How To Make A Guy Realize He Is Losing You

Written by Harini Natarajan , Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Love is not easy. Being in a relationship is not easy. However, it should also not feel like a battle. It should not feel like you are requesting your man to love you back, demanding his time, and begging for his attention. If you have been doing all these things, he is taking you for granted.

Often, such behavior stems from a false sense of security that you are not going anywhere. A healthy relationship needs to be nurtured by both. If you are important to him, he will squeeze out time for you from his busy schedule and will not make you wait.

If that is the case, it is time to take matters into your hands. He needs to realize that you are special. In this article, we will walk through some ideas to make him realize that you will drift away if he continues with his ways. Keep reading!

How To Make Him Realize He Is Losing You: 15 Best Tips

1. Let Him Know That You Are Prepared To Walk Away

Let Him Know That You Are Prepared To Walk Away


If your partner is unwilling to commit, it is better to walk out of the relationship. Talk to him first and understand what is going inside his mind. If he is unsure about the relationship’s future, sticking with him will bring only disappointment.

Tell him how you envision both of you together. If he sounds distant, it means he is taking things casually, and both of you are not on the same page. If that is the case, tell him openly that you are no longer willing to stay in the relationship and move on. This will save you from disappointment and make him realize that he is losing you.

2. Do Not Let Him Take Away Your Efforts In Vain

Easier said than done! This will require all your self-strength to implement in reality. Pull back from him when you realize that he is taking you for granted. People often do not realize what their actions could indicate. Your partner, too, needs to understand that his behavior and actions might be hurting you.

Keep communication to a bare minimum. Give him some time to think about you and comprehend that love and respect are not a one-way street. Stop calling him or answer his texts – if that is what it takes to draw his attention. Going in the dark for a while will help him overcome his assumptions about you and come forward to put effort into the relationship.

3. Prioritize Yourself

Self-care is not being selfish – it is all about ensuring your needs are not ignored. Moreover, when you take care of yourself, you know how to care for others. So, if you feel that your man is not reciprocating your love with the same intensity, dial down your efforts and shower that love on yourself.

It is understandable why you are head over heels in love with a guy, but he should also know how to cherish you. Stop doing so much work to make him love you the way you do.

4. Remind Him That He Is Not Your Only Option

Remind Him That He Is Not Your Only Option


You may be a couple, but that does not make you feel obliged to him. Love is not an obligation; it is a feeling that should be mutual. If he makes you feel unwanted, stop waiting for his attention. Speak up about your feelings and make it clear to him that you are not bound to him in any way.

Take the liberty to move on. Change your access codes and lock him out of your things. This will give him a sense of realization of what life without you would look like.

5. Make Yourself Busy

If your partner thinks that he is the center of your universe and you cannot think about your life without him, he may be underestimating you. Once you stop giving him that impression, he might think that you are taking off.

There are so many important things in your life. Pursue your hobbies and indulge in activities that interest you and make yourself happy each day.

6. Go For A New Look

Give your guy a surprise toss with his assumption that he knows you well. Strip off the label that you are something and cannot transform into something different. Your new look could be anything from a new haircut to a new dressing style or a piercing.

Do not ask him or give away the details before getting it done. That would take away the element of surprise and defeat the purpose of showing him that you are making independent decisions.

7. Take A Break From Replying

Take A Break From Replying


How do you feel when he does not receive your calls or takes hours to respond to your texts? You start worrying, right? However, he might be thinking of you as clingy. If that is the case, take a break from texting and responding.

We are not asking you to ignore him, but you can get busy with your work, and maybe you forgot to look at your phone for a bit? This can happen, right? (wink! wink!) This might make him realize that he needs to go the extra mile to get your attention.

8. Do Not Try To Please Him

It may be okay to try and make your man feel special, but it is not okay to please him every minute of the day. This may make him think that you are all over him without him having to put in any effort.

When you pull back from the habit of pleasing him constantly, it will make him think about what is different and appreciate your presence when he gets it. It is all about not letting someone take advantage of you.

9. Hang Out With Your Tribe

Avoid having mutual friends with your man. You may be doing many things together and sharing a lot of stuff – hanging out with the same set of friends should not be one of them.

Find your tribe and hang out with them as often as you would like. This will tell your guy that you have a world outside of your relationship and that it does not revolve only around him. This is important to gain your identity and convey to your partner that you are not dependent on them for companionship.

10. Be Yourself

Be Yourself


Your guy should not be the one controlling you or your behavior. If he does not respect who you are and how you carry yourself, it is probably time for you to reconsider if the person is worth staying with.

You deserve a guy who does not try to manipulate you into being someone else and gives you confidence in being who you are. The last thing that you may want to try and do to make him realize your worth is to change yourself to suit his expectations.

11. Cut Out His Second Option

Are you someone who fills the void for him when he has no one else? For instance, does he turn to you only when he is out of friends to talk to hang out with? Do you think it is a good idea to fill the space at such times?

Definitely not. This is going to make him get into the habit of using you at his convenience. While you might want to be there for him out of love, you must stop this if he takes you for granted all the time.

12. Show Him You Are Okay With Moving On

Use your social media to highlight how you are having fun without him. Post pictures, use hashtags, or describe your feelings through captions so that your guy gets a clear idea of how you are enjoying without him.

This is not something that you are doing out of spite. This is a simple activity to show your guy that as much as you love spending time with him, you are capable of having fun with others, and this will tell him why he must treasure your presence.

13. Lower Your Interest Levels

Lower Your Interest Levels


Tone down your level of interest in his work, stories, or worries. When you do this, he is sure to notice your lack of interest and be attentive to your needs. He may even make a move to gain your attention and interest once again.

With the right guy, this trick will work in an instant to revive your man’s attention and make him aware that you are not just someone who he can take for granted.

14. Remind Him Who You Were

If you want your guy to understand that he might lose you if he takes you for granted, it is necessary to remind him who you are. Convey to him that you existed well before he entered your life and that you will continue to be the same even if he is not in your life.

This will remind him that you are a strong and mature woman who knows how to care and stand for yourself. Once he realizes this, he may value your identity in the relationship. No one wants to lose a strong and self-aware woman. He will be worried about losing you after this confession.

15. Stop Being Vocal About The Future

Stop Being Vocal About The Future


If you are a couple and plan to spend your lives together, it is imminent to make plans and discuss them often. But if you feel like he has started taking you for granted, it is time for you to make him worry about losing you.

Stop discussing your future and watch how he reacts to the absence of such conversations. If he is the right guy, he will take the initiative to talk to you about the matter. At this point, you can convey to him that you dislike being treated this way and expect him to improve his attitude towards you.

To Sum Up

Love should not feel like a constant struggle. It should not feel like being taken for granted, endless waits, and feeling alone in a relationship. Love should not feel hard or tough.

If your relationship makes you feel all of this, there is no point in staying stuck. However, if you want to give him the last chance before moving on, you can try the tips discussed in the article to make him realize he is losing you and see how he responds.

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