How To Get Perfect Arched Eyebrows?

Getting those perfectly-shaped arches has never been easier than with these easy hacks.

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Arched eyebrows have a unique appeal. But, not all of us are blessed with the genes of naturally curved brows. Quite honestly, the parlors often do not give us the perfect arches, and we are left wanting for better eyebrows.

A good pair of eyebrows can make or break your makeup looks. While some prefer threading or waxing the brows and nailing them to perfection, tweezing is a more effective way to get the perfect eyebrow arches you desire. So, here is a quick tutorial on how to arch your eyebrows with tweezers. Scroll down!

protip_icon Keep In Mind
  • Ice Cubes Help Reduce Pain: Ice Cubes Help Reduce Pain Using ice cubes before tweezing helps numb the pain sensation of the area greatly.
  • Take A Shower Before Tweezing: Ice Cubes Help Reduce Pain Tweezing after taking a warm shower softens the skin underneath your eyebrow, opens up the pores and helps the process.
  • Eyebrow Growth Direction: Ice Cubes Help Reduce Pain Knowing this allows for a neat plucking session.
  • Brush And Trim Your Brows: Ice Cubes Help Reduce Pain Brushing your eyebrows upwards helps trim them efficiently for a neat look.

How To Arch Eyebrows With Tweezers

Here are a few tips toward getting those perfect eyebrow arches (with less pain, if you are trying this for the first time) with tweezers.

Step 1: Use Ice Cubes To Reduce The Pain

Well, I’d say, tweezing eyebrows isn’t going to be a completely painless experience. However, if you keep practicing, you will get used to it and your pain tolerance might increase eventually. This is my personal experience.

Coming to the methods, you can use a warm moistened cloth to wipe the area of the eyebrows. This opens up the pores and the hair strands come out easily. Alternatively, use an ice cube to numb the area, so that you don’t feel pain when pulling out the hair strands. You can do either of these, but don’t do both together.

Step 2: Refer To This Diagram

You are confused about which hairs to pull out? Take an eyebrow pencil and draw the eyebrow (the shape you want and according to the arch that is suitable for your face by the measuring technique in the diagram above) now you will be able to pull out the hairs at the sides of the shape or any stray hairs here there by following the shape drawn. Using a white eyeliner pencil to highlight the hairs you want to pluck is another way to maintain and trace the shape you desire for that perfect arch.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can also use an eyebrow stencil to shape your eyebrows easily.

Step 3: Tweeze Eyebrow Hair

Tweeze away all stray hairs that extend from the brows towards the ears and also the hairs in between. Now start with tweezing the hairs (always in the direction of growth) below the eyebrow. For a less painful option, you can use an eyebrow razor and follow the same process. Just remember to gently graze over unwanted hair in the same direction of hair growth to prevent ingrown hairs later. Apply aloe gel to treat the skin and brows after plucking or cutting. This will instantly reduce any inflammation or irritation.

Step 4: Draw Your Eyebrow Perfectly

Make sure to take a mirror after all the hard work and see whether the shapes match. So when you are following a drawn eyebrow, always draw perfectly and then tweeze.

Step 5: Don’t Over Tweeze

Do not over-tweeze. Remember, if you have sharp facial features, like a sharp nose and jawlines, go for softer arches, otherwise it’ll look artificially pronounced. If you have a round face with soft features, go for high-arched eyebrows, but do not over-tweeze and make your face a doll face! A rule of thumb is “less is best!”.

Step 6: Draw Lines Using Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil

If by chance you have accidentally plucked too much then you can fill up the lines by using a dark brown eyebrow pencil for perfectly contoured eyebrows. We Indians have black hair, but still it’s best for eyebrows to go for dark brown eyebrow pencils not jet black ones. They seem quite unnatural when used.

Anica, a beauty blogger, shares how she creates perfectly arched eyebrows. She writes, “I was a bit skeptical at first but after looking at the stencil shapes against my own unruly eyebrows I realized this may be my solution! The shapes were subtle and I was confident that this could produce a natural shape (i).”

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can also use a highlighter under your eyebrows to give it an instant lift and a perfect finish.

Infographic: 6 Simple Steps To Get The Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows can either make or break the look, and the perfect arched eyebrows have the potential to take your appearance to a whole new level. Whether you are someone who doesn’t visit the salon much or simply is an amateur in styling eyebrows, refer to the infographic below and learn how to achieve those ultimate eyebrows in 6 easy steps. Scroll down!

6 simple steps to get the perfect eyebrows (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

We are sure this article will stand as a guide for you whenever you wish to get yourself arched eyebrows. Yes, the process can be tricky, but with practice, it will be easier to get professionally sculpted and defined eyebrows eventually. Do not forget to follow the tips and tricks to create beautifully angled eyebrows religiously. Also, make sure you take the necessary precautions while getting started. This will help you avoid pain to a greater extent. Now, go ahead and get started and groom your eyebrows to define them and give them the perfect arched look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are arched eyebrows more feminine?

Yes, arched eyebrows are considered more feminine. They give an attractive look and enhance the appearance of the eyes.

What face shape suits arched eyebrows?

Arched eyebrows are suitable for a round face. They help add a perfect structure and length to the face.

Can I achieve arched eyebrows using makeup or do I need to shape them permanently?

Makeup may aid in enhancing the overall appearance of your eyebrow. However, you would need to shape them with tweezers to remove excess hair and achieve a sharp, arched look.

Can I create an arched eyebrow shape if my eyebrows are naturally thin or sparse?

Yes, but refrain from overplucking, and use an eyebrow pencil to create the fine, arched tail.

Can arched eyebrows help create a more youthful appearance?

Yes, arched eyebrows help add dimension to one’s features and promote a natural, youthful appearance.

Key Takeaways

    • Either wipe the area with a warm, moistened cloth to open the pores or rub ice cubes to numb the area.
    • Draw the shape of the eyebrow using an eyebrow pencil.
    • Start with tweezing the hair towards the ear, in between, and then move on to the hair below the eyebrow.
    • People with a sharp-cut face and sharp nose should go for softer arches, while those with round and less sharp faces should opt for high-arched eyebrows.
arched eyebrows

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

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