50 Ways To Respect Your Parents

Written by Harini Natarajan

Parents look after their children, make sacrifices for them, and have the most forgiving hearts. Their love is unconditional and as pure as it can get. However, as adult children start living their own lives, they often forget to give their parents the love and care they deserve.

Do you feel you are in a similar situation and want to learn some easy ways to respect your parents? Read on to learn how to express your love and gratitude through simple day-to-day gestures.

50 Ways To Show Your Parents You Respect Them

1. Make Them Your Priority

Whether you live in the same city or not, make sure you are in touch with them. If possible, talk to them every day and ask them how they are doing. If you are too busy at work, drop texts to stay connected and show your affection.

2. Ask Them If They Need Something

When you are not living with your parents, you may not know if they are financially stressed. More often than not, parents tend to hide such matters from their grown children. Asking them if they need anything from time to time will assure them that you are there to look after them.

3. Give Them Credit

When you receive praises in a social setting or achieve something at work, remember to thank your parents. They will take pride in your words and know that you honor and respect them.

4. Avoid Arguments

Your parents have seen more of this world and may have a different perspective on some matters. When you know that there is an issue where you do not see eye to eye with them, keep calm when you are discussing it with them.

5. Focus On Them During A Conversation

When you are talking to them, give them your undivided attention. Put your phone away as a form of respect for your parents. This moment will not come back, and you may regret it a few years down the line.

6. Listen To Them

When you are talking to them, listen to what they are saying and give appropriate responses. Avoid superficial conversations where you are replying in monosyllables or only nodding your head.

7. Ask Their Advice

As parents grow old, they may feel unwanted. Once they retire, they may also feel like they have very little to contribute. However, having been through various experiences in their entire life, they have a lot of wisdom and will feel valued if you ask them for their advice.

8. Offer Help

As parents grow old, their capacity to do heavy lifting reduces. Their medical problems may not allow them to do many chores. Offer your help and do small things like mowing their lawn or getting their weekly groceries as a form of respect.

9. Share Your Achievements

Your parents want nothing but the best for you. Always give them the news of your achievements. Hearing the joy in your voice will give them more happiness than you can imagine and will make their parenting journey feel more fulfilling.

10. Respect Their Friends

Encourage your parents to have a social life. Tell them how much you like it when they spend time with their pals. Avoid making judgmental remarks on their friends even if you do not like them.

11. Involve Them In Your Kids’ Lives

When you have kids and begin parenting, you finally understand the love that your parents have for you. But, what you still do not know is the affection they have for your kids. Involve them in your kids’ lives, and their happiness will know no bounds.

12. Appreciate What You Have

When adult children constantly complain about what they do not have, parents may look at it as their failure. Try to appreciate what they have given you. Believe that they did their best to give you what they could.

13. Fulfill Their Requests

Do not forget when your parents ask you to do something. If you cannot get it done, let them know that you tried hard, but things are out of your hand.

14. Do Not Raise Your Voice

Avoid raising your voice while talking to your parents. Nothing screams disrespect like shouting or yelling at your parents.

15. Apologize For Your Mistakes

If you were disrespectful in the past, tell them how sorry you are. Let your parents know how you had many things going on in your mind and how regretful you are that you lost your temper.

16. Do Not Walk Out Of The Room

When your parents are arguing with you, avoid storming out of the room. If you feel that you need space at the moment, tell them you need to take a walk to figure things out.

17. Serve Them Food

When you are having a meal, serve them food before you start eating as a form of respect. While eating, ask your parents if they want something else. In some cultures, it is considered rude when children start eating before their parents.

18. Do Not Swear

Whatever the situation may be, avoid swearing in the presence of your parents. It is unacceptable even if you are using those words for someone else.

19. Do Not Make Fun Of Them

Avoid laughing at your parents when they make mistakes. As they age, your parents may not be able to realize the mistakes they are making. Instead of laughing at them, help them out.

20. Teach Them Technology

The world is changing fast, and your parents may find it challenging to keep up. For instance, your parents may not know how to order takeout online or use Zoom. Take some time out and teach them how to use apps and other latest gadgets.

21. Address Them With Love

Remember how you had your own sweet words to address them when you were a child? Call them with affection using those names, and you will see an instant smile on their faces.

22. Take Them On Vacations

Even if it is only for a weekend or a day trip, take them out. They will appreciate that you are taking time out from your busy routine to spend quality time with them.

23. Spend Holidays With them

Try to spend at least one holiday a year with your parents. Choose a festival and let them know that it is going to be your exclusive day with them. Plan to ensure that you can spend enough time with them on these days.

24. Take Them On A Drive

Do you remember how you loved going on drives with your parents when you were young? Revisit those times and take your parents out. You can take them to your old neighborhood or to that ice-cream shop that used to be your favorite weekend hangout.

25. Tell Them You Love Them

It is not childish to say you love your parents. They will feel valued and enjoy the affection when they hear such words from their grown children. You can choose your own words to express how much they mean to you.

26. Make Their Stay Warm

When they come to visit you, make them feel at home. Ask them if they need anything and respect their privacy. Show them around and tell them where you place things that they may need.

27. Respect Their Wisdom

Your parents have seen more of this world than you and are more experienced than you are. Value their wisdom and hear them out when they give you suggestions.

28. Cook For Them

When you are with them, offer to cook for them. Even if you can whip up only a cup of coffee, your parents will cherish it. Their praises will make you wonder if you really are that great a cook. In reality, they love it when you do something for them.

29. Do Not Evade Their Questions

When your parents ask you about what is happening in your life, give them honest answers. If you are uncomfortable talking about something, tell them you are still figuring it out and need some time to think about it.

30. Believe Them

Your parents have been doing whatever is in their means to give you the best they can. Believe them when they say they are doing something for your good.

31. Be Honest

If you are guilty of something, confess it to your parents. Even if you are afraid, let them know how sorry you are.

32. Think Positively About Them

You cannot respect your parents unless you have similar emotions in your heart. Ward off any negative feelings and accept them with their flaws if you truly want to show your respect.

33. Be Flexible

There is a generation gap between you and your parents. As adult children, try to be open-minded and understand where they are coming from when they give you a suggestion.

34. Appreciate Them

Even when you are older, your parents will want to do little things for you. It gives them joy, and they want to make this world a better place for you. Acknowledge their help and thank them when they do something for you.

35. Obey Their Rules

When you are in their home, obey their rules. For instance, if they go to bed early, respect it and do not disturb them.

36. Prioritize Them Over Your Friends

More often than not, children tend to give more time and affection to their friends and boyfriend/girlfriend than their parents. However, while friends may come and go, your relationship with your parents lasts a lifetime. Prioritize them and give them the time they deserve.

37. Do Not Talk Back To Them

When you have conflicting views, try not to impose your opinion on them. Be calm and gentle when you are putting your points across.

38. Watch Your Body Language

You may want to watch your body language when you are around your parents. For instance, crossing your arms or turning away from them while talking is a classic sign of disrespect.

39. Do Not Involve Them In Fights With Siblings

If you are fighting with your sibling, do not involve your parents or ask them to take sides. They love you all equally, and including them will only worsen the situation.

40. Do Not Lie

Lies always come around. Even if you feel it is a small white lie, try to avoid it. You will save your parents from a good deal of hurt and pain.

41. Introduce Them to Your Special Someone

When you are dating and want to take it to the next level, introduce your partner to your parents as a form of respect. They will be happy to feel more involved in your life.

42. Help Them

Whether you are in their house for a weekend or stay with them permanently, help them with household chores. On your busy days, try to take out at least half an hour to help them.

43. Do Not Complain

If your parents have designated a task for you, do not complain about it. Try to respect their decision and do as asked.

44. Avoid Upsetting Them

Every child knows the little things that annoy their parents. Avoid indulging in any disrespectful behavior, especially if you know it will upset them.

45. Respect Their Principles

Your parents belong to a different generation and may have principles that you may not understand. Try to respect the fact that their opinions can be different from yours.

46. Be Patient With Them

As they grow old, your parents may turn stubborn or throw tantrums like a toddler. Be patient with them and try to manage them with affection instead of losing your cool.

47. Tell Them You Are Proud Of Them

So what if your parents are not wealthy or did not win any professional awards? They did their best in raising you. Tell them how proud you are that they did their best despite their hardships.

48. Celebrate Their Birthdays

Your parents must have missed several meetings and work calls to make your birthday special. Now it is your turn to do so. Spend the day with them and see the most genuine smiles on their faces.

49. Take Their Help In Raising Your Children

Ask your parents to tutor or babysit your children. They will feel valued to be a part of your family life.

50. Be The Best You Can Be

Finally, there is no better gift for your parents than seeing how well you have turned out to be. Live your life honorably, and they will be the happiest beings on the planet.

In Summary

To honor and respect your parents, you need not do anything extraordinary. Show them in small ways every day how much they mean to you and how much you respect them. It is in those everyday interactions that they will find their joy.

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