How To Romance Your Wife

Reignite the spark in your woman's eyes and revive your marriage with these tips.

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Keeping the spark burning is the key to a long and happy marriage. Are you looking for various ways to romance your wife? It doesn’t take a great grand gesture to show your wife that your heart still skips a few beats every time you look at her. In fact, it is the little things you do that count – washing the dishes when she’s tired, holding her hand when you go for a stroll, dancing in your living room, and taking her out for a candlelight dinner.

Here are some ways and thoughtful actions to keep the heat alive in your marriage and show your wife she still sweeps you off your feet. Keep reading!

21 Ways To Romance Your Wife

1. Spend Time With Your Wife

At times, romancing your wife is as simple as spending time with her. Between juggling your careers, children, and other responsibilities, you may forget to make time for each other. You become so comfortable in your life that it may not occur to you that your wife needs those few moments of sanity with you. She may also get a feeling that you do not value her or have started taking her for granted.

Although you may mean well, it does not send a good message when your wife sees you busy with work calls or night outs with your buddies while she is on the sideline. You may want to pause, reflect on your schedule, and try to make time for her. Even if your routine allows you to give her only 15 minutes, make a start. In the end, it was those short and meaningful moments that created a connection among you from the beginning. Practice effective communication to raise the bar of your understanding.

During this time, tell her that you are exclusively available for her. Tell her about your day and ask her how hers went. After making this a constant, you may want to schedule some time aside to speak of every other topic that does not involve work and have fun. She will feel valued and loved to see that she is still a priority for you.

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You can use your planner and schedule time slots each day when you intend to be with her exclusively if you are very busy with your professional life. This gives you a reminder and lets you plan ahead with your other commitments so as to not disrupt your scheduled time together.

2. Take Her Out On Dates

Go out on dates as a way to romance your wife
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Remember the time you two were dating? Would you not look forward to your meetings and steal every little excuse to meet her? As you get married and start living together, you may begin taking her presence for granted. When you have kids, you may become so involved in their lives that the thought of going on dates may not cross your mind. However, it may take a toll on your relationship.

Planning dates every now and then is one of the most romantic things you can do for your wife. Choose a day in the week when you make time exclusively for her and take her out. Figure out some romantic and creative date ideas. Do your best to make date nights a ritual and spend quality time with her. For instance, you can have Thursday night dates. Let her know about this and make sure that you do not stand her up.

Make arrangements for babysitters if you have toddlers to look after. Your wife will feel pampered and will be able to focus more on you when her mind is stress-free.

3. Make Her Feel Special

You may feel that after spending so many years together, your wife knows that you love her. You may not feel the need to express your love. However, your wife may feel ignored, unloved, unappreciated and given for granted, unappreciated and given for granted as a result.

Try to think of the last time you did something special for her. If it was on her birthday a couple of months ago, you are already late, remember that love is built every single day, remember that love is built every single day. You do not have to spend lavishly to express how much you love her. The easiest thing you can do to romance your wife and make her smile is to send her a text saying how much you love her and miss her. You can get her flowers or leave little notes around the house. Cook dinner for her or give her a foot massage while watching TV. Give her a call or text to ask how her day is going and that you can’t avoid thinking how badly you want to be naughty with her when you arrive home. All these small acts of kindness, love and generosity will ignite more passion between the two of you.

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You can even recite her a poem or call her in the middle of the day to tell her that you are looking forward to seeing her later. Show physical signs of affection, like hugging her from behind or just holding her hand to pull her closer to you for a small kiss. The most important thing is to be genuine and spontaneous.

4. Be Kind

Be patient, helpful, and gentle with your wife. Although these qualities are often ignored, they can help you convey how much you still love your wife. Help your wife with her chores. You may get a break on the weekends, but she may never get one. You can even divide the tasks and take more responsibility in running the household.

If you are having an argument, watch your words. Instead of yelling and shouting, sit down and have a calm discussion with your wife. Support her when she is having a tough time at work. Have her back to give her a safe zone. Let her know that you are always there no matter what. If things start to heat up, take a 15-minute break apart, do something you enjoy and when you are ready try again; do your best to be indulgent, for there is a good reason your wife is reacting that way, so instead of speaking or talk back, be genuinely curious to find out where she is coming from.

5. Tell Her She is Beautiful

Women love to dress up, and when their husbands tell them they look beautiful, they feel their efforts are worth it. Never ever compare your wife to other women or ask her to tone her body like an actress. Love her for her heart and help her build body positivity.

Tell her she looks pretty even when her hair is tied up in a messy bun or she is sweating after mowing the lawn. Help her feel beautiful from the inside, and you will notice an instant change in your romantic life.

6. Be The Guy You Once Were

You would have been at your charming best when you were chasing your wife. Perhaps you were more humorous, loving, or courteous back then. She fell in love with that version of you and would always want to have you that way. As you start living under one roof, you may not see the need to charm your wife as much.

To win her affection once again and romance your wife, bring that guy back. Try to recreate your dates, add more humor, and work your charm once again. She will feel wanted and will get the message that love nor passion is dead between you two.

7. Set The Mood

Set the mood as a way to romance your wife
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Physical intimacy will always be an essential part of your romantic life; without it, you might as well be just friends. Try to initiate more moments in the bedroom, and you can also spice things up. There is no better way to express that you still love her and want her in your life than to make her happy in the bedroom.

When you are at it, trying to set the mood could be the most romantic thing to do for your wife. Play sensual music, light candles, and above all, ensure that you get some alone time. You can also gift your wife some lingerie or add some sensual toys to spice things up.

8. Show Your Affection In Public

Women like it when their husbands are romantic in public. You do not have to indulge in excessive PDA or do something you do not like. However, you can always hold her hands or look into her eyes lovingly. Pull her close or put your arm around her as you get a picture clicked. She may blush, but she will enjoy the attention and love that you shower on her.

9. Plan A Trip

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If you feel the romance in your married life has taken a backseat, try to plan a trip together. Nothing can work as well as a vacation in bringing both of you closer. You can take a weekend trip if a long holiday is not practical. Even a staycation will work when you are trying to romance your wife.

The idea is to spend time together and bring back the romance and adventure that seems to have been lost along the way. As you go, try to leave your work behind. It will give your wife a good break from her responsibilities and work pressures. Try to select a place in the lap of nature where you can be together in the truest sense.

10. Share Light Times

Romance is also about looking at the lighter side of life. A couple that laughs together has a strong bond. Meet up with friends whose company you both enjoy. You can also go to a standup comedy show or watch a light-hearted movie. Do something that will make her laugh, and you will see a change in your bond.

11. Play With Her And Tease Her

Friendship is an inherent part of romance. When you are friends, your bond is stronger. Moreover, there is no formality or boundaries when you are friends. Try to make the environment of your house light and indulge in some harmless teasing when you are trying to romance your wife.

You can play little games of hide-and-seek, give each other nicknames, or do anything that is exclusive to your relationship. You can also give naughty nicknames and save them for your private moments.

12. Encourage Her To Pursue Her Dreams

Does your wife have any unfulfilled goals or desires? Encourage her and give her your full support to pursue them. For instance, ask her to take up painting if that is what she wanted to do. You can even gift her the basic materials, so she can start right away. Ask her to graduate in the course of her choice if she could not finish her studies. When you do this, you will convey your true love to your wife. Be the wind under her wings and give her the sky to fly.

13. Get Rid Of Habits She Does Not Like

If there is something that she has been telling you to change or get rid of, you may want to give it a thought as long as it does not go against your core values. Whether it is your habit of drinking or smoking, nothing is more important than her place in your life.

At times, men may indulge in distractions such as spending too much time on play stations, spending too much time with their buddies, or eating out excessively. In such situations, you’re the best judge, especially if you know what irks your wife.

Instead of shunning it away, you may want to work on it now. If your wife is asking you to get rid of such habits, it is probably for your own good. Doing so will bring harmony to your marriage.

14. Respect Her

A happy marriage is a relationship that has its foundation in trust, respect, and friendship. Respecting your wife does not mean that you are considerate of her only in a social setting. It means giving her the place she deserves even when you are alone. Respect her time as much as you value yours.

For instance, if you tell her that you will be home early and take her on a drive, make it possible. She could have canceled her plans or arranged for a babysitter to be with you.

15. Be Courteous

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Being married does not mean that you stop being courteous to your wife. In fact, if there is anyone who deserves it the most, it is her. Open doors or pull chairs for her, and give your full attention when talking to her. Look into her eyes when you are talking to her so that she knows that you are not distracted. Sometimes, romancing your wife is as simple as that.

16. Buy Her Gifts

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Get her gifts on regular days too, and not just on anniversaries and birthdays. You do not have to break your bank and get her something expensive every time you want to get her a gift. Even flowers will do the trick. Write some love notes or give surprise gifts to make her happy. The point is to get something when your wife is not expecting it. You can talk to her friends to get an idea if she has been eyeing something recently, or even better, find out by spending some time with her on one of the dates we previously suggested; she will feel important and considered. Also, take time to wrap her gifts beautifully; she will appreciate the effort.

17. Go Stargazing

Stargazing is one of the most romantic things you can do with your wife. Imagine you are sitting under the starry night sky with a blanket and maybe a cup of hot chocolate, sharing stories, and getting lost in the wonder of the universe. What better way to do this than to surprise your wife with a star naming service? You can register a star in her name. It is like having your very own piece of the universe that is a one-of-a-kind and eternal symbol of the love you have for each other. Not only is it romantic, but it is also a great way to create lasting memories.

18. Do What Makes Her Feel Loved

Every individual is different and may have different needs when it comes to being loved. For some women, it means a lot when their husband lends a helping hand in the kitchen. while others may want to be showered with compliments.

Find out what works with your wife and relieve her stress. It may take time for you to reach a stage where you know what works – but be with her on this journey. For now, you can ask her how it is that you can help her. Over time, you may want to focus your attention on what makes her loved. Find out what she responds to and what makes her happy.

Bear in mind that we are always adapting to new things, so even when you already know what will make her tick, keep being curious and stay alert for those new things that may come later in time.

19. Step Up

You cannot expect your wife to respond to your romantic gestures unless you step up in your other responsibilities. If you have kids, step up in your role as a father. Help them with their homework, drop them off at school, or manage their tantrums.

When you help her in sharing responsibilities, she is more likely to welcome your ways when you try to romance her.

20. Avoid Criticizing Her

It is unlikely that your wife will appreciate your romantic gestures if you are always criticizing or demeaning her. If there is something you feel that she can work upon, tell her about it at the right time and in a sensitive and constructive manner, you can even set up some time to address that topic. Never tell her in public or when you are in company.

Moreover, be gentle with your words and do not say something that you would not like to hear.

21. Tell Her You Love Her

Sometimes, romancing your wife is as simple as this. Look into your wife’s eyes and tell her that you love her. Do it when she is expecting it the least, and she will instantly throw her warmest smile at you. When you have been married for a few years, you may not say it often, but these three magic words never lose their charm. If you want to take it to the next level, after telling her you love her, give her a six-second kiss. Not only will it help you build a ritual for connection, but it will also increase appreciation between you, boost fondness and admiration, create physical touch and lead to sex.

Infographic: 10 Sweet Ways To Romance Your Wife

Love is tricky, challenging, and demands a lot from you. It is not easy. But being romantic in love need not be one of the complicated things about love. This list of romantic gestures can be overwhelming to a few but they are all rooted in one’s love for their partner. We have an infographic below highlighting ten daily acts that can keep the romance alive in your relationship.

10 sweet ways to romance your wife (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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You spend a lot of your time with your wife, but unfortunately, this time is overshadowed by the monotony and habits and habits of daily life. Love and affection give way to routine as romance leaves your lives eventually. However, we don’t need to stress how important it is to maintain the spark in your love life lest you find yourself feeling lonely and sad. You can take cues from the 21 ways to romance your wife listed above to keep your relationship fresh and fulfilling. Don’t shy away from complimenting her, encouraging her to pursue her passions, or buying her gifts every now and then.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my wife feel special in bed?

Take the lead. Initiate physical intimacy and don’t rush the action. Pay attention to her sensations and feelings. Explore her entire entire body, taking time to caress and tease her. Communicate to her what you wish to do and ask her how she feels. Make the moments of physical intimacy about pleasuring her as much as yourself.

How can I attract my wife physically?

Taking care to keep yourself clean, fit, and well-groomed can help make you more physically attractive to your wife. In addition, emotionally connecting to her, treating her with respect, and taking the lead with tasks that need doing to share her load can go a long way in making her attracted to you.

How can you keep the romance alive in a long-term marriage?

A common problem that can arise in a long-term marriage is the lack of intimacy. So try to initiate it more often to keep the romance alive, be more affectionate, plan cute date nights, and indulge in open communication.

What are some ways to surprise your wife with a romantic gesture?

You can surprise your wife with sweet gestures like buying them a beautiful bouquet of their favorite flowers, writing a heartfelt letter, making her a scrumptious meal, or planning a spontaneous trip. Helping out around the house without being asked to do will definitely win you brownie points with her.

Key Takeaways

  • In a marriage, you want to keep the romance alive, no matter how long you’ve been married. It doesn’t always take a grand gesture to show your wife that your heart beats only for her.
  • Spending time with your wife is a great way to show her that you want to be with her.
  • Another great way to keep the romance strong is complimenting your wife, not just on how amazing she looks but also on her incredible career accomplishments and how she supports you in raising a family.
  • There are many other ways you can keep the spark burning – like letting her chill out while you handle everything at home, taking her out on a romantic evening, and more.
ways to romance your wife

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Romance your wife like a pro! Learn creative ways to show your wife how much you care in this video below. Get tips on how to make her feel special and loved.

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