How To Make Friends As An Adult: A Complete Guide

Written by Sushmita Barman

Making friends seems effortless when we are kids. You share a chocolate or a toy, the next minute the other person is your friend. You won’t even have to make a deliberate effort to build such friendships. There are instances when these friends grow old with you and still share much more than chocolate, like emotions and feelings. But as you grow older, you break your head wondering how to make friends as an adult, which sometimes can be an arduous task. The reasons could be many. We are not always up for getting outta our dear comfort zones and making new friends. Which is why we shall teach all the brilliant ways to make friends as an adult. Read on and find out!

How To Make Friends As An Adult?

How to break this barrier? How do we start? How to make friends as an adult? Well, the first important thing is that you have to identify that you are not the only one. Who knows? The person opposite to you might be feeling the same way as you do. Maybe your awkwardness or cluelessness on where to start a conversation and how to keep it going are some of the grave reasons. So, address them first. Which means talk about them. That itself will help you strike a conversation and break the ice. You and the other person might feel at ease with just addressing these issues, and you won’t feel shy talking any further now that you have let out the truth.

Once that’s done, why not try a blind friend date. Go through your social circle, ask your existing friends to set you up for a friendship date. You really have to be open and free here. If not, try social media or apps. Meetups, peanut, Bumble BFF, and so on should help. Instagram and Facebook itself give you a lot of recommendations. Based on the groups you follow, you can find people with interests that match with yours.

Also, go to social events and those family events and try your luck there. Do not restrict yourself to only your circle. That is one factor that needs changing, remember?

Another fact you have to keep in mind is that you don’t need quantity but quality. You don’t have to juggle learning how to make more friends as an adult. Making 20 new friends and struggling to keep a good contact may stress you. You instead want to have two or three friends whom you actually sync with well.

Phew! Now you can finally stop thinking about how to make friends as an adult! But wait. Is that all? Def not! We have more to discuss. Continue reading.

Why Do Friends Matter In Adulthood?

I can bet, in this process, you might feel a little odd, nervous or awkward. It is only obvious. But what needs to be done is to remember why you are doing this. You might be insecure about what if this doesn’t work. Remember when you were dating and felt the same. There you go! So there’s no harm trying.

But why make friends? Because they are important. As we grow older, our problems, emotions, and struggles grow too. When you are emotionally down or need a boost, they will be there, just a call away to cheer you up. You need not even share your problems with these new friends, but their companionship will make a real difference. If you are going through an illness, friends are always ready to help you. If you are following an unhealthy habit, there will be that one friend who eats your head to stop doing that and encourages you to change your lifestyle. If you are a parent, having another person who understands the difficulty in bringing up a child will be a common ground to build a relationship. Even in a career, a few market ideas, openings, or client references from someone close will only make your life better.

But how to make and keep friends as adults. If you have moved into a new city, making new friends becomes more of a necessity. They may be able to assist you through the smallest details like where to buy your everyday groceries or where to go to catch a particular bus. Or even other details like where to go on a weekend holiday. They might even be your circle in the city. The easiest way to make friends in a new city would be to approach your colleagues as they are the people you see on a daily basis.

But as I said, try outside the box still. Expand from your limits. Accept invitations for gatherings or events. Try to make time to meet up with an old classmate if you have anyone in the city. This will help you have a part of your past in the new life! You never know what can make a difference.

Tips To Make New Friends As An Adult

 Here are a few tips that you must keep in mind:

  • The best way to make friends as an adult would be to step out of your crib! Go out as much as you can. Make sure you don’t push yourself so much to be socially active, but twice or thrice in a week must be good enough. Be it a colleague’s bday party, neighbor’s house party, or anyone who is generous to invite you for a gathering.
  • If you are a parent, school meetings or other co-curricular activity lessons that your kids attend are a good place to hang out. You can kill some time watching your kids learn and also meet other parents there who will have something in common. Being regular here will fetch you at least one friend, if not a gang!
  • But how do adults make friends virtually? Hmm. Not so difficult. Facebook and social networking groups of people with common interests are some ways to try! Your hobbies or passions like gardening, cooking, or even community volunteering are a few activities that are widely discussed and shared on social media. Connect with people in your locality or city, and voila! There you go with few people who have the same thoughts as you.
  • Where do adults go to make friends? Hahaha! As funny as it sounds, there really are some places where you can find a new best pal someday. Visit your favorite book shops on weekends, hang out at the park in the evenings, or take your dog out on a walk every day. You can also go to the gym, fitness clubs or join any sports team. Physical activities are not only meant for taking care of the body but the mind as well. If you make it regular, this can be a place where you can make new friends. Or just take a stroll outside sometimes. Everywhere you meet a lot of new faces, start with a greeting and small talk about the weather, and there you will undoubtedly make another friend. What you need to keep in your mind while you head out is that the world is open if you are ready to be open.
  • Oh, but if your question is “how to make friends as an adult introvert”, then you gotta work a little harder, my pal. No, you don’t have to change who you are, but you gotta start getting outta your shackles and look around. This world is filled with beautiful souls. Go ahead and talk to people, at least. You never know, you might land a best friend too!
  • Always mind that everyone goes through rough phases in life, and when your new friends are not available, do not push them so hard; instead, respect each other’s space. Drop a text or voice note that you are there if necessary, and get into their private space only if they invite you. We all know that as we are adults. There will be situations when all of us need some “me time” to figure things out.

Well, folks, now that you know all the secrets, your “how do I make friends as an adult” question goes into the waste bin because you, my friend, are gonna ace in building some amazing friendships. And you know, as human beings, you will definitely need companions throughout your life, which is exactly why the aforementioned ways for adults to make friends should be of great help! Buckle up and get ready to make new pals.

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