25 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Loved And Special 

Written by Harini Natarajan

Every girl loves it when her boyfriend goes that extra mile to make her feel special and cared for. The best part is, it is not that hard to do this and make your girlfriend feel special. If you are in a serious relationship and really love your girlfriend, making her feel appreciated will come naturally. You will do everything in your capacity just to see that smile and happiness on her face.

However, since every guy is different, you may still need some suggestions on stuff to say to and do for your girlfriend to make her feel special. In this post, we share 25 ways you can make your girlfriend feel over the moon and make her fall in love with you even more.

25 Easy Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special And Loved

1. Compliment Her Often

Compliments are a great way to make your girl feel special. Try to find new ways to compliment her on something that you have not before. It can be anything about her looks, style, personality, or her unique talents.

If you identify something that she does not like about herself and compliment her on it honestly, it will make her feel loved and special and raise her confidence.

2. Plan Little Surprises

Planning beautiful little surprises can be a great way to make your girlfriend feel over the moon. It could be anything like getting her favorite flowers, cooking a meal for her, or taking her on a long drive after a day of hard work.

To build extra excitement, you can buy her small gifts and hide them around the house to give her the thrill of anticipation.

3. Offer Her A Massage

After a tiring day, nothing feels more special than being pampered by that special someone. And, what could be better than giving her a nice massage?

If she is on her feet all day, give her a foot massage. If she has pain in her neck and shoulders, gently work that area. The idea here is to make her feel relaxed and relieve her stress and anxiety.

4. Kiss Her Forehead

Every girl loves to be kissed on her forehead. There is something about a forehead kiss that makes a girl feel really special and loved.

For women, it is more of a caring gesture that carries much more importance than lip kisses do in some ways. It also shows that you adore her and are always there to comfort her.

5. Leave Her Surprise Notes Or Messages

One way to show your girlfriend how much you love and care for her is by sending her surprise notes or messages. You can tell her something like, “You make my life brighter,” “I am in awe of your beauty,” or “I feel fortunate to have you in my life.” While it only takes a few seconds to do it, it will surely make her feel special and fall in love with you all over again.

6. Be Respectful To Her

When in a relationship, respect is not just about answering phone calls, opening doors, or carrying stuff for her. It is also about your willingness to truly listen to her opinions, give her space to express herself, and respect her decisions even if your perspectives differ.

7. Be Faithful To Her

This is the bare minimum that you need to do if you want to maintain the relationship. It is best to give up the habit of staring at other girls or flirting with them. Keep your heart and eyes only on her, and look for new ways to further strengthen your bond with her.

8. Make Time for Her

The easiest way to show your girlfriend how much you love her is by making her your priority. Make efforts to be available for her because if she matters to you, you will not make any excuses and always make time to be with her.

9. Always Encourage And Support Her

To show your girlfriend how supportive you are, you need to encourage her in her work and other interests. Let her know how proud you are of her abilities and encourage her to pursue her dreams and things that make her feel happy.

10. Write Her Romantic Love Letters

Surprising your girlfriend with a love letter will make her feel special and show your deep affection towards her. Love letters are a great way to share your feelings with your partner and tell her how you feel about her and your relationship.

11. Never Pressurize Her Into doing Things She Does Not Want

Putting pressure on your girlfriend to do something she dislikes or does not want to do can be disastrous for your relationship. It will create resentment and make her feel that her preferences are of no concern to you. It is especially important that you do not force her to do anything in the bedroom.

12. Always Be Patient With Her

If you really value your relationship, make sure to be patient with her. It will not only help you develop a strong bond with her, but it will also make your girlfriend feel special in the relationship. Learn to accept her imperfections and be patient with her when you hit a rough patch in the relationship.

13. Remember The Details

Remembering all the little details related to your girlfriend and relationship is a great way to show affection. Make sure to note important dates such as when you had your first date, engagement date, birthday, and other important events.

Surprise her with some nice gifts on these days to make her feel loved. Showing that you remember every important detail about your relationship is a great way to show what she means to you.

14. Tell Her How Much You Value Her

Never shy away from telling her what she means to you and how much you value her. Your words and actions should make her feel how much you love her and accept her as she is, with all her faults and shortcomings. This will make your girl feel special and boost her confidence despite her imperfections.

15. Be There When She Really Needs You

While it’s much easier to stand at your girlfriend’s side in good times, what can make her feel truly special is you being there for her during difficult times of despair and pain.

Tough times are when she needs you the most, so make an effort to be there for her through these periods. Do everything in your capacity to ease her pain, relax her mood, and offer her the assurance and strength to overcome the difficult times.

16. Do Not Compare Her To Other Women

Comparing your girl to other women can be disastrous. Be sure never to do that, or else you will do great harm to your relationship.  Refrain from comparing her to not only your ex-girlfriends but also your mother or sisters.

17. Make Her Feel Safe

By caring for your girlfriend and protecting her physical and emotional well-being, you not only make her feel special but also show her how deeply you value her and your relationship with her. Assure her that you are a safe haven that she can trust completely.

18. Create New And Meaningful Experiences Together

There is no feeling more special for a girl than doing things with her partner. Whether it is working out together, taking a class together, or doing a cooking course together – show her that you know what is important to her and support everything that she wants to pursue.

19. Let Her Know That She Is the Only One For You

Women feel anxious and jittery when men bring up other women from their past. You need to make her feel like she is the best you have ever had and you cannot wait to build a long-lasting relationship with her.

20. Respect Her Wishes

While you may not agree with everything your girlfriend says or does, mutual respect is an important aspect of any healthy relationship. This is why you need to respect her wishes without necessarily sacrificing yours. At times, bending a little for her wishes may make you learn something from her, apart from making her feel cared for.

21. Listen To Her

Being available for your partner for any kind of guidance and advice forms the basis of a healthy relationship. Make the time to genuinely listen to her opinions or viewpoint on things.

Even if she is complaining to you about something, remember that it means she trusts you enough to express her true feelings to you.

22. Be Affectionate With Her

Girls love subtle displays of affection like holding hands, quick kisses in public, or draping your arm over her shoulder. To make it comfortable for her, you can have a conversation with her about and how much public display of affection she is okay with.

23. Ask About Her Likes And Dislikes

To make sure that you understand her and do things that she enjoys, ask her about the things that make her feel special. Once you know what she likes, do one or two a day, depending on your energy levels and emotional capacity that day.

24. Give Her Unexpected Hugs

Embrace her unexpectedly, especially when she is stressed or tensed about something. This brings her comfort in the tense situation and allows her to relax and de-stress.

25. Begin And End Your Day With Her

Even if you cannot see each other every single day, make sure to send her a simple text when you wake up and before you go to bed. This will make her realize that she is the first and last person you think of every day.

Want to learn other ways to make your girlfriend feel better over text? Keep reading.

Tips On How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special Over Text

To let your girlfriend know that she is special over text can be tricky. Make sure you are open and honest while communicating because if you start texting small white lies that are not true, she will soon know, and it can damage your relationship.

Being sensitive is also very important when you are texting your girlfriend. Do not ever rush your messages, and make sure you put some serious thought into them. The key here is to make it personal and special for her.

Some example of texts that will make her feel loved, respected, cherished, and wanted are:

  • I do not think I can ever get enough of you, my love!
  • I love it when you smile or laugh. You look so beautiful and amazing!
  • Time flies every time I am with you. I wish I could make time stand still when I am with you.

And what about long-distance relationships, you ask? Read on to learn a few things to tell your girlfriend to make her feel special.

Tips On How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special In A Long-Distance Relationship

Men face huge pressure when it comes to impressing their girl, especially in a long-distance relationship. They are typically tagged as less expressive or insensitive when it comes to expressing their love.

Below are some of the ways to make your girlfriend feel special when in a long-distance relationship and ensure that you both have a strong bond despite the physical distance.

  • Whether you are talking to her over the phone or text, make sure to be honest and share details about your day with her. This will help you both stay updated about the things going on in your lives.
  • Leave sweet comments on her social media posts.
  • To make your girlfriend feel special, try to take a weekend trip with her every few months. You can also surprise her by turning up at her doorstep! However, make sure you don’t overdo it as it can come off as clingy.
  • If you are still wondering how to make your long-distance girlfriend feel special and happy, look for ways to surprise her. The best way to do this is to send her sweet gifts every few months. You can send her a handwritten letter or a care package stuffed with all the snacks she loves.

If you are serious about building a long-term relationship with your girlfriend, you need to make her feel special every day. All it takes is some effort on your part and some thoughtful gestures that show her your love, care, and appreciation for her.

Rather than buying the most expensive gifts, invest some time in doing the sweet little things that show her how much you love and care about her.

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