How To Know If You Like Someone – 21 Telltale Signs To Look Out For

By Harini NatarajanHarini Natarajan, Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner  • 

Love is such a wonderful thing. It can make you feel so many unknown emotions. But, it can be super confusing as well, especially if you are falling for someone.

You might feel torn about your feelings – is this just a crush? An infatuation? Or, is he THE one? Do you actually like him, or are you just feeling lonely? Are you confusing friendship and affection for romantic love?

Girl, you should chill, because we have compiled the perfect list of signs that you need to watch out for. They will tell you if you have fallen deep into the crevice of love. If you agree to most of these, you have it for this guy. Let’s go through it one by one and finally get the answers you so desperately need.

How To Tell If You Like Someone

1. You Think Of Him Constantly When You Are Not Together


You are plagued by his thoughts every waking moment. Is he thinking about you right now? Is he having a good day? Did he have his breakfast/lunch/dinner? You keep praying that his cold gets better or his fever goes down when he is sick. You start missing him like crazy after a minute of being apart from him. If you can relate to this, my love, you have been bitten by the love bug. Your heart doesn’t belong to you anymore, senorita!

2. Every Little Thing Reminds You Of Him

This is a telltale sign that you have fallen for him. The fact that you saw a poster of a movie he likes and thought of him immediately or were honked at by a car that looked a lot like his and your heart skipped a beat when you thought it was him proves that he’s on your mind. You have long crossed into the love lane, buttercup.

3. He Makes You Feel Like You Can Do Anything

He challenges you to do things you have never dreamed of doing. He makes you feel empowered and strong enough to be the best version of yourself. He believes in you and thinks you are super awesome. His unconditional trust in you makes you trust yourself more and do better in life.

4. Life Is In Technicolor Now

Have you ever felt this way before – this alive, this aware, this happy? Has the sun always been so bright and food always tasted this amazing? Do other people fade from your vision when you see him? Does everything feel like it is happening for the first time? Oh, baby, you are in love!

5. You Are Discovering Things About Yourself You Never Knew Existed

Getting to know the person you are crushing on brings out new traits of your personality. You try to be a better person and see life in a new way. You try to look better, dress better, read more, listen to new songs – so many things just to impress that special someone.

6. You Want Your Best Friend To Like Him

You are super nervous that she won’t. It matters what she feels and thinks about him, and you keep pumping your bestie with information about how amazing he is, just to turn the scales in your favor. But, don’t worry, girl. Your bestie will love him too!

7. You Don’t Want Your Other Friends To Know About Him Yet

You want to keep your love secret for now. You want to let it grow on its own for as long as possible. The bond that you are creating with this person really means a lot to you, so you try to keep it protected from outside interference and opinions. You don’t even want to put it on Facebook or Instagram because you don’t want to jinx it. This is not a casual fling for you – it matters to you how it turns out.

8. You Hang Out With Him During Weekends As Well


If you are happily giving up your Saturday night parties to cuddle with him on the couch or going out for dates on crazy rainy Sundays to spend some time with your new bae, you know have fallen in love, hook, line, and sinker. Girls don’t give up their weekends for just anybody! He is special, girl. Just admit it.

9. Tinder Is Boring

Who could possibly be more handsome, interesting, articulate, funny, and sexy than your boo? Hmmph, all pretentious puppets! If you think this is the case, I doubt you would be doing tinder for long.

10. You Have Sizzling Chemistry

Your physical connection is as good as your emotional connection. You feel like your bodies were meant to be with each other, your hearts were meant to be beating as one. You even suspect your bond is out of this world, may be from a previous life. You feel like you really know this person, even if you don’t know him that well.

11. When You Are With Him, You Have Boundless Energy


We all know how doing anything can make us feel tired. But when you spend time with him, instead of getting drained and tired, you feel more energized and vibrant than you have felt in years – even if you have been walking up trails all day, hiking. You could keep walking for hours on end if you could just be with him.

12. You Suddenly Like That Hobby Of His – Something You Have Always Despised

Now, spending your weekends watching reruns of cricket matches or WWE wrestling games does not seem so bad. I mean, who doesn’t like watching sweaty, bloody blokes fight each other? Yep, girl. Yep.

13. You Discover Something Nice About Him Every Day

When you start liking every single thing he does, even how he eats, no one can save you, woman. You are obsessed with even the tiniest things about him, like the way he rolls up his sleeves before doing manual work or the focused look on his face when he is doing math. To you, it’s all magical.

14. You Make A Mental List Of Everything You Want To Tell Him

You might even take notes, just in case you forget. Yes, you may be going crazy – crazy in love, that is. You want him to know about every single thing that you experienced or saw and want his opinion on them. You both can talk for hours about random stuff, and it means the world to you what he feels about stuff.

15. You Even Have A File On Your Phone Of Links And Memes You Want To Send Him


Yes, songs, memes, stories, news, trailers, video game reviews, recipes – you save the links to everything you think he might like to see. Oh no, you can’t just send them all at once! You keep it for rainy days!

16. You Obsess About His Favorite Books And Movies

Mostly, you are trying to know him better and are looking for more information about how his mind works and what he likes. You look for merchandise related to the things he loves to gift him – F.R.I.E.N.D.S T-shirts, GOT mugs, BREAKING BAD posters – just to see that smile on your bae’s face.

17. You Want To Know EVERYTHING About Him

You just have to know everything about him – what his childhood was like, names of his best friends through the years, the pets he has had, the scariest things that ever happened to him, his most vulnerable moment, his favorite dish…everything.

18. You Like Him For Who He Is Not Who You Want Him To Be


Nobody is perfect, but you like his little imperfections and the baggage he carries – they are just the right fit for your own. You can live with his shenanigans because you adore him with all your heart. You can both work with each other’s weirdness and be perfect together.

19. Your Eyes Light Up When He Walks Into The Room

You cannot hide your feelings however hard you try. And, not to burst your bubble, probably everyone can see it too. You can hardly stop your lips from smiling, your eyes from sparkling, and your heart from singing. You get more animated while keeping an eye on him slyly. But, madame, you are fooling no one – they can hear your heartbeat a mile away.

20. You Are Living On A Steady Stream Of Adrenaline

You are always riding the roller coaster of emotional highs, but boy, you ain’t getting tired of this! Even when you are getting into fights with him, it is all passionate and crazy and probably taking the sexual tension between you both to a whole new level. You are always high on life, and feel like you are playing a role in a movie – like it is all meant to be.

21. You Are Scared Of Your Feelings But Too Excited To Let Them Hold You Back


Allowing yourself to fall so deeply in love with someone is terrifying. In the past, you might have stopped yourself from getting involved with someone you liked, but this time, the feelings are just too strong for you to resist. Your heart just doesn’t listen to rationalization anymore and makes you act like a fool in love. You feel a myriad of emotions – love, hate, jealousy, anger, and anxiety with new vigor. But you still can’t get enough of him. Something about him makes you feel that you have finally come home.

A good way to determine if you like someone is by noticing if you want to share important things in your life with him. Just like we want to tell our friends and loved ones when something new happens in our life, we can’t wait to tell the people we have feelings for when something big happens to us. His opinion matters to you. Period.

Don’t let your fears hold you back. Get to know him better and move forward in the relationship – because, girl, you deserve to happy. All the best!

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