How To Respect Your Wife

Written by Harini Natarajan , Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Mutual respect is the foundation of a healthy and content relationship. Without respect, love cannot blossom. When you respect your spouse and prioritize them, you make them feel special, safe, and secure in the relationship. While you may love and respect her with all your heart, she will feel valued when you show her what’s in your heart. Scroll down and take ideas from this article to learn what you can do to show respect to your wife. Keep scrolling.

Why Should You Respect Your Wife?

Why Should You Respect Your Wife?


Mutual respect is important in a marriage as it signifies trust, support, love, and appreciation. Lack of mutual respect causes conflicts, misunderstandings, and friction between couples. It also fades the intimacy, and eventually, both end up falling out of love. That is why both the husband and the wife must respect each other. Respect brings stability, security, love, contentment, trust, and faith.

Respect begets respect. If you want to know ways of respecting your wife, you need to know how to develop mutual love and respect. Here are some ways to show your better half that you respect her.

15 Ways To Respect Your Wife

1. Never Raise Your Voice At Her

Yelling at your wife is a sign of contempt and disrespect. Arguing, shouting, and yelling cannot resolve conflicts but fuel them. If you want to show respect to your wife, instead of yelling at her, communicate. If there is an issue, listen to her and try to understand her perspective. No matter how angry you feel, be sure to speak in a calm and contained manner.

2. Do Not Hurt Her Intentionally

Do Not Hurt Her Intentionally


You cannot hurt the people you love and respect. If you have done so unintentionally, let her know that it was a mistake, and you will not repeat it. Try to be sensitive to your partner’s feelings. Be aware of her likes and dislikes and respect her choices. Avoiding doing things that you know will hurt or upset her.

3. Don’t Fight With Her In Front Of Your Kids Or Family

Make it a secret rule in your marriage – never let your kids or any other member of your family see you both fight. Fighting in front of the kids and other family members will hamper her respect and authority in their eyes. It will also affect how others treat her. Resolve your issues and conflicts in private.

4. Don’t Be Rude To Her

Be super gentle with your wife. It is not just about not shouting at her. Avoid being mean or rude to your wife even through your actions and words. Treat her with kindness and patience.

5. Be Honest With Her

Another necessary element for a happy marriage is honesty. If you love your wife, you will not be deceptive or lie to her. Lying to your spouse means you do not trust her and have faith in her. Be honest and transparent about everything. This will build trust and respect over time.

6. Treat Your Wife As An Equal

Treat Your Wife As An Equal


Treat your better half the way you want to be treated as a human being. Give her all your love and support. Respect her desires, wishes, and interests. There should not be an imbalance of power in the relationship.

7. Don’t Embarrass Her In Public

There may be times when both of you may not agree on an issue. If you happen to be in a public place, control yourself from having a full-blown conflict. Even during gatherings, avoid poking fun at your wife for her mistakes. You may do it in humor, but there is a thin line between humor and insult. Most of the time, the chances are high that you will cross that line, which is disrespectful.

8. Never Lay Hands On Her

Of course, physically abusing someone is criminal, and you would never do that to someone you respect. It doesn’t matter what your wife has done, never lay hands on her.

9. Always Allow Her To Speak Her Mind

You may have different perspectives or opinions about things – and that’s ok! Be willing to hear your better half out. Try to understand and acknowledge her perspective and views.

10. Do Not Impose Your Principles And Beliefs On Her

Do Not Impose Your Principles And Beliefs On Her


Your wife may have different beliefs and principles, which may not match with yours.

Do not push your beliefs and principles on her. While it is great when both have the same beliefs and values, having differences does not necessarily mean you cannot be together. If you respect each other, you will push aside your differences and stick to a common ground.

11. Do Not Use Degrading Words

Respect means honoring a person. If you respect your better half, you will honor her and never use statements that are insulting, offensive, or discouraging. Words have the power to do irreparable harm. If you respect her, avoid using degrading words towards her.

12. Do Not Badmouth Her

When you are married, you two are partners. A way to respect your partner is by protecting her dignity, especially in front of other people. Stop discussing your wife’s flaws with your friends. If you truly love her, you will respect her even when she is not around.

13. Don’t Cheat On Her

Don’t Cheat On Her


Cheating on your spouse means disrespecting them and the relationship you share.

This holds true even if she has no way of ever finding out. You would honor the sanctity of your marriage, and your commitment and fidelity to your wife are among the best proof of respect for your wife.

14. Don’t Try To Change Her

When you love and respect a person, you accept them for who they are. Your wife may have her quirks and opinions – that’s what makes her the person she is. Remember, falling in love with a person means falling in love with their character, thoughts, ideas, and everything that shapes them.

15. Consult Her Before Making A Decision

When you are married, you are a team, and you should include her in all major decisions. From moving cities for a job, getting a new house, managing debts to deciding the best school for your kids and getting a pet – your wife should be your partner in every step of life. If you respect your partner, you will also respect her opinion.

Respect is the secret ingredient for a happy and harmonious marriage. When your wife sees how much you respect and honor her, she will respond with love and respect as well. Follow the tips discussed in the article and watch her face glow with pride and appreciation for you!

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