How To Make Your Girlfriend Jealous

Written by Harini Natarajan

A healthy relationship is based on mutual respect, love, compassion, and trust. However, some amount of jealousy can reignite the lost spark of your relationship.

Is your girlfriend taking you for granted and not giving you the attention you deserve? Do you miss spending time with her and trying out new things? If your answer to these questions is yes, making your partner a little jealous can help solve the issues.

But remember, unhealthy jealousy like extreme insecurity, suspicion, paranoia, obsession, or unfaithfulness can be hurtful for your loved one and eventually destroy the relationship.

So, keep the game light, fun, and casual – it can benefit you and your partner positively in the long run. Check out the 10 ways to make your girlfriend jealous. Keep scrolling.

10 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Jealous

1. Compliment Other Women In Front Of Your Girlfriend

This is one of the easiest and popular ways of making girlfriends jealous. When you are around your girlfriend, try to strike conversations with your female friends. Compliment them for their career, social life, and looks.

However, make sure the compliments are subtle and not over the top. You just want to grab your girlfriend’s attention and make them a little jealous, and not question their abilities.

2. Create A Little Distance From Her

Are you trying to make your girlfriend jealous maybe she has started taking you for granted? Go MIA for a while and ghost her. Your absence might make her realize your importance and be more appreciative of you. However, do not be missing for long and scare her regarding your safety and well-being.

3. Mention About Your Ex Subtly

For every couple in a relationship, the worst enemies are the exes. Try to mention your ex subtly in daily conversations. You can also make your girlfriend think you are still in contact with her. Maybe your partner’s protective and possessive instincts will kick in. She might start putting efforts to gain you and your attention back. The fear of losing each other is real, and this fear of hers might work in your favor.

4. Plan A Fun And Enjoyable Day Without Her

Plan a fun day with your friends leaving her behind. Pretend that you forgot to invite her between all the excitement. The idea that you forgot her might hurt her, but it might also help her understand that she needs to invest more time and attention in you. Pretend that you had a great day without her, and she will never leave your side again.

5. Dress Up Nicely When You Meet Your Female Friends

A lot of couples put effort into dressing up nicely for each other. Such small gestures help keep the relationship fresh and exciting. So, dress up nicely when you go out to hang out with your female friends. Let her see your effort to pick a nice outfit, groom your hair, and wear a nice cologne. It might bother her to see the efforts you put for her earlier are being put for somebody else now.

6. Avoid Eye Contact With Her

If you and your girlfriend are chilling with friends, try to ignore her. Talk to everybody, laugh at all their jokes, maintain eye contact with them, but do not acknowledge her. Speak to her only when required and avoid any eye contact. You can also choose a seat far from her to make her jealous.

However, do not be rude to the extent that everybody notices what you are up to –  be subtle about it.

7. Start Using The Gifts From Your Ex

Using the gifts given by your ex will show your girlfriend that you have been thinking about your ex. Do not only use them but express your regret for stopping to use them. Maybe this will remind her how absent she has been from the relationship.

8. Binge-Watch Alone

Binge-watching together is a new, romantic trend for millennial couples. If you want to make her feel jealous and express your disappointment, finish that series you started watching together. Do not wait for or inform her –  just go ahead and finish that series. For the extra effort, say you did a Netflix party with your special friends.

9. Be Extra Friendly And Chatty With Her Best Friend

This method can never go wrong. Be extra friendly and chatty with your partner’s best friends, and she will start feeling exactly what you want her to feel. You can also inform her best friend about your intentions. If she is game, you both can plot more scenarios to make your girlfriend jealous.

10. Laugh Out Loud While Reading Text Messages

This is where you can display your hidden acting skills. Get your phone and start reading your text messages. Just laugh out loud for no reason, and do not take that grin off your face. She will get curious and ask you why you are laughing. You can shrug it off or say you have an inside joke with your female colleague, which she might not understand.

You can use social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook to make your girlfriend jealous.

5 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Jealous On WhatsApp

1. Post A Status With Someone Else

Hang out with your female friends, click a happy picture, and post it immediately as your status. You can also take a snap in which you and your female friend are looking at each other happily. For an extra effort, write a nice caption for the photo status as well.

2. Change Your Profile Picture

Change your profile picture to eliminate the chance of your girlfriend missing your status. Try to make sure the image is a little intimate, which will make her jealous. However, do not take this too far and ask for your female friend’s consent before clicking the picture.

3. Do Not Reply Her Instantly

Take your own sweet time to reply to your girlfriend’s messages while chatting with her. You can also try to ‘seen zone’ her. If she asks why you are slow in your replies, shrug it off or say you are busy with your friends or colleagues.  You can also turn off the ‘read recipients’ feature in your WhatsApp to bother her more. These actions will let her feel you are hiding something from her.

4. Keep Your Chats Hurried And Brief.

Keep your chats very brief while talking to your girlfriend over text messages. Act cold and let her believe you have lost interest in her. If she asks you why you are behaving this way, say you had a bad day. This will make her feel distant from you, and the fear of losing you will kick in.

5. Hide Your Last Seen

Hide your last seen from your girlfriend to make her feel distant from you like an outsider. If she asks you regarding this act, say you want some space and answer her vaguely.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you do not have the luxury of meeting each other regularly or living together. Similarly, it can be difficult to make your girlfriend jealous from far. Mentioned below are some tips to make your girlfriend jealous in a long-distance relationship.

5 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Jealous in a Long-Distance Relationship

1. Say You Bumped Into Your Ex

You live far away from your girlfriend, and she has no way of checking what you tell her. Use this to your advantage and say you bumped into your ex-girlfriend. She might question you, but dodge them or be vague with your answers. Remember adding –  it was great catching up with your ex after so long, and it brought back fond memories.

2. Ignore Her Calls But Be Active On Social Media

Stop taking her calls or responding to her texts. Instead, say you are busy with some work while being active on social media. Post stories on Instagram and WhatsApp or comment on the pictures of your mutual friends. Let her know that you are not busy working but spending leisure time on social media.

3. Invite Others To Your Netflix Party

If you and your girlfriend schedule virtual Netflix parties, invite somebody else in your session one day without informing her. Send messages addressed to your friend and not her in the chat window while watching the movie. Talk to her only when necessary.

4. Avoid Watching The Movie She Recommends

To take it further, do not watch the movie or series your girlfriend recommends to you. Start watching the movie your female friend suggests, and remember to compliment her in the end. You can say she has excellent taste in movie selection. Your girlfriend will definitely feel jealous hearing this.

5. Change Your Facebook Status to single

Couples nowadays validate their relationship by updating their relationship status on Facebook. If your Facebook status says, ‘in a relationship,’ change it back to ‘single’ This will grab her attention and make her feel jealous. If she confronts you about it, say it was a daring challenge from a female friend.

Here are a few signs you can notice in your girlfriend if she is jealous.

How To Know If It Worked

  • She will start stalking you and your female friends online.
  • She will try to check your phone in your absence.
  • She might accuse you of cheating.
  • She will discuss you with her close friends and family.
  • She will try to grab your attention.
  • She will try to make you jealous as well.
  • She will fish for compliments.
  • She will follow you around wherever possible.
  • She will confront you with her feelings.

The tips listed above will help you grab her attention and bring back the spark in your relationship. However, do not drag this game too long. If you feel she is hurt, talk to her and reveal your strategy. She might get angry, but you can plan romantic gestures to make it up. It might improve your relationship significantly and remind you both of your love for each other.

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