How To Make A Long-Distance Relationship Work

Written by Harini Natarajan

It is a common misconception that long-distance relationships are doomed from the start. Unlike what people might think, they only lay the foundation for a more loving and resilient bond where the partners cherish each other. After all, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”.

However, long-distance relationships are susceptible to pitfalls like monotony, emotional unavailability, and communication gap. And if you fear the same, here are a few tips on how to spice up a long-distance relationship. Read on.

25 Ways To Spice Up A Long-Distance Relationship

1. Kick-Off A New Series Together

Luckily, video streaming platforms have unlocked some fun features to spice up a long-distance relationship. You can use them to watch a new series and create shared experiences.

Use tools like the Teleparty Chrome Extension to sync your video playback across multiple video streaming platforms – Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Disney. This way, you can keep up with each other second by second.

2. Surprise Each Other With Gifts

Surprise Each Other With Gifts


No matter how cool one might try to play it off, everyone LOVES surprises.  This can be anything, from a handpicked care package, pleasure toys to a pizza that is as cheesy as your love. You know your partner better, so send them a gift that speaks to them.

3. Send Love Notes And Packages

Even if you cannot send surprises, there are several ways to show that you love and care about your partner. Go old school and send your significant other a love letter or a postcard.

You can take it a step ahead and send cute packages with your favorite books, some snacks, or a keepsake of your time together. If you are fond of DIY projects, create something special and send it across. Your partner will appreciate the effort and the gesture.

4. Download A Couple’s App

Couple’s apps are the one-stop answer to all your questions. You can connect with your long-distance partner easily and rekindle the sexual or emotional spark. Apps like Lovedays, Lasting, or Nujj can help you build stronger relationships.

5. Hit Them With An Occasional Saucy Text

A little saucy message can go a long way in igniting passion. It becomes all the more effective when it is least expected! While there may not be much that you can do about the situation, a naughty message can surely reserve the top spot in your partner’s heart and mind.

6. Plan Out Your Dates

The anticipation of meeting each other can be exhilarating in a long-distance relationship. And when you have a long list of things planned out for the D-day, it is a race against time to tick all the boxes while enjoying those micro-moments of love. Therefore, a little planning can help you feel sorted and enjoy your time together to the fullest.

7. Play Co-Op Games

If you and your partner are already into gaming, you may have already tried this. From Fortnite to Animal Crossing, these thrilling games are bringing long-distance couples closer. And even if you are not a hardcore gamer, online games like Scrabble, Pictionary, and Monopoly can promise hours of fun.

8. Set Up Skype Dates

Where you can work-work through video conferencing, how can you not make your relationship work using the same? Log off your Zoom and move to Skype for those 3 AM face-to-face conversations. You can even turn your regular talks into dates. Just dress up and aerate the wine, and you are ready to wine and dine with your loved one.

9. Get To Know Each Other

Couples in long-distance relationships can miss out on effective communication. Hence, getting to know your partner and exploring each other as individuals is essential. You can start with simple questions like “What attracted you to me?” and go all the way to quirky things like “Would you rather have eight arms or eight legs?”

10. Have A Fitness Challenge 

Have A Fitness Challenge


Do you and your partner share a common passion for fitness? If yes, set up long and short-term health goals and turn them into a fun competition. It can help cultivate a team spirit as you motivate and help each other overcome challenges.

11. Go On An Adventure

Go On An Adventure


How about dialing down the screen time and exploring the great outdoors? Get yourself out there and stream your adventure to spice up your long-distance relationship. Give your partner a tour of the town or show them your quiet place –  either way, an adventure awaits.

12. Get Bold With Sexting

Try anything from sharing fantasies to heavy foreplay, and you can have intense moments with your partner through words. All it takes is a spark of imagination, and the possibilities are endless.

13. Get On That Hotline Bling

If you are not very good with words, phone sex can do the trick. Get your love hormones pumping by speaking about your fantasies and what you would do to your partner if they were physically present with you. Use your sultry, husky voice to seduce them further through the alleys of dirty talking.

14. Set Aside Some “We Time”

Spending quality time together is a great way to spice up your long-distance relationship. Watch a movie or read a book on the genre you prefer. Use culture as a medium to add value to your life and relationship.

15. Let Creativity Tie You Together

With enough creativity, you will never face any dull moment in your long-distance relationship. Use it wisely to send each other cryptic texts or quizzes, and discover ways to let them know what you feel about them. Flexing those grey cells can be one of the fun ways to create a spark in your relationship.

16. Share Your Hobbies

When you share a life, sharing hobbies should be one of the first steps. If you already share common interests, you can hone those skills or pick something at random to view your partner in a whole new light. With online courses, your options are virtually limitless.

17. Get Nostalgic With A Throwback Thursday

The distance can amplify regular relationship blues. So if you and your partner are experiencing a rough patch, going down memory lane can be an excellent strategy.

Recall the initial phase of your relationship and relive those moments when every exchange would set free the butterflies in your stomach. It also lets you evaluate how much you have grown together, which can help rekindle the warm and fuzzy feelings.

18. Dedicate Sappy Social Media Posts

Spice up your long-distance relationship with some good, old-fashioned PDA. Dedicate a sappy message for your partner on social media. Tag them in the post and show off how deeply committed you are to each other to make this work.

19. Hop Aboard Viral Couple Trends

If gushing about your partner is not cheesy enough, give into viral couple challenges on TikTok or Instagram. They can be silly but fun to make memories along the way.

20. Cook (Or At Least Eat) Together

Cooking together or sharing a meal can be highly effective in forming a secured bond with your partner. Have an ultimate bake-off, or quietly work your way through dinner. The sense of routine and sharing it with your loved one can help make the distance more bearable.

21. Start Journaling

Journaling or scrapbooking can help you record and cherish the memories you both have shared. Apart from refilling your jar of nostalgia or acting as a pick-me-up on the bad days, they make for perfect gifts at anniversaries and other love occasions.

22. Create A Playlist

Do you have a song that’s “yours?” Or has any love song got you thinking of your partner? Well, compile them into a Spotify playlist and share them with your significant other. The number of songs on #LDR will leave you surprised. Trust us, “Kiss me through the phone” is just the tip of the iceberg.

23. Play A Drinking Game

Are you watching a movie together and want to make it more exciting? Try a few whacky drinking games! Use this as an excuse to get to know your partner better through a grueling “Never Have I Ever” session. You will be tipsy enough to unwind and ease into some pillow talk.

24. Be Spontaneous

Spontaneity is the key to spice up a long-distance relationship sexually and emotionally. It breaks the monotony and helps you discover new ways of trying out old things.

25. Plan A Surprise Visit

You can drop in and surprise your partner after a long day at work. However, avoid inconvenience by going over your partner’s schedule and involving their friends and family in the plan. When you stand beaming in front of your partner, nothing can make them happier than that very moment.

 It may require some extra effort and imagination to bridge the communication gap and lack of physical connection. However, long-distance relationships do not have to be difficult. Try out the things shared above to spice up your relationship and build a lasting bond despite the distance between you and your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you prevent a long-distance relationship from getting boring?

Keeping things fun, exciting, and spontaneous can help spice up a long-distance relationship. Also, have an open mind to try out new and creative ways to keep the spark alive.

Can we maintain healthy levels of intimacy in a long-distance relationship?

Yes. Maintaining healthy levels of emotional and sexual intimacy is possible in a long-distance relationship. Follow these tips to spice up things with your long-distance partner.

  1. Communicate your needs.
  2. Develop an emotional connection.
  3. Have erotic conversations.
  4. Share any doubts and insecurities that you may have.

What are the warning signs in a long-distance relationship?

If you sense a feeling of detachment, it is probably time for you to reassess your relationship. Here are a few more signs that your long-distance relationship is in troubled waters.

  • Communication has become non-existent or forced.
  • You are no longer a priority.
  • The relationship has stagnated.
  • You notice the behavioral cues.
  • Deep-rooted issues like jealousy or insecurity often crop up.
  • The fights no longer have any resolution.

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