How To Manifest Love: A Step-By-Step Guide

The ultimate guide to mastering the art of manifesting love through thoughts and wishes

By Harini Natarajan, Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Love is one of the greatest feelings that everyone wants to taste. However, finding true love can be hard. You must know how to manifest love, irrespective of your past experiences. A lot of hype has surrounded manifestation over the years. But all you need is willpower with open-mindedness. It is the act of paying attention to your feelings for something in your life through your belief and attraction.

In this article, we have discussed what exactly manifestation is, how to get started with love manifestation practices, and a step-by-step guide on how to manifest love. Scroll down for more information.

What Is Manifestation?

If you have read a few self-help books, you may have superficially come across the concept of manifestation.

Manifestation is essentially willing something so hard that the universe puts it together and rewards you with it. It involves the concurrence of your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and emotions to translate your deepest wishes into reality.

Essentially, this boils down to everything that Rhonda Byrne and Paulo Coelho talked about in their books The Secret and The Alchemist, respectively. You may have also heard life coaches and thought leaders in the likes of Deepak Chopra and Oprah talk about this concept.

Now that you understand the concept of manifestation, let us move to the million-dollar question – is manifesting love possible?

Can You Manifest Love?

Let the time tell whether manifesting love is possible


What else does one need more than money or power? True love, of course.

While everything is purely anecdotal, the law of attraction states that manifesting love is possible. Basically, not a lot changes whether you try to manifest love, wealth, fame, or anything you truly desire. The only roadblocks could be your self-limiting thoughts, fears or inhibitions, and your commitmentphobic behavior.

Manifesting true love is possible when you send out your thoughts and wishes into the universe. You will discover in the later sections how to manifest love the right way. Once you master this art, you will find a vibrational match in response who will walk into your life and transform it in the most wonderful ways possible.

Most importantly, you do not have to necessarily seek a new partner while trying to manifest love. In fact, you can make your existing relationship healthier and more loving through the power of manifestation. Manifestation is all about setting an intention and working towards it.

It is worth mentioning that while you can try manifesting love with a specific person, you may not necessarily derive the results you desire. You cannot use manifestation to make someone love you back. Love manifestation is quite different from casting a love potion where you can magically make someone fall for you.

How To Get Started With Love Manifestation Practices

Take a few steps for love manifestation practices


You need to take care of a few prerequisites before starting your love manifestation journey. These include:

  • Create a list of everything that you wish to manifest. Writing forms an integral part of all the steps that we will be discussing in the following sections.
  • Decide what you really need and stay specific about it. Asking for a ton of things at the same time will only send mixed signals to the universe.
  • Stay honest with yourself during the love manifestation process. There is no point in being untrue to yourself.
  • Understand your part in the process and create a roadmap of the actions you have to perform.
  • Discard all resistance and skepticism that you may encounter as manifestation requires rock-solid belief.

Let us now dive right into a step-by-step guide on how to manifest love. Head over to the next section.

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Manifest Love

After you have taken care of the “getting started” part, it is time to kick start this spiritual and life-altering journey of manifestation. The following is a detailed guide on how to manifest love into your life:

Step 1: Actualize Your Feelings

The first step to manifesting true love is acknowledging your feelings. Here, we mean the feelings before and after the manifestation. Focus on your thoughts and emotions to think about what you would feel. What is it that you are currently missing? How will it change when your manifestation makes an appearance in your life?

Acknowledge your feelings towards your patner


Essentially, you need to discover the “missing piece” that will feel complete once you find your lover. This feeling could be loneliness or the want of companionship. You may also wish to counter the feeling of being unattractive or undesirable. Analyze your feelings and understand how manifesting love in your life will change it for the better. Eventually, love is all about feelings. Hence, prioritize them over everything.

Step 2: Visualize Your Perfect Partner

Once you have listed down your feelings, it is time to visualize your perfect partner. There is no harm or shame in focusing on the physical attributes at this stage, considering you have already detailed the emotional aspect in the previous phase.

However, rather than focusing on the looks per se, think about the qualities of your partner. For instance, if you want someone thin or strongly built, stress more on their features surrounding health, fitness, vitality, and athleticism.

Similarly, you would want someone wealthy. But rather than conjuring up some net worth right at the top of your head, think of what makes your partner wealthy (their financial discipline) or why you want them to be wealthy in the first place (for the sense of financial security that they may offer).

As a rule of thumb, focus on why you want the particular characteristics rather than being sold on the specifications themselves.

Think about the positive aspects of your partner


Step 3: Embody Your Role

While you are manifesting love with a specific person, this other person may also be doing the same. The truth is, we all want the best, but are we ready to put in the effort to be the best?

For the vibrational matches to really hit it off, you need to be someone who complements your ideal partner. In simpler words, you need to become the person you want to attract. Nurture these desirable traits in yourself to attract love – after all, you get the love that you deserve.

And while you are at it, spend some time practicing self-care. Connect with your inner self while manifesting love to cultivate hobbies, habits, and practices that will strengthen your relationship as it grows and matures.

Step 4: Let The Universe Know

Taking notes can be useful in love


After you have nailed down the part where you have to work with imagination, it is time to put your intentions out in the real world.

The best way to do that is by committing to paper. Write down all your hopes, aspirations, goals, and dreams that you want from the relationship to make them real in this universe. Lately, the 3-6-9 method has become popular. Here, you write your intentions thrice every morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the night for about 33 to 45 days.  Most people own a manifesting love notebook to record the journey and their experiences, while others may write a letter to their future self.

Alternatively, you can choose to meditate, pray, speak out your intentions, or make a vision board. Ultimately, regardless of the method you choose, it has to capture everything you want and exactly how you want it.

Step 5: Align Your Actions

After you have let your desires loose, it is now time to work towards them. Love manifestation is no magic spell but a collaborative action between you and the universe. So, naturally, you have to hold your end of the deal and work towards realizing your wish to find true love.

Once you start the journey of manifesting true love, you need to put yourself out there to make it easier for your partner to find you. Once this person presents themselves, do not be shy or hold back in pursuing them if they show signs of taking an interest in you. Feel unabashed to be the one to ask that special someone on a coffee date and to make the first move while asking for their number. You will always have signs that will push you in the right direction, so take the lead and play your role.

Step 6: Trust The Process

The penultimate step in this journey of manifesting love into your life is probably the hardest – trusting the process.

There will be times when it would take longer than you would have imagined, or there will be instances when the one you come across may not check all your boxes. At the same time, you will have a crisis of faith and will start questioning your beliefs. All these can contribute to self-limiting behavior.

But rather than clinging onto the idealized version of the timeline or the person, you need to surrender to whatever the universe has in store for you. Maintain confidence in the process and trust that the universe will not throw something at you that you cannot handle. After all, a part of the thrill in the journey is learning and growing with each other. Hence, do not expect cookie-cutter results.

Who knows – a few years from now you may discover that you and your soulmate could never be more perfect for each other!

Step 7: Practice Gratitude

This is a climax to everything you have experienced and earned along the way. Remember to stay grateful for the opportunity and extend thanks every step of the way.

Manifestation of true love is a beautiful process. Hence, stay mindful throughout and appreciate the little things. You also may maintain a gratitude journal to mark your journey. It could be a sweet, touching, and thoughtful gift to share with your loved one when you do happen to bump into them. It will also keep you focused on your primary goal and eliminate all distractions in your pursuit of love. Plus, even the universe deserves genuine thanks every now and then.

Key Takeaways

  • Manifesting involves putting out conscious energy into the Universe to make something happen for you.
  • If you know how to manifest love, finding true love will not be a problem for you.
  • It is of utmost importance to be honest while you are in the process of love manifestation.
  • Trust the process and practice gratitude to lend more power to your manifestation.

It is quite possible to manifest love. All it takes is your honesty and an open mind. First, analyze your feelings and visualize how your partner should be, not just focusing on the physical attributes but also on their personality and character. Now that you have narrowed down your aspirations, dreams, and goals you desire from the relationship, write them down for about 33-45 days for a specified number of times during the morning, afternoon, and night to let the universe know about them. It is important to trust this process all the way through. Finally, don’t hold back when your desired person presents themselves before you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tell if someone is manifesting you?

Look for the following signs to know if someone is manifesting you:
• You may feel as though you know them
• You get a sense of Deja-Vu when they are around
• You always think about them
• You see them in your dreams

How do you know if your soulmate is manifesting you?

Below are some signs that may tell you that your soulmate is manifesting you:
• You feel like you have met them somewhere before.
• You stumble upon them often.
• You feel an intense urge to contact them.

How do I know if my manifest is working?

The following signs may help you know that your manifest is working:
• You are effortlessly optimistic.
• You see angel numbers often.
• You come across synchronicity.

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