How to make mehendi at home

A beautiful temporary body art design with henna is called mehndi. It has been widely used by the Indian women for traditional functions, especially weddings. Women decorate their palms, feet and other parts of the body with henna paste to get a temporary colour design. In today’s world there are different types of ready-made mehndi cones available, but still the original homemade mehndi which gives the dark red beautiful colour to our skin never goes out out of fashion. Everyone can get mehndi cones of different colors from their nearest beauty store easily but making your own natural mehndi at home is such a nice and natural experience. The natural mehndi gives a better colour and lasts longer than the other chemical and artificial ones. Let us see today the steps of preparing your own mehndi cone at home.

How to make mehndi cone at home:


How to make mehndi designs application tips:

Here are a few tips on how to make mehndi design last longer on your hands and feet.

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