3 Ways To Hide A Septum Piercing Easily

Explore seamless ways to hide your edgy piercing when the situation demands it.

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Learning how to hide a septum piercing can be incredibly useful, whether it is for a job interview, a family gathering, or any situation where a little discretion is needed. Understanding how to conceal this piercing is essential for those who love their face jewelry but also want to maintain a certain level of adaptability in their appearance. Navigating the dos and don’ts of septum concealment is not as complicated as you think. Use this article as a guide to help you with the simplest and most effective methods to keep your piercing under wraps when necessary. Delve right in to ensure that you can enjoy both the bold statement a septum piercing makes and the option to keep it private when you choose to. Scroll down to know more.

How To Hide A Septum Piercing In 3 Ways

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Mastering the art of concealment for your septum jewelry is a nifty trick that can serve you well in various situations, such as formal events. Here is the lowdown on the different ways you can keep your visible piercings out of sight without compromising on comfort or risking your health.

  • Septum Retainers: The most foolproof method for when you need your septum piercing to be discreet is to use piercing retainers. This small and unobtrusive piece fits comfortably inside your nose, keeping the piercing open while remaining invisible to onlookers. They are often made from materials that are painted a skin tone color or are completely clear. Plus, these retainers can be flipped down, allowing you to show off your piercing whenever you wish without the hassle of changing jewelry.
  • Flip Up Jewelry: If you have a horseshoe barbell or ring, simply tuck it, or rather flip it, inside your nostrils to keep it out of view. This technique is handy and requires no additional cost for new jewelry. Keep in mind that this should only be done once the piercing has completely healed to prevent any discomfort and potential complications. Once flipped, the jewelry stays hidden throughout the day, and nobody is the wiser.

Keity, a blogger, shares her experience of flipping her septum jewelry. She explains, “If you have the same problem as me and are in need to hide your piercings at your workplace, the jewelry for you would be a banana bar. Some people have small nostrils so they are not able to “flip up” the horseshoe ring and it’s easier to do it with the banana bar (i).”

  • Low-Profile Jewelry: Sometimes, the best way to hide your septum piercing is to minimize its appearance with understated and small jewelry. Opt for pieces of septum jewelry that are thin and close to the color of your skin or choose ones that sit flush against the septum. While they do not make the piercing invisible, they do make it less noticeable. This is a great option if you cannot flip up your jewelry or if you are looking for a more permanent, low-key look.

Additionally you can also use body tape to conveniently conceal a small septum. However, a tape may not be the best option for everyone, like those with skin sensitivities, as they may cause irritation, sweating, and even allergic reactions in some cases.

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A septum piercing does not go through the cartilage but the thin flap of skin between it and the tip of the nose. This area is called the ‘sweet spot’.

No matter your reason for wanting to hide your septum piercing, these solutions provide you with options to do so effectively while still looking after your piercing. Now that you know the ways to hide the septum piercing, learn more about how much they cost in the next section.

How Much Does Hiding A Septum Piercing Cost?

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When it comes to hiding a septum piercing, you may be wondering about the financial aspect. You will be relieved to know that keeping your piercing incognito does not have to break your bank account.

  • The cost-effectiveness of septum retainers is one of their many benefits. These nifty little gadgets can typically be found for as little as a few dollars, often ranging between $3 to $15, depending on material and brand. Those made with titanium are of better quality and cost more.
  • If you are considering flipping up a horseshoe barbell, there is no extra cost involved if you already own one. However, purchasing a new horseshoe barbell for the specific purpose of concealment is also quite affordable, with prices ranging from $4 to $25 based on the jewelry design and material quality.
  • Low profile jewelry as well is quite affordable and does not require you to splurge unless you want it made with real gold and silver.
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Zoë Kravitz, Florence Pugh, and Rihanna are famous actresses who flaunt septum piercing.

While the initial investment in the right kind of jewelry for concealment is modest, it provides a long-term solution for those occasions when discretion is key. It is a small price to pay for the versatility and comfort of managing your septum piercing’s visibility.
Apart from the cost, another factor that needs to be considered is the pain level of each concealment option. Learn more about it in the section below.

Does Hiding A Septum Piercing Hurt?

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One common concern for those looking into how to hide a septum piercing is whether the process is painful or not. The good news is that, for the most part, concealing your piercing should not cause you any discomfort—provided that it is fully healed.

  • Using a septum retainer is generally pain-free since it is designed to sit comfortably inside the nose.
  • Once healed properly, flipping up a horseshoe barbell should also not hurt. It is a smooth motion that, when done gently, would not cause any pain.
  • The same goes for low profile jewelry; it is painless.

However, it is crucial to avoid fiddling with a new piercing during healing. A fresh piercing is a tender wound, and tampering with it can lead to pain or even infection. So, if your piercing is still in the healing phase, it is best to leave it be or consult a professional piercer for safe concealment options. But once healed, hiding your septum piercing can be a simple, painless part of your daily routine.

Concealing a septum piercing is a simple affair as long as you have the right knowledge and tools in hand. Each method discussed offers a practical solution for those times when you need to keep your piercing private. Whether you choose a septum retainer, opt to flip up a horseshoe barbell, or go for subtle jewelry, each method offers its own blend of invisibility and ease. However, remember that you can switch between visibility and discretion without any discomfort only if your septum is fully healed. So go ahead with the confidence that your septum piercing can adapt to your lifestyle and circumstances, hidden safely away whenever you deem it necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific hairstyles that can help conceal a septum piercing?

No, hairstyles are typically not a direct method for concealing a septum piercing due to the location of the piercing. However, some hairstyles may draw less attention to the nose area. Hairstyles with more volume or attention-grabbing elements, such as edgy bangs, bold colors, curls, or waves, could potentially draw the eye away from the center of the face. However, since a septum piercing is located at the base of the nose, hair alone is unlikely to effectively conceal it.

Can I switch between visible and hidden jewelry for my septum piercing?

Yes, you can switch between visible and hidden jewelry for your septum piercing, provided that the piercing is fully healed. Switching between visible and hidden jewelry when your piercing is fresh and not completely healed increases the risk of scarring and infections.

What should I do if my septum piercing is still healing, but I need to hide it temporarily?

To temporarily hide a healing septum piercing, avoid removing the jewelry. Use a septum retainer or skin-colored tape instead. A septum retainer can conceal the piercing after 6-8 weeks of initial healing. Avoid using makeup as it can increase the risk of infections.

Key Takeaways

  • Septum retainers are a discreet, comfortable method to hide piercings and are available in skin-toned or clear materials.
  • Horseshoe barbells can be flipped up inside the nostrils, hiding the piercing without additional jewelry costs.
  • Low-profile jewelry minimizes the septum piercing’s visibility with small, subtle pieces.
  • Concealing a piercing is usually pain-free when the septum is fully healed but should be avoided if the piercing is new.

One of the easiest ways to hide your septum piercing is by flipping it. It may take a bit of practice the first time, but once you master it, it can be done in seconds. Learn how to flip your septum piercing jewelry through this informative video. Check it out below.

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