How To Give Him Space And Build A Healthy Relationship

Written by Harini Natarajan

Distance can make the heart crave love even more. Yet, sometimes, we fail to practice it due to fear of losing the special man in our life. Unfortunately, not giving him enough space can send your relationship into a downward spiral. Bonding with your man is essential, but giving him space is equally important. If you are wondering how much space to give without losing him and make him miss you more, you are on the right page. This post tells you how to give him space and tips to nurture a healthy, long-term relationship. Read on.

When To Give Him Space

It is natural to desire to be with your partner 24/7 when you are in a relationship. However, that may not be ideal for him or the relationship. Here’s a list of the signs that indicate you need to give him space:

  • He Has Asked For Space

If your man has mentioned it, he really needs some space. Do not be offended. Take a deep breath and understand why he wants it. Can it be that he enjoys his time alone, wants to be with his friends, or something significant is coming up? It does not mean he is bored of the relationship or no longer cares or loves you.

  • You Are Never Apart

While it can be exciting to do everything together in the initial few months, eventually, one of you might want a little space. This can happen whether you are married or in a live-in relationship where you both are constantly with each other. If it is him in this instance, do not be hurt. A little space will make him miss you and cherish every moment you spend together.

  • He Is In A Bad Mood

Are you picking up hints that he is in a bad mood? Does he not want to talk about it? Well, it’s a sign that he wants you to give him space. Whatever is bothering him, he wants to deal with it without talking about it right now.

  • You Are Having Too Many Fights

Yes, couples argue, but do your arguments escalate into fights? Do you both take responsibility for hurting each other while you are fighting? Or do you have unresolved issues? If you have too many fights and he does not lend an ear to your needs, back off a bit. Give him the space to rethink his actions. And so can you.

  • You Are Not Taking Out Time For Yourself

Women often tend to give everything to a relationship. And on the way, they lose touch with their friends, passion, skills, and even themselves! Giving him space does not mean you get to do nothing. You will also get some time for yourself to think, pursue your dreams, catch up with friends, and define yourself by who you are and not by who you are with.

Remember, men react differently to tough situations as compared to women. His need for space does not mean he does not want to be in the relationship. It can mean that he needs to deal with things alone. Allow him to do that. Here are the 10 ways you can give him space and not lose him.

How To Give Him Space – Things To Do

1. Focus On Yourself

How To Give Him Space And Build A Healthy Relationship


When was the last time you focused on yourself? Do you follow the same routine you had before you met your partner? Do you have the same zeal to improve your skills or the same goals before meeting your man? A little tweak here and there for your man is cute, but not focusing on what you want to do is not pleasant.

Men like women who are focused and determined to get what they want. List out all the things you were doing before you met him – and pick up where you left. You will stop thinking or worrying about your man. And he will also appreciate you more.

2. Catch Up With Your Friends

Having a support system is extremely important. Whether your man has asked for space or not, keep your friends close. If you have not been in touch with your gals for a while, reconnect with them. Go on movie dates, brunches, shopping sprees, or short weekend trips. Finding you living a life of your choice with a circle of your own will make him respect and miss you even more.

3. Learn A New Skill

There is no age limit for learning. What is it that you have always wanted to learn? Don’t wait up, do a quick search, and channel your energy into learning this new skill. It will not only add a new feather to your cap but also be very rewarding to see what you can achieve. You will also be less worried about your man, which will eventually help you relax and let him have his space.

4. Prepare For A Career Boost

Prepare For A Career Boost


Whether you want a promotion or are looking at going back to school, use the time you have to give your career a solid boost. Study, work extra hours, join a library or an online course, meet professionals in the same field, and do what it takes to succeed. Also, give yourself a deadline because, without a deadline, a wish is only a wish, not a goal.

5. Join A Social Cause

Give your man the required space and use this time to work for a social cause. Volunteer for women’s rights, the LGBTQA community, the elderly, people with disabilities, cancer fighters, etc. Your exposure to these groups will help reduce worries about your man. You will have a new circle to connect with regularly. It is always fulfilling to be a part of a positive ripple that will help make the world a better place.

6. Do What’s In Your Bucket List

What’s in your bucket list? How many haven’t you done yet? If you do not have a bucket list yet, make one now. If you already have a bucket list, find out which ones you can fulfill now – whether it is reading a book per month or going scuba diving.

7. Make New Friends

New people bring new perspectives and help broaden your horizons. Thus, it is always a good idea to make new friends. Whether you are at a party, library, or community function, don’t shy away from introducing yourself to people and striking a conversation. You will be amazed at how talented and knowledgeable people are. You will also like the freshness of the conversations and learn to be more tolerant towards people with a different outlook.

8. Join A Dance Class

Join A Dance Class


Dancing is a good calorie burner and helps release serotonin, a feel-good hormone. It also helps you become fitter, improves your posture, balance, and hand-eye coordination, and promotes great mental health. Communicating with your peers through music and dance will help you bond with them on a deeper level.

9. Have A Sleepover Party

Sleepovers with your gal pals are a great way to give your man space. Have a fun girls’ night, order takeaway, open a bottle of wine, watch a movie, and chatter away to sleep.

P.S. Don’t look at your phone or engage in long texts with your partner. Just be in the moment and enjoy yourself. Let him miss you.

10. Be Positive And Happy

Giving him space can be difficult, but it is crucial that you stay positive and happy. Everything happens for a reason. Since you do not know why he wants space, do not make any assumptions. Worrying about it will only make you act in ways that you will not be proud of later.

If your man has asked for space, it can mean he needs to deal with certain things on his own. There’s also a possibility that he is rethinking his commitment or the future of this relationship. Here are the things that you must avoid.

How To Give Him Space – Things Not To Do

How To Give Him Space – Things Not To Do


  • Do Not Chase Him

Chasing after your man will only make him run faster in the opposite direction. Thus, when he asks for space, do not chase him via messages, calls, or social media tagging. Let him know that you respect his decision.

  • Do Not Interrogate Him

Wanting to know what he was up to might feel like an interrogation. This can make things worse. Giving him space might not feel sincere to him and can trigger a sense of suffocation. Unless he tells you what he was up to, resist the urge to ask him about it.

  • Do Not Call Or Text Him

It is natural to want to call or text him. But if he has asked for space, do not call or text him. Wait for him to contact you.

  • Do Not Shower Him With Romantic Gestures

This is not the ideal time to shower him with romantic gestures. Avoid sending him gifts, flowers, and your photos. He might feel he is not getting enough space, which can make him more distant emotionally.

  • Do Not Stalk Him On Social Media

What is he up to? Who is he hanging out with? These questions can pop in your mind. But do not invest in a quest with an unknown result. Instead, if you focus on yourself, you will improve your skills, hobbies, and well-being. Stalking him on social media is going to do no good.

Below are a few more tips on how to give him space.

Tips For Giving Him Space Without Losing Him

  • Have faith that everything is going to turn out the way it was supposed to.
  • You cannot change his feelings. So, don’t try.
  • If your man asks for space, respect his decision and take a step back.
  • Do not nag or apologize. Use this time to reflect on the bond you have with him.
  • Do not take it personally. People have different capacities for investing in romantic relationships.
  • Spend time with people who make you happy.
  • Consult a therapist about your ongoing issue.

This brings us to one important question – how long should you give him space? Find the answer below.

How Long Should You Give Him Space?

Giving space in a relationship is necessary for both of you. But snapping all connections for too long is also not advisable. If your partner has not called or texted for more than three days, the issue might be serious. However, resist the urge to call him and wait for a week to pass. If you still get a cold text or call, you should take the hint.

Nobody wants to feel suffocated in a relationship. Whether you live together or not, having your circle of friends and a world of “things to do” can be of great help. Have faith that your partner will open up about the things that are bothering him. Give him the time and space he needs. But it is also important to understand that too much space can make you both emotionally distant. Don’t let your worry of losing him make you miss out on your precious time and opportunity to learn and grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does giving a man space work?

Yes, giving men some space works. Women want to talk about their problems, but men are quiet problem solvers. So, give him the space he wants and let him come back to you.

Do guys miss you when you give them space?

Yes, guys miss you when you give them space. If he is truly invested in the relationship, he will miss you after a few hours.

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