How To Make Yourself Burp

Simple tips and methods to help you burp and relieve stomach gas and pain.

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The excess gas from the body is released in the form of burping (1). While this process occurs naturally for many of us, some of us may find it difficult. If you find it tough to burp and want to know how to burp easily, we got you covered. In this article, we deep dive into how to make yourself burp and ease your stomach gas. People with burping difficulties feel the air stuck in their throat as they cannot push it out completely. The remedies listed here are effective and help one burp easily. Keep reading to learn about these remedies and pick one that suits you the best.

7 Best Ways To Make You Burp

To make yourself burp, you need to get the gas out of your system. Start by sitting up straight and inhaling deeply. Hold it in your throat and exhale after a couple of seconds. Attempt to burp while pushing the stifled air out. Here are some other ways to trigger burping.

1. Drink Water Or A Carbonated Beverage

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The sudden pressure that builds up inside your stomach after drinking a carbonated beverage can help you burp.

Surprisingly, drinking plain water can help you burp by building up gastric pressure. All you have to do is to drink an entire glass in a single breath while pinching your nose (so that no air is released). This also builds pressure inside your stomach, causing you to burp.

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You can also use a straw to quickly drink your cold drink. This can help build up the gaseous pressure, which, in turn, can help you burp.

2. Change Your Breathing Style

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Slouching while breathing can cause your burp to get stuck midway. Instead, sit upright. This not only prevents gastrointestinal symptoms like acid reflux but can also make it easier for you to burp.

3. Swallow Air

Another quick solution to how to burp fast is to exhale all the air from your lungs and follow it up with a deep breath and inhale a lungful of air. Now, instead of breathing out the inhaled air, just swallow it. You may see yourself burping right after. However, don’t do this too often as it can cause flatulencei  XAlso called farting, the act of passing out the excess gas in the large intestine produced by bacterial activity. and make you belch all too often.

Vinnie, a vlogger, spoke about a simple way of burping on command in his video. He said,”Suck in some air and when you have the air in the mouth, you’re going to swallow. Then I’m gonna puff my cheeks back out (i).”

4. Do Some Light Exercises

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Light exercises can exert pressure on the air inside your stomach and force it up. A simple jog, a brisk walk, or even jumping up and down can help you burp while also getting rid of excess gas. Simply lying down and getting up on your feet quickly will also do the trick. If there’s air in your stomach, life will work on it to remove and expunge it.

5. Eat Gassy Foods

Gassy foods like cabbage, chickpeas, apples, pears, and broccoli don’t just cause gas – they can induce belchingi  XAlso known as burping, the act of expelling excess air in the digestive tract through the mouth. due to the pressure that builds inside your stomach due to the produced gas.

6. Suck In And Trap Some Air

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Another quick way to burp is to force some air into your throat and trap it. For this, you will first have to suck air into your mouth until your jaw and throat expand. Do this until a bubble forms in the throat. Now, trap the bubble by blocking your mouth with your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Release the bubble slowly by lowering your tongue and parting your lips slightly. This action can induce burping.

7. Take Antacids

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Taking over-the-counter antacidsi  XDrugs that help neutralize the excess acid produced in the stomach that may otherwise cause acidity or heartburn. that contain calcium carbonate can also cause one to burp. However, antacids are mainly taken to relieve acidity and should be the last resort to provoke burping. Do not use antacids regularly unless advised by your doctor.

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You can also lie on your stomach and curl your knees towards you. Stretch your arms forward and arch your back. Repeat as needed. Ensure you keep your head and throat level.

Burping may relieve the tension caused by gas and bloating for a while, but it is not a permanent solution for such issues. Listed below are some long-term tips that you may want to consider to prevent gas and bloating.

How To Prevent Gas And Bloating

  • Limit your intake of gas-producing foods like cabbage, broccoli, beans, peas, lentils, dairy products, etc.
  • Eat slowly to avoid swallowing too much air (2).
  • Quit smoking.
  • Avoid drinking water in between or soon after a meal.
  • Avoid chewing too many gums.
  • Eat your last meal at least a couple of hours before bedtime.
  • Do light exercises. If you have just eaten, focus on expanding the areas you feel heavy and full in.

According to a study involving 71,812 participants, 30.9% of people reported having symptoms in the last week while 44.1% reported experiencing GERD at least once in the past. To manage the symptoms of GERD these 55.2% of them relied on proton pump inhibitors, 24.3% on histamine-2 receptor blockers, and 24.4% on antacids.

Now you’ve got the hang of prevention tips for reducing burping. Let us discuss why chewing gum can make you burp.

Why Does Gum Make Me Burp?

Chewing gum may trigger burping in individuals because it leads to the ingestion of air. When you chew gum, you naturally swallow small amounts of air along with your saliva. Over time, this air can accumulate in your stomach. When the volume of swallowed air is substantial, your body may respond by inducing burps to release it.

Further, chewing gum involves a repetitive jaw motion, which introduces even more air into your digestive system, increasing the likelihood of burping. While gum-induced burping is generally harmless, it can be bothersome or embarrassing for some. If you frequently experience discomfort due to gum-induced burping, you might consider reducing your gum-chewing habit.

Infographics: Healthiest Ways To Make Yourself Burp

Burping is a natural process but a burp may sometimes get stuck in the throat and cause discomfort. Though we already mentioned a few tips and tricks for making yourself burp, not all of them are advisable for everyone.

Check out the infographic below to learn the healthiest ways to make yourself burp.

healthiest ways to make yourself burp (infographic)

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Burping is the simplest way to relieve excess gas from the digestive system, which can cause indigestion and abdominal distension. Some people may face difficulties while burping. But, some effective ways explain how to make yourself burp. Drinking water or a carbonated beverage, changing your breathing style, swallowing air, doing some light exercises, and eating certain gassy foods like chickpeas and cabbage may make you burp. In addition, eating slowly, avoiding drinking water in between or soon after a meal, and quitting smoking help prevent gas and bloating.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you have to burp a baby?

You will have to burp your baby until he/she is 6 months old. This is because it will be difficult for your little ones to burp themselves at such a young age.

Why can’t some people burp?

Your food pipe or esophagus is surrounded by a muscular valve called the upper esophageal sphincter. This muscle only relaxes while swallowing, and during the other times, it contracts. The esophageal sphincter will have to relax momentarily when you burp to allow the built-up air to escape. When this doesn’t happen, it results in the inability to burp. This is why some people find it difficult to belch. It is also due to the lack of correct muscle memory; damage to the left part of the brain can be a cause for the inability to burp as well.

What positions help release trapped air?

You can lie on your side with your knees bent to help relieve trapped gas. You also may alternate between straight legs and bent knees for relief.

Why do I feel like I have a burp stuck in my throat?

This can be due to gastroesophageal reflux disease (or GERD), which causes the acid to flow back up your throat, creating a feeling of something being stuck in your throat.

Key Takeaways

  • Sitting upright helps you burp easily and prevents acid reflux.
  • Drink a carbonated beverage or do some light like jogging or jumping to make yourself burp quickly.
  • Avoid consuming gas-producing foods like lentils, cabbage, and dairy products to prevent gas and bloating.

Learn how to burp in minutes with the help of this fun video. Click on it to get tips on how to get rid of any gas stuck at the back of your throat effectively.

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