Learn To Love Yourself With These 31 Easy Ideas

Written by Harini Natarajan , Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Self-love is a crucial part of self-care. We are taught to be selfless, give back to society, put the needs of our loved ones before our own, and offer whatever we can whenever we can. The message itself isn’t a lie; most people are members of an overall group that tends to benefit by taking care of one another. However, the problem arises when we place taking care of others over caring for ourselves.

The idea of self-love is easy to grasp — it involves caring for and respecting your personal needs, desires, and wants. While this isn’t an all-inclusive list, it’s about ensuring you get enough rest so that you have the energy and resources to help those around you. So, if you are ready to recharge and reset, let’s delve into this article for ways to love yourself more. Scroll down!

31 Ways To Practice Self-Love

31 Ways To Practice Self-Love


Self-love doesn’t need to be difficult. It could be as basic as changing how you communicate with yourself or showing the same compassion towards yourself as you would to a loved one. It could also be more complicated, such as taking a break from work to recharge. You just need to feel that you love yourself the same way that you love other people.

There are myriad ways to practice self-love. Listed below are some fantastic ideas you can employ to show your body, mind, and soul some TLC.

1. Take A Break!

It is not unusual to feel tired as you try to satisfy the needs of others, especially when you are a caregiver. When your dependants reside in your home, it may be even more difficult to make time for yourself. But it is essential to take a break. Just sleep in, watch a movie, or eat without interruption — you deserve it.

2. Schedule A Therapy Session

Your therapist can assist you in identifying areas where there is a need to boost your mental health and develop strategies to achieve it. Book a session and vent if you need to.

3. Enjoy In Nature

Fresh air can be a great source of relaxation, and outdoor activities with loved ones will boost your morale to a great extent. Go on a hike with your partner or a bike ride with your children. You can even plan a solo weekend in the countryside just to lie back and enjoy.

4. Adopt A Pet

There are so many animals who need caring homes. The unconditional affection that we receive from our furry friends can be a real happiness booster. However, if you are not equipped to adopt at this moment, volunteering can be a viable alternative.

5. Buy Things That Bring You Joy

Buy Things That Bring You Joy


Home is your safe space, your place of refuge. Make sure you fill it with things that bring you joy, such as photos of happy times, living plants, or some artwork that you have made.

6. Go Screen-Free

Stop focusing on your screens all the time and switch your phone to ‘do not disturb’ mode in the evenings. Replace binge-watching web shows with healthier hobbies like gardening or birding.

7. Learn To Say ‘No’

It is impossible to please everybody. Once you learn to say ‘no,’ it allows you to accept the tasks that you can manage and turn down those that may stress you. However, if you decide to say ‘yes’ to someone, don’t forget to set healthy boundaries.

8. Eat On Your Own

Take the time to eat on your own — whether it is your favorite dessert or a complete meal. Don’t share your meal with anyone. Mindful eating is a way to make this process more revitalizing. Reduce distractions by turning off the television and mobile phone.

9. Indulge In Reading

It is easy to convince yourself that you don’t have time to devote such a simple pastime. However, leisure reading can be an excellent escape from the not-so-great reality. So, push yourself to read just one chapter a night.

10. Sweat It Out

Sweat It Out


Regular exercising yields amazing results for your mental and physical health. What’s more? It is not necessary to exert yourself. A 30-minute walk will be perfect to reap all the benefits.

11. Lock The Door

If you live with a spouse or children who barge in unannounced, try locking the doors whenever you need to. You are entitled to some alone time.

12. Avoid Negative Self-Talk

We are often too hard on ourselves for things we might have easily forgiven others for. However, this negative self-talk needs to stop. To create a positive environment, you can post notes all around your home, mentioning things you admire most about yourself.

13. Splurge On Shopping

It is difficult to decide to spend money on yourself, especially in times of financial stress. However, small (and sometimes large) expenditures can make us all a little happier. It could be as simple as getting that coffee that doesn’t qualify as an economical purchase.

14. Meditate

A good way to start your day is to find a comfortable and tranquil spot at your home and meditate for 10 minutes. Relax your eyes and concentrate on your breath, heartbeat, and the goals you set for the day.

15. Take Out Time For Little Things

Take Out Time For Little Things


Pampering yourself is a form of self-love. Get your nails or hair done from the salon or have a lavish lunch with a friend. If you are budget-conscious, pamper yourself with a homemade facial mask, DIY manicure, or a massage at home. Just unwind and relax!

16. Organize Your Space

If you are stressed out due to clutter, try to get rid of it and enjoy the benefits of having an organized and clean space. If you are not in the mood to invest enough time, commissioning a professional to take care of it isn’t a bad idea either.

17. Ask For What You Want

Depending on your loved ones for assistance, space, and time is also an act of self-love. Whenever you need something, do not hesitate to speak up and ask.

18. Set Boundaries

You are free to draw your boundaries and adhere to them. There’s no obligation to explain things to people or allow them the opportunity to bargain.

19. Maintain A Journal

Maintain A Journal


Make time to document your thoughts, disappointments, frustrations, and emotions. Write the things you are grateful for, the goals you would like to achieve, or the things that make you smile. Sometimes, penning our thoughts down on paper is among the best healing activities we could do.

20. Run A Bath

Turn on cozy lights, bring out the scented candles, and sprinkle some Epsom salt into your warm bathwater. Your bathtub is another ideal spot to indulge in some peaceful ‘me’ time. If you are looking to do some meditation during your soak, consider engaging all your senses to pay attention to the way that water feels, looks, and sounds.

21. Scroll Through Feeds

For certain people, social media may be a source of discontent. For others, however, it could provide a respite from the world and a moment of unfocused entertainment. If the latter is the case for you, explore the space for some zero-guilt leisure.

22. Cut Down On Social Media

In case the explosion of mindless content annoys you each time you log in, you might want to consider temporarily disabling your social media accounts.

23. Revive Connections

Spending time with those we cherish can be rejuvenating. Make plans for a night out with your friends or your partner. Focus on chatting and enjoying the time together.

24. Dance It Out

Dance It Out


Put on your favorite songs, open your windows, and move that body! Dance the woes away!

25. Make Time For Hobbies

Painting, writing, editing photos, gardening, or solving puzzles — you should consider putting an hour aside specifically for the activities that drive your passion.

26. Try Mindful Breathing

With one hand resting on your stomach and the other resting on your chest, feel your breath flowing through your body. Focus on your breathing whenever you experience stress, feel overwhelmed, or want to clear your mind.

27. Set Goals

There are things that we all would like to achieve. But sometimes, taking notes and thinking about the steps required to accomplish the goals can make them appear more feasible and achievable.

28. Cook A New Dish

Even if you are not a fan of cooking, search for a recipe that sounds appealing to you. Then set aside some time to create it on your own. Hands-on activities like cooking help you spend some time alone and whip up the most exciting rewards, too!

29. Address Your Spiritual Needs

Address Your Spiritual Needs


To help your soul rejuvenate, choose a book on a spiritual subject. Read it every morning and reflect on it throughout the day.

30. Cry It Out

As it turns out, crying may have certain advantages. It enables better emotional regulation and facilitates bonding with your loved ones. In addition, a good cry helps you feel light and stress-free.

31. Get Some Shut-Eye

One of the basic forms of self-care is giving yourself the rest you require. Getting a good seven to eight-hour sleep will help you wake up rejuvenated, ready to take on the day.

These practices teach you how to fall in love with yourself and be happier and healthier. We hope you try out the above ideas and give your body, mind, and soul the much-needed and well-deserved love.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

Why is self-love so important?

Self-love allows you to be vulnerable, thoughtful, and fearless. When you practice self-love, you can make healthy choices. The way you feel about yourself affects your interactions with others and every decision you make.

Why do I have trouble loving myself?

The answer, 90% of the time, is past experiences. Past experiences have the power to alter the lives of people. They change your view on self-love, making it hard for you to accept that you also deserve unconditional love and care.

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