How To Measure Shoe Size – A Perfect Guide With Sizing Chart

Wearing the right-sized can make all the difference between a good day and a bad day.

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Shopping for shoes that fit you perfectly can be such a harrowing experience, especially when you are about to invest a lot of money. For starters, measuring your feet size is a foolproof way to arrive at the exact shoe size. Even though the sizing differs with brands and the measuring unit of the country you are based out of, big names are pretty standard and have set conversion charts. But how to measure foot size correctly? You’ll be surprised to learn that it is not that complicated and actually takes less than a couple of minutes to measure your feet. If you have always been confused about finding the right size, your struggle ends here. Scroll down to learn how to measure shoe size of your feet correctly.

How To Measure Shoe Size

You Will Need

  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Paper – 2 big pieces
  • Pencil or a marker
  • Chair to sit on while taking the measurement

How To Measure

How to measure your shoe size
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  • The easiest and most accuracy-ensured way to do it is to first stick the paper to the floor with a tape so that it does not move.
  • Sit on the chair and place one foot on the paper.
  • Place the pencil/marker perpendicular to the paper and not at an angle, because then you might end up taking the outline from under the foot and not realize it.
  • Now, trace the outline of your feet, one foot at a time. There will be some difference between the width and length of both feet.
  • Now, make a note of the length by measuring from the tip of the heel to your longest toe – remember the big toe is always not the longest.
  • Do the same with the width, measure the broadest part of your foot.
  • Make a note of these numbers. And, use the larger number among the two.
  • You then need to subtract ‘3/16’ from the number; you need to do this to make up for any difference between the line and the physical shoe.
  • That will finally become your shoe measurement.
  • You will now have to convert this according to your country’s measurement units. See the conversion charts below.

P.S – If you are measuring your feet for shoes, then wear socks, because you will be wearing them with your shoes.

protip_icon Quick Tip
It is best to have at least a quarter to a half inch of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe, depending on the shoe type and use.

Shoe Size Chart – Women

CmsInchesUK SizesUS SizesEU SizesIndia Sizes

Shoe Size Chart – Men

CmsInchesUK SizesUS SizesEU SizesIndia Sizes

Tovah Robinson, a footwear designer and a blogger, shares her experience of her foot size changing with time in her personal blog, noting, “One mom after another chimed in about how they previously wore a smaller shoe size, but now their size seemed to increase after kids. This phenomenon is common with mothers, but it actually affects all people due to a variety of circumstances. In my own experience, my shoe size increased from a 7.5 / 8 US in my 20’s to my current 8.5 / 9 US, and I started to notice the change even prior to having kids (i).”

Infographic: A Simple Guide To Measuring Your Shoe Size Correctly

Whether you are an experienced shopper or a novice, shoes are one investment we all make carefully. Considering how shoe sizes vary across different brands, you must know your foot size perfectly well to find the proper footwear. We have created a simple guide on the technique of how to measure your foot size in the infographic below!

a simple guide to measuring your shoe size correctly (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Personal Stylist Paola Farina suggests, “If in doubt, it is best to contact the shop or the customer service of the brand to understand how the different models fit. For example, a 38 EU for a sneaker is completely different from a size 38 for a sandal. The model also makes a difference. A round point offers more space to the foot, and a pointed shoe perhaps must be purchased in a bigger size.”

protip_icon Quick Tip
Even if the size is correct, sometimes the footwear may be ill-fitting. So, walk around in the shoes to determine the fit. Ensure your foot does not slip in and out and your ankle collar does not rub when you walk. If you are not sure about the shape, refer to a shoe width chart to find the best-fitted shoe.

It is really important to know your shoe size because wearing the wrong size can negatively affect your foot health and posture. You may even hurt your feet or irritate the skin if your shoes do not fit right. So, you must be sure about your shoe size, especially if you wish to purchase footwear online, as you will not be able to try them on before buying. But, with this article, you do not have to think about how to measure shoe size. Instead, try our step-by-step method and buy a perfectly-fitted pair of shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common women’s shoe size?

In the US, the average shoe size of a woman is anywhere between 7-9; while in the UK, it is 6.5-7. For men, it is somewhere between 9-12 in the US, and between 7-8 in the UK.

Is there a ratio of shoe size to height?

Feet are the base of your body and balance your body weight, and that’s why there is an apparent correlation between your feet and your height. There are some studies that discuss these in depth. However, it is always an estimation and not a hard and fast rule. According to the findings, for every 6.6 inches of your height, you will add 1 inch of foot length.

Are sandal sizes the same as your regular shoe size?

There is usually a slight difference in the size, especially with different brands. Shoe manufacturing companies deal with the making of shoes with high precision because it affects the performance and the experience of a customer. With sandals, companies are less wary about the approximation and trends keep changing very often. So, unless it is an expensive brand, you can’t always be sure of your size – there will invariably be a minute difference in width and fit.

What is the difference between shoe sizes 8.5 and 9?

Shoe size 8.5 is ⅙ inches shorter than shoe size 9.

Should my toe touch the end of my shoe?

No. Instead, there should be around one finger’s width distance between the end of your shoe and the longest toe.

What is the UK size and US size?

The UK size is a size bigger than the US size. So, for instance, if your UK size is 16, you will require a US size 14.

Key Takeaways

  • The most accurate way to determine your foot size is to measure your feet using a tool rather than using different size charts or conversion charts.
  • The system of measuring your feet’ size is easy and takes only a few minutes with a measuring tape or ruler, paper, and a pencil or marker.
  • To get the correct measurement, it’s important to trace the outline of both feet and measure the length and width, using the larger number.
  • Lastly, subtract 3/16 from the length measurement and convert it to the appropriate measurement unit based on your country’s standard. Remember to wear socks when measuring your feet for shoes.

Are you tired of buying shoes that don’t fit? Learn how to find your perfect shoe size with this easy-to-follow video guide. Check the video and say goodbye to blisters and discomfort.

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