How To Stop A Divorce

Written by Harini Natarajan

Going through a divorce is tough. It is like watching your whole world crumble in front of you. This is more painful when your partner drops the bomb all of a sudden. You do not know what exactly went wrong. You keep wondering how you missed the red flags and did not know your partner was losing interest in the marriage.

If you are going through a similar situation and wondering what you can do to stop your divorce, we can help. Keep reading to understand how you can save your relationship.

How To Stop A Divorce: Advice And Tips

How To Stop A Divorce: Advice And Tips


1. Acknowledge There Was A Problem

Acknowledgment is the first step to healing. Acknowledge your partner’s feelings and that maybe something was not working out in the marriage is crucial. It shows your sincere effort and that you are ready to work on repairing the relationship. Turning a blind eye to your partner’s desires and wishes makes them feel unvalued and may tear your relationship apart.

Talk to your partner. Hear them out without interruption and understand their point of view. Get into your partner’s shoes and empathize. This will help you get to the root of the problem.

2. Apologize, If Necessary

An apology can repair everything if it comes from your heart. It is the first step towards healing. While we understand that mistakes may happen from both sides, if you realize that you did wrong, accept it, and apologize. Talk to your partner and figure out together how you can do things differently. People make mistakes, but it is important to learn from the mistakes and give the relationship your best shot.

3. Get Help And Go The Extra Mile

Be open to marriage counseling. Marriage counselors can help create an environment where both of you can sit down and discuss your issues. Sessions with the therapist can help you identify the problems, understand each other’s points of view, and provide solutions to mend your relationship.

Make it a point to put effort into your relationship with your spouse. Try spending more alone time with them. Go out on dates. Before planning anything, ask their opinion and ensure that both of you are on the same page. Listen to what they have to say and respond accordingly. Take an interest in the things they love. Appreciate them for everything they are doing and celebrate their accomplishments.

4. Avoid The Blame Game

Maybe one or both of you went wrong – do not bring the past into your conversations. This will fuel the fire and increase the distance between both of you. Avoid falling into the victim mode and blame your partner unfairly. Instead, focus on the positive aspects of the relationship.

If you want to save your marriage, show your partner that you can do anything for them. Bring some positivity into your relationship and let your actions speak for you.

5. Have Faith In Yourself

Have faith in yourself as much as you do in your relationship. If you truly love your partner and want to make the relationship work, do not give up. Staying mentally strong and having faith in yourself will help you keep going. Make constant efforts.

Even if your spouse agrees to come back – do not stop with your efforts. You have to keep working to keep your marriage strong. A relationship needs constant nurturing, just like a little sapling. Otherwise, it may wither.

While you make constant efforts to win your spouse back, is there anything you can do to stop a divorce legally? Scroll down to find out.

What Can You Do Legally To Stop A Divorce?

If your spouse has filed for divorce, getting them to order a retraction is the only way to stop the proceedings.

However, if your partner is determined to get a divorce no matter what you are willing to do, it is better to let them go. Love and relationships cannot be forced. This will make your partner feel constrained and increase their bitterness towards you.

Despite your efforts, if your partner wants to go ahead with the divorce, it is better to do it amicably. It can be tough for you. Here are a few tips to help you cope with the situation.

5 Tips To Help You Cope

5 Tips To Help You Cope


1. Do Not Bring Your Kids In The Middle

Kids have a difficult time coping with the divorce stress. Do not try to use your children to make your partner stay back in the marriage. This will turn things bitter between you two. Moreover, kids can sense when their parents are not happy being together. Instead, prioritize their happiness and find a middle ground where both parents are equally responsible for taking care of them.

2. Avoid Involving Your Friends And Family

While you can turn to your friends and family as a support system, avoid getting them between both of you. They may perceive matters differently, which may or may not be right. This may further complicate things between you and your spouse.

3. Nurture Your Emotions

It is natural to feel overwhelmed by emotions while dealing with divorce. However, avoid neglecting your feelings. Accept the truth and take care of your emotional well-being. Practice self-care. This will help promote feelings of self-worth.

4. Allow Yourself To Grieve

“One of the hardest things you will ever have to do, my dear, is to grieve the loss of a person who is still alive” – Anonymous

Divorce can be emotionally taxing, and you may feel a wide range of emotions. Do not suppress your emotions and allow yourself to feel them. Grief is unavoidable, and acknowledging your emotions is the only way to heal. However, avoid self-destructive habits.

5. Pay Attention To Your Health

Even though you feel a range of emotions within, it is crucial to pay attention to your health. Stay active and exercise. This may help stabilize and relieve the pain, anger, and anxiety within you. Consume healthy food and get plenty of rest. Direct all your love towards yourself. This will help you heal.

The Takeaway

Divorce can be difficult. Just because you did everything to make it work does not mean your partner will want the same. However, that also does not mean that you will not roll up your sleeves and give it another shot. Once you put in your effort, see how your partner responds. If they still want to move on, you will at least feel better that you tried your best. Whatever happens, give it your all. Hold on, and stay strong!

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