw attention to your pretty neckline, which most guys find attractive in a woman.

4. Touch Him Playfully

If you are interested in a man who is hesitant to move forward to the next level, a few “accidental,” well-timed touches can turn the tables. This will make him feel more intimate with you, and he will get more comfortable around you.

However, make the touches discrete. Something like a light punch on the arm when he cracks a joke will work well. Placing a hand on his shoulder in a kind way when he is vulnerable is also a good idea. When you like something he is wearing, you can slightly touch it while complimenting it. A hug goodbye is also a cute way to establish a connection.

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Ensure to touch him playfully with the utmost confidence and assurance without being too timid and afraid about the consequences.

5. Find Subtle Ways To Put Yourself In His Path

Flirt with a guy by subtly placing yourself in his path
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If you are planning to flirt, you will need to be around the guy as often as possible. Make an effort to put yourself in his path, without making it too obvious. Try walking past his desk whenever possible or take your pet to the same park he plays football at. Don’t overdo this, though, or he will think you are a stalker.

6. Be Witty

Men like witty, smart women. If smart comments come naturally to you, use them to develop your flirting skills. However, avoid being too sarcastic or using cheesy lines that will make you seem desperate or aggressive. Your humor should be natural and make him laugh. If your effort doesn’t get the results you were hoping for, he may have a different sense of humor than you. But don’t lose heart. Find another flirting strategy.

7. Show Genuine Interest

Flirt with a guy by showing interest
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It isn’t about crafting clever, smartass phrases or showing off your own accomplishments. It is about being a good, genuine listener. When you ask the appropriate questions and give a guy your undivided attention, he will feel special.

If you like him, be curious about him and his life. Inquire about his interests and his family. When he is speaking, don’t instantly unleash all your opinions. He will feel like you are more interested in expressing your opinion than in his. One conversational trick – use the other person’s name frequently. Hearing your name from someone else creates an emotional bond.

8. Leave Some Questions Hanging

Once you’re having a conversation, don’t be overly enthusiastic. Especially while texting, don’t respond to every single thing in his message. This can make you seem too desperate. Respond to a couple of things per message but try to leave a few questions hanging. This will not only make you look mysterious but also make him more curious. Keep your texts short and sweet.

9. Draw Attention To Your Body

Flirt with a guy by drawing attention to yourself
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Men are visual creatures, so subtly drawing attention to your beautiful body every now and then will get his heart pumping and hormones raging (ahem!). Stretch your body, rub your shoulder, pull down the neckline of your shirt just a bit. Ask him in an innocent tone whether you should get your belly button pierced.

Mesmerize him by drawing attention to your lips – bite them in a distracted manner in front of him. But you must be careful not to overdo it. Drawing attention to your body does work well, but only when used in moderation. Otherwise, you will seem attention-seeking and desperate.

10. Be Innocently Seductive

Seduction doesn’t mean putting on your red lipstick and wearing a revealing outfit. It is more lighthearted than that. Flirting is all about subtlety. The guy should get it, but it should not be obvious to anyone walking by.

11. Compliment Him

When was the last time you paid a genuine compliment to someone? Using compliments as a flirting strategy can work wonders, especially if they are genuine. “Wow, your shades are so stylish – you have a great sense of style” or “I like your new haircut” are sweet and subtle ways to tell someone you truly see. A man who you compliment realizes that you can see him in a way that most people don’t. So, dish out those compliments and make him blush.

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Compliment his strengths and talents and offer emotional support when he has lost at something. This will make him feel good about himself and your presence in his life.

12. Send Flirty Texts

Flirt with a guy by sending texts
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This is especially for those women who are trying online dating. Girl, your flirting texting game must be on point. That first message will catch his attention, or he will move on to the next profile. Comment on his profile or photos and make them personal. Ask a question so that he feels compelled to respond. Always end your message with a question, so you give him something to respond to so that the conversation continues.

13. Ask Interesting Questions

Speaking of asking questions, don’t ask boring ones. Dig a little deep. Use communication to ask questions that need more than just a “yes” or “no” for an answer. Good topics to talk about in the beginning are work, family, and interests. Later, you can get into his hopes, fears, and dreams.

Kelly, a blogger, spoke about her experience with her crush and how talking to him helped her understand that he wasn’t the right match for her. She said, “I took one of my male friends to the concert and chatted with a number of people, including my crush. After our second conversation, I could see he really wasn’t a good match for me at all. Our (rather dull) conversation involved him barely making eye-contact and openly laughing at his friend’s sexist jokes (i).”

Flirting doesn’t always mean that you have to date the guy. It will, however, allow you to know your love interest a bit better. He will most likely flirt back, and it’s fun and good for your soul to have a healthy, flirting relationship with a guy you have been eyeing for a while. These were a few tips and steps you should follow to get a guy’s attention.

How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text

Flirting with a guy over text can be playful and intriguing. Start with light teasing or playful banter to set a friendly tone. Compliment him genuinely, acknowledging specific qualities that catch your attention. Use emojis to convey emotions and add a touch of humor. Keep the conversation light, allowing for natural pauses. Pose open-ended questions to invite him to share more about himself. Inject subtle compliments about his looks or personality, creating a sense of mutual interest. Gauge his responses, and if the vibe is positive, suggest meeting in person. Remember, confidence and a sense of humor go a long way in making the exchange enjoyable and memorable.

Infographic: 7 Ways To Flirt With A Guy

Women today don’t need to wait for the guy to approach them. Instead, they can approach the men first and establish a connection. However, flirting can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know how to do it. Don’t worry. Check out the infographic below for simple tips to ace your flirting game.

7 ways to flirt with a guy (infographic)

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Modern women do not wait for their love interest to take the first step or ask them out on a date. Instead, they take charge of the situation and declare their intentions before the other party. Knowing how to read and send signals of attraction and charm can make all the difference when it comes to successful dating and romance. So, getting the conversation going through some flirtatious comments can be a good start if you have your eye on a certain guy. For instance, you can try playfulness and teasing them at the same time, draw attention to your body, and compliment them to showcase your interest. But finally, do not wait for them to initiate the conversation and be confident in your approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you flirt with a guy in text?

Ask fun and playful questions to create an engaging conversation with him. Keep it positive and concise to keep the conversation going. Avoid coming on too strong and replying with multiple messages.

How do you flirt without being awkward?

Make sure you smile and keep eye contact. Lean towards him while talking to him. Talk normally and ask questions. This will make him feel like you are listening to him and make him feel more comfortable.

What do you say to flirt with a guy?

Compliment them on any special features that stand out to you like their smile or eyes. You can also compliment them on their character traits like their sense of humor or intelligence. Sometimes a corny, cheesy pick-up line might work.

How do you secretly flirt with a guy?

To secretly flirt with a guy, you can maintain eye contact, smile, nod when he speaks, and lightly touch his shoulder or knee. Leaning in when he speaks and using his name frequently also creates an emotional bond.

How do you keep a guy interested?

Communicate openly and keep the spark alive by sharing your honest feelings about the relationship. Give him personal space and encourage him to pursue his interests. Find common interests and have fun together.

Is it okay to flirt with someone who is already in a relationship?

No, it is not okay to flirt with someone who is already in a relationship. It can cause harm and damage to their existing relationship, and it can also be disrespectful to both parties involved.

Key Takeaways

  • Flirting does not always mean you have to date the guy.
  • The easiest way to flirt is to lock your eyes with his and sport a smile.
  • Never cross your arms around him. It will make the guy think you are unapproachable.

Want to be great at flirting? Watch this video to learn how to flirt like a pro with these 9 easy tips! Make a great impression and have some fun!

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