20 Tips To Learn To Forget Someone You Love Deeply

It could be the hardest thing you'll ever do, but you may have to do it for your own good.

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Loving someone and letting them go is the hardest thing you can ever do. Learning how to forget someone you love? That is even more difficult. When you are in love, you devote your entire self to your partner. It is difficult to adjust to their absence after a breakup because you have grown accustomed to their company. The emotional agony it causes can be excruciating. You may become lonesome and believe that this is how you will always feel.

Read this post to learn how to forget someone you love and what you can do to make this healing process easier. Keep scrolling.

What Is Broken Heart Syndrome?

Broken Heart Syndrome, scientifically known as Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, is a temporary heart condition triggered by intense emotional stress or grief. During extreme emotional situations, the heart’s left ventricle, responsible for pumping blood, weakens and balloons, resembling a Japanese octopus trap, or “Takotsubo” in Japanese.

The surge in stress hormones, especially adrenaline, temporarily stuns the heart, leading to chest pain and shortness of breath. While the symptoms mirror a heart attack, broken heart syndrome is often reversible, with the heart regaining normal function. It primarily affects women and is linked to emotional traumas like the loss of a loved one or a significant life event.

However, everyone may not experience such stark physical repercussions of an emotional loss, and that doesn’t make their pain any less. Read on to learn how you can adjust to the absence of your loved one in your life.

Ways To Forget Someone You Love

1. Accept That You Are Not Together

Life is not a fairy tale, and a ’happily ever after’ is not as easy as depicted in fiction. When you have spent considerable time with your partner, your heart may not be ready to accept that it is all over. You may still have hope that things will get better and you will be together once again.

However, the first step towards forgetting someone you love comes with the acceptance that it is over and you have separated for good. It may be harsh, but accepting the reality will help ease the pain and the mind will start to figure out how to forget about someone.

2. Mourn The Loss

A breakup involves shock and sadness, and the process of separation is painful. It can come with a piercing heartbreak that may seem impossible to recover from. No matter how much it hurts, allow yourself to absorb what has happened and mourn the loss. . Some people try to jump into another relationship to forget someone, but such rebounds can result in an emotional mess. Take your time and resolve to get over it. Do not keep wallowing in your miseries, as they can get addictive.

3. Do Not Seek Answers

You may think everything was going well, and the breakup came out of the blue. You keep wishing if you can go back to the past and correct what went wrong. You wish you could have seen those signs earlier and saved you this heartache.

If you keep re-imagining past incidents, you will find it challenging to move on. What you need right now is to look ahead and let bygones be bygones.

The best tip on how to forget a person is to stop thinking about the past. Tell your mind that you will think about it only at a fixed time of the day. It will help you push away those thoughts and do something productive.

4. Get Your Closure

Was there something left unsaid when you parted ways? Do you imagine yourself having those conversations with your ex? If yes, it means you did not get a proper closure. When certain issues are left unaddressed, it may become more difficult to overcome the separation. An effective solution is to write down those feelings and throw the paper away.

Or better yet, start journaling your feelings so that you can process them, and it will also help you remember why you need the distance, in case you are tempted to go back.

5. Stop Stalking Your Ex

Are you still tracking what your ex is doing? Do you know who they are currently dating? Are you checking their social media profiles? There is no better proof that you have not moved on.

Unless you stop chasing your ex, you cannot get over your breakup. The best way to forget about someone is to go cold turkey. Delete their contact number and unfriend them on social media. If you have common friends, ask them not to bring up your ex in conversations.

6. Erase Old Memories

It is easier said than done. However, you have to make a fresh start someday. Let go of physical memories like pictures and videos. Get rid of anything that reminds you of your former partner. It doesn’t imply you are bitter. You are only trying to give yourself the space you deserve.

protip_icon Quick Tip
It’s natural to have an attachment to objects. Discarding them can help you break that pattern. If you can’t throw them right away, pack them and store them elsewhere, away from your sight.

7. Do Not Fight Your Feelings

You cannot expect to stop loving the love of your life overnight. You may try hard to fight your feelings, but it will only end up increasing your pain. You do not have to stop loving the person – accept that the person is no longer in your life. Eventually, your love will turn into self-care. There will come a time where you will accept your past and move on.

8. Indulge In Physical Activity

Indulge in physical activity to forget someone you love
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You may not want to leave your bed and face the world and the reality that your ex is no longer in your life. The best way to push yourself out of this state is to get some physical activity. Go out for a run or join your friend for a session of yoga.

Exercising releases feel-good hormones and can help channel your negative energy. Taking care of your body can be your first step towards self-love and self-forgiveness. You will feel a renewed sense of self and heightened confidence.

9. Ask Your Support System For Help

Your self-esteem might take a hit after a breakup. You end up questioning yourself why and how it happened. However, that is the last thing you need right now. So, move out of your shell and lean on your support system. Do not be all by yourself.

Being in the company of people who love and care about you will help you forget your love. Talk to them and let your feelings out. They may help you look at the brighter side of life and make you feel light.

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If you are away from your friends and family, ensure you stay in touch with them. You can also make new friends and create new memories during this period.

10. Step Out

You need to create new, happy memories, and this isn’t possible unless you step out. It may take all the strength you have but gather yourself today and go out. Even if it means going to the supermarket for your weekly fill of groceries, do that.

11. Pick Up A Hobby

Join a cooking class to allow yourself to heal
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Pick up a paintbrush, join a cooking class, or refresh that old hobby of knitting. Do anything that gives your mind a break and lets you feel good about yourself. You can utilize this time to become a better version of yourself. All you need is a little determination, and you can be on a healthy path of moving on.

12. Avoid Any Chance Of Meeting Your Ex

When you are trying to move on, a chance encounter with your ex can ruin all the progress you have made so far. It may remind you of everything that you have tried so hard to leave behind. If the two of you live nearby, avoid the supermarket you know they visit frequently. You may be tempted to catch a glimpse of your ex, but it is best that you avoid any meeting.

13. Be Confident That You Can Do It

Be gentle with yourself and accept that forgetting someone you love takes time. You will get over it one day, and the fact that you are reading this is a testimony that you want to leave it behind. You are already on the right path. You may not erase that person from your memory, but you will get a better hold of your emotions.

14. Practice Mindfulness

Practice mindfulness to forget someone you love
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Practice mindfulness to feel more connected and be in the present. You will get a better grip over your emotions and stop your mind from swaying away.  When you feel that your emotions are getting the better of you, try to practice this simple technique. Make a note of five things you see, four things you hear, three things you smell, and two things you can touch. In the end, say something positive to yourself. This will help bring your attention to the moment.

15. Have Faith That Life Will Be Good Again

Perhaps you have spent the best years of your life with your ex. You may feel that you will never have this kind of bond with anybody else. You may think that you will be lonely all your life. You may feel engulfed in a storm of negative emotions. However, try to have faith that life will be good again. Trust that love will again find its way to you.

16. Change Your Environment

If you and your ex shared a house, every small thing might remind you of your time together. The curtains that you picked together or the way your ex preferred to keep toiletries in the washroom.

While it may not be possible to change your house or sell your belongings, try to make a few changes around. Rearrange your furniture and paint your walls to give it a fresh. Get fresh cushion covers, a new lamp, or a few plants to change the decor. You will be surprised how these little changes can make a world of difference in your life.

17. Meet New People

Meet new people to forget someone you love
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What you need the most is a refreshing change. And meeting new and inspiring people can do just that for you. It will take off your mind from your breakup and give you hope about new possibilities. So, get out of your shell today and get going.

18. Organize Your Life

We tend to discredit the impact organization and decluttering can have on our life. Removing clutter from your home, wardrobe, or desktop can fill your life with the freshness you need. Moreover, cleaning activities can take your mind off your current issues. Also, try to focus your energies on achieving your career and financial goals. It can be the right time to renew your ambitions and dreams and start afresh.

19. Travel

Travel to forget someone you love
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There is nothing better than traveling to forget someone. So pack your bags and set off to a place that you had always wanted to visit. It will widen your perspective, and when you see what the world holds, you may feel your problems are too small.

To make the most out of this trip, take your friends or family along. Be in the company of people you love. They will help you reset your life and develop renewed self-esteem.

20. Express Yourself

Bottling up your feelings is not healthy for your emotional well-being. Talking about your emotional pain will help you accept what is over. Take your time if you are finding it difficult to express yourself in words. However, give yourself a timeline after which you will open up to someone.

If you are an introvert, try to express yourself in another way. Write your feelings in a journal or express them through your art. Do whatever you feel can help you get over this difficult time. 

A blogger shared his personal experience about going through heartbreak and the various ways he coped with it in his blog post. He recounts, “I have had 100 days of self reflection, hours of therapy with a therapist and many more hours with some of my closest friends. In this time I have found a new hobby in painting (i).” He also shares how he has focused on himself and states, “I have worked on my personal health and have succeeded in shedding some winter weight.”

Infographic: 6 Helpful Tips To Forget Someone You Love

Breaking up with someone and getting over them is not easy. It takes a toll on your emotions and mental health. However, you need to accept this new reality, embrace self-care, and allow yourself to grieve to move forward. Check out the following infographic for some helpful tips to forget your love and begin your healing.

6 helpful tips to forget someone you love (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

It can be tough to share a huge part of yourself with someone, and suddenly things start falling apart. It feels like the end of the world because that love felt like it was the only real thing you knew. Letting go of someone who formed the core of your life is not easy, but it isn’t impossible either. Life goes on, and so must you. Be grateful for the memories but acknowledge that they could only go so far. Step back and reflect on your self-worth and look around yourself. You will find an abundance of people who love you and care for you. Take some time to reconnect with your support system, forge new connections, and work on building yourself up. Slowly but surely, you will realize that the end of something only accommodates the beginning of new and more beautiful things.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fully forget someone?

The hard truth is that you may never completely forget someone you once loved deeply. You may think of them now and then and remember the good and bad times. You can, however, move on from them.

How do I move on if I still love him?

You have to force yourself to let your partner go. Think of the reason you wanted to move on in the first place. Then do everything in your power to stay distant from your ex. Find a new hobby, stay off social media, stop stalking them, take a solo trip, go for an adventure trip with friends, focus on your career, and set a list of personal goals to accomplish.

Why can’t I forget someone I love?

Accepting that a relationship is over can be tough. Your first love can leave a lasting impression, but there are ways to manage the emotional impact of these memories. While you might not forget your past love, it’s possible to regulate the pain that comes with it.

Can we forget someone in 21 days?

No, forming or changing a habit can take 21 days, but forgetting someone you love is a bit more complicated. It takes time and effort and requires you to focus on personal development, change your lifestyle, and take up new hobbies. Don’t worry, with these steps, you’ll be on your way to moving on.

How do you remove someone from your mind and heart?

It’s tough to remove someone from your heart and mind, but there are ways to help you start healing. Cut off contact and exposure to the person by not looking them up on social media or in person. Focus on your well-being and personal growth. Lastly, seek help from friends, family, or a therapist to help you cope and move on.

How do I stop checking on someone?

It can be tough to refrain from checking up on someone, but there are various tips to help you not do this. Recognize the issue, how it affects your mental well-being, and think about why the relationship didn’t work out. Concentrate on your own self-improvement. If you’re struggling with the compulsion to keep tabs on the individual, try apps or browser extensions that regulate how you use particular websites and apps.

Why do I keep thinking about someone?

If you can’t stop thinking about someone, it could be because you have unresolved issues that you don’t want to carry forward in life or a new relationship. Stress can also cause the same thoughts to repeat in your mind. It’s essential to identify the reasons behind these constant thoughts and address them for your mental health.

How do I deal with the pain of letting go of someone I love?

Letting go of someone you love is tough, but there are ways to make the process easier. Allow yourself to grieve and accept your feelings. Take care of yourself by doing things that bring you joy. Set boundaries and communicate honestly but compassionately with the other person. Although the experience can be painful, it can also make you stronger, more resilient, and more confident in future relationships.

Is it normal to feel guilty about forgetting someone you loved?

It is natural to feel guilty for forgetting someone you once loved. Remember, moving on is a process that requires time and effort. You may not completely forget about the person, but eventually, you can appreciate the positive memories without feeling pain. Give yourself time to heal and accept that it’s okay to let go and move forward.

Should I stay in touch with my ex while I’m trying to forget them?

No, staying in contact with your ex can make it even harder. Check the urge to gather info about them through mutual friends or social media, as it can prevent you from fully letting go and moving forward. Remember to stay focused on yourself and your own healing process.

Key Takeaways

  • Forgetting someone you love is the hardest thing you can ever do.
  • Accepting that it has ended and that you have parted for good is the first step in forgetting someone you love.
  • All you need to do is love yourself and surround yourself with people who love you.
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