How To Make Friends In College

Written by Harini Natarajan , Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

College life is a new beginning with an array of educators, friends, books, and what not! However, adjusting to it can feel tedious if you find it difficult to make friends. To adapt to the college environment, one needs to understand how things work, and none other than friends can help you in such a situation. New friendships can be easy going or it can become a typical social worry as well. Want to know more? Scroll through the article to find out!

Easy And Best Ways To Make Friends In College



You might meet plenty of peers and classmates once you step into college, but the real bond of friendship can develop only when you connect personally. People come from different walks of life, and they hold different definitions of friendship. If your quest is to find ways to make friends in college, read on.

How To Make Friends With Girls In College

You need to bring yourself out of your shell and devote time and energy to make female friends in college. Girls are great observers, and so, you need to work on making things noticeable. Here’s how you can develop a friendly attitude towards girls.

  •  Say Yes To Invitations: Respond positively (definitely depending upon situations) to invitations, as a negative answer might stop you from mingling with acquaintances and establishing friendships.
  •  Find Things In Common: Girls like to be connected with people when things feel common. So, try to connect with girls based on their topic of interest. Who knows, you can be close friends grounded on common platforms!
  •  Discover Groups: Connections develop while interacting in groups. Find common groups like church meet or alumni lunches where you can get more opportunities to discover girls and interact publicly.
  •  Initiate Genuine Conversations: Bonding over conversations is something that girls hold dearly. Initiate a conversation regarding a lecture or hobbies to break the ice and become friends with a girl. You can also help them out if she approaches you with a problem. Honest conversations and listening from the perspective of a girl can surely develop your bond.

Introverts always prefer a calm and soothing environment with less socialization. Not all of them are shy, but they often face difficulties while making new friends in college. Here are some tips to initiate friendship for introverts.

How To Make Friends In College As An Introvert



  •  Connect With Fellow Mates Online: Attending classes and sharing desks with strangers in college can be difficult initially, especially when you are new to the environment. However, you can connect with your fellow mates on social platforms to strike a conversation that might develop into a friendship.
  •  Hang Out After Lectures: Spend quality time with your classmates in a café or the campus before returning home. This will help you get to know more people and make friends. After some initial hangouts, you will be free to talk to them, and the effort will feel worth it.
  •  Look For Peripheral Persons: As introverts, you may want to stay segregated as much as you can, right? So, look for friends who opt for the same and like to stay away from the crowd. This will make it easier for you to connect with them.
  •  Join Cultural Groups: Introverts often find it difficult to meet new friends and interact with seniors. Cultural groups are the best place to make friends. It also helps to relate with an aesthetic sense of cultural programs and the like.
  •  Identify A Study Buddy: Introverts always like it their way. So, why not identify someone who is a bookworm just like you? You can make good friends and hang out in the library as well.

College goers hunt for ways to have fun. From spending on lunches to buying tickets for concerts, the presence of friends makes it extra special. Therefore, prioritizing friendships and making them intentional can give the bond a different vista altogether.

How To Make Friends With Intention



  •  Extend Romantic Friendships: You can intend to make friendship with your fellow mate in college. Make small requests to connect romantically and bring a turning point in the relation. However, do not forward a simple friendship vibe if you have any other intention.
  •  Be Reasonable: Make sure your intentions are honest and transparent. Reason out your feelings and put your best foot forward to be the way you are. This will help the other party to figure out your intentions of forging friendships. Also, avoiding quick judgments and providing advice can help make you a reasonable friend.
  •  Turn Acquaintances Into Friends: If a new acquaintance gives you positive vibes, try to take it to the next level. Ask them out for a solo dinner or a movie hangout. This will not only address your intention but also help you identify whether you both can be close friends or not.

Young adults desire to make friends and be in a league of their own. However, making new friends in college can be exciting as well as disappointing at the same time. While some might meet your expectations, some cannot align at all. It often gets difficult to cope with the new environment of college and make friends. Nerve-wracking on the one hand and unpredictable and risky on the other, making friends in college isn’t a smooth journey. Check out our next section for some vital tips to make friends in college.

Quick Tips To Connect With People In College



  •  Present Your Truest Self: No matter what, expose your friendly nature and open up. Uncover your experiences and interests. This will attract compatible friends towards you in no time.
  •  Introduce Yourself To The Person Sitting Next To You: The best way to make friends is to introduce yourself to the one sitting right beside you. You need to start somewhere – tell something about yourself and let the conversation go with the flow.
  •  Connect Over Social Platforms: Use digital and social media platforms to make connections. Find your classmates on social networks and initiate conversation. It might feel awkward to talk to strangers, especially in a classroom situation. Worry not! Social media platforms will help you get a better sense of the individual outside the class.
  •  Volunteer Friend Time: Hanging out with like-minded people will make you feel secure, confident, and inspired. So, initiate and volunteer your time to develop a passionate and deep conversation with people of similar interests. This will strengthen your bond and encourage each other to come out of your comfort zone.
  •  Bond Over Food: Food brings people closer, and bonding over food is a great way to initiate conversation, especially for introverts. You can also hang out in a café during recess to chill and spend quality time with classmates. Or exchanging coffee for help with the homework can enhance the friendship between you two!
  •  Participate In Group Projects: Group projects are an opportunity to open up yourself and speak to your fellow mates. Introduce innovative ideas for the project, try to mingle with your teammates, and make it a fun activity.
  •  Develop A Rapport: Familiarize yourself with the college environment – speak to the person beside you, organize your post-class tuition schedules, and discuss the syllabus and assignments with your classmates. Try to develop a strong rapport with the class and strike a conversation with your peers at the dining hall.

In A Nutshell

The tips mentioned in the post will surely get you along in making friends in college. However, the methods will be useless unless you apply them with an open heart and honest communication. Whether in a concert or gathering at a club, put conscious effort to speak with people around you. Accept invitations from your batchmates, acquaintances, and peers and make it a point to attend them. Even if it gets challenging, don’t be afraid to take upon everything the college offers.

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