How To Make Your Eyes Whiter

by Esha Saxena
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Your eyes put up with a whole lot of stress. Continual exposure to environmental irritants, sleeping in your makeup, not wearing sunglasses year-round, inadequate sleep, and spending long hours in front of screens undeniably takes its toll on the health and appearance of your eyes.

The whites of your eyes are called sclera. Your scleras can be an indicator of your overall health.

If your scleras always have a tint of yellow or red, it is a matter of concern as it can be a sign of some serious underlying health issues. Additionally, dull eyes can make you look not only tired but also older.

Therefore, we’ve put together 11 handy methods to make the whites of your eyes look whiter naturally. Ranging from blue eye drops to strategic makeup tricks, these tricks work like magic.

Note: First and foremost, if you struggle with redness or yellowness in your eyes, it is important to visit a medical professional to rule out any bigger health issues.

11 Ways To Make The Whites Of Your Eyes Whiter

Some of these methods will give you immediate results while the rest will gradually make your eyes whiter and brighter (without using Photoshop!).

1. Use The Right Eye Drops


For quick relief from itchiness, redness, and burning, try specially-formulated eye drops, like Innoxa Blue Drops. Besides relaxing your peepers, these drops are blue and will counteract the yellow or red tint in your eyes instantly, making them appear whiter. However, ophthalmologists do not recommend using whitening eye products on a daily basis as you can get “rebound redness,” which means your eyes will turn red again within a few hours of using the drops.

2. Drink Plenty Of Fluids


Ditch that fourth cup of coffee and stick to green tea, fresh juices, or plain water. Dehydration can have a negative impact on the whites of your eyes. If you want bright white eyes, adequate hydration will make a world of a difference. It will also help reduce the puffiness and redness in your eyes. Make it a habit of drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day and see the change for yourself!

3. Get Your Beauty Sleep


Sleepy eyes are often dry and itchy. Getting 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep every night ensures a healthy mind and body. Without adequate sleep, your eyes are bound to look tired and red as it increases the retention of blood and fluid around your eyes.

Moreover, sleep deprivation can lead to eye spasms or involuntary twitching that is both uncomfortable and distracting. If you have trouble sleeping, try listening to some soothing music or meditating before going to bed.

4. Brighten Your Under-Eye Area


Invest in a rich and nourishing eye cream to deal with dark under-eye circles. You can also use an under-eye concealer to brighten the area under your eyes. Adding a shimmery white eyeshadow in the corners of your eyes also brightens the eye area effectively.

5. Maintain A Healthy And Balanced Diet


Eat a variety of fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables. Carrots, oranges, pumpkins, and lemons contain essential vitamins and antioxidants that are good for your eyes and will keep them healthy, clear, and white.

6. Take Your Supplements


If you are not getting enough vitamins and minerals from your current diet, consider taking vitamin supplements. Omega-3 capsules or fish oil supplements are also a great option as they play a major role in boosting the level of omega-3 acids in your body.

7. Avoid Irritants


Avoid irritants like chlorinated pool water, pollen, dust, and smoke. Avoiding these triggers can prevent redness and irritation in your eyes from developing or worsening.

8. Try A Colored Liner


A blue eyeliner can counteract the yellowish or reddish tint in your whites. It is also a lot softer and less dramatic than black eyeliner. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with colored eyeliners. Blue is especially effective in making your eyes appear clearer and brighter.

9. Emphasize Your Lashes


Curl your lashes and put on some mascara – because making your eyes stand out can help them look whiter. However, use a softer shade of mascara (like brown) on your bottom lashes to focus the attention on your upper lashes. This makes your eyes appear wider and more awake.

10. Add Blush To Your Makeup Routine


A touch of blush on the apples of your cheeks will help brighten your entire face, including your peepers. Make sure you stick with a subtle peachy shade for a more natural finish.

11. Cut Down Screen Time


Cutting down on your screen time and reducing eye strain is the best thing you can do to keep your eyes healthy and bright. You can also make small changes like reducing your monitor’s brightness setting, blinking more often, and giving your eyes some quality time away from any screen (including your phone).

Additionally, don’t forget to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun with a pair of sunglasses. After all, diminishing the redness in your eyes will make you look healthy and well-rested.

That was our round-up of how you can make your eyes look whiter and clearer. What do you do to get rid of redness in your eyes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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