How To Stop Loving Someone

Written by Harini Natarajan

Love can be a complicated emotion at times. To love someone the right way, you need to accept them in their entirety, even their flaws. Unfortunately, loving someone does not always mean they will also feel the same way. And even if they do, different circumstances may come in your way of being together.

The best thing you can do is to move on. However, there is no quick fix for getting over someone. While you have to give yourself time and patience, a few things can make your situation easier. In this article, we will explore some useful ways of getting over a person you love deeply.  Read on for more information.

How Do You Stop Loving Someone?

1. Think About The Reality

One of the hardest parts of falling out of love is accepting your situation for what it is. Everyone is entitled to their feelings, and sometimes an individual may not reciprocate yours. In other instances, the issues you and your partner face might be too apparent to ignore.

It is important to sit down and acknowledge the reality of the situation while understanding that nothing can change it. This will enable you to make peace with the broken relationship and prepare better for your life ahead.

2. Accept The Role Of The IndividualYour Partner

The people we meet often impact us long after their absence. You may prevent yourself from enjoying certain things simply because your ex introduced you to them. However, that may not always be the best way to stop loving someone.  The act of not doing something can make you think about them even more. Instead, take a moment to appreciate your partner’s role in your life. This will help you better accept the situation and move on.

3. Acknowledge Your Needs

Relationships and romantic love are usually more nuanced than they are given credit for. People often put their needs on the backburner to make their partner happy. While this may be required in certain situations, doing it all the time can make the relationship toxic and bitter.

Therefore, write down everything you want from a relationship and acknowledge that your partner does not fulfil many of these needs.  This will help you put the entire situation into perspective and better understand what to expect from your future relationships.

4. Limit Your Interaction With The PersonYour Partner

Getting over someone can be difficult if you see them frequently. Follow the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ rule to prevent this. Have an honest conversation with your partner and request some time away from them. If you have to see them often, such as in a get-together or office, try changing your seating to limit your interaction. It is also best to stop any friendly social outings that involve this individual.

5. Move Away From Self-Blame

Dealing with a breakup is not easy. It can often lead to over-scrutinize the role you played in our relationship’s downfall. Although you must acknowledge your faults, hyper-focusing on it can cause stress and self-esteem issues. Consider talking about your problems with a therapist to help you gain the closure you are looking for.

6. Focus On Yourself

We tend to spend less time on ourselves and more on our partners. But focusing on ourselves is the first step towards moving on from someone who does not love you anymore.

Try out things that you could not do previously because of your partner. Catch up with your friends and have more self-care days. If something makes you happy, we highly recommend doing it.

7. Box Anything That Reminds You Of Them

Yes, we know that this tip is cliche, but it is an important one. Memorabilia, while a great thing to have, can make the moving on process extremely hard. If you wonder how to get over someone you love deeply, box up anything and everything that reminds you of your once special person. This includes pictures, gifts, movie stamps, and any other token from your time together. Not only will you find the process cathartic, but it also enables you to start afresh.

8. Distract Yourself

When trying to get over someone who does not love you, distraction is key. If you are not careful, you can become easily obsessed with someone you love, making it difficult for you to get over the person. To avoid this, try to distract yourself in the following ways.

  • Spend time with your family
  • Go for trekking, hiking, and camping
  • Try out new interests and hobbies

This enables you to spend more time with those who love you and less time thinking about someone who does not. And if you can get a new talent out of it, that’s another bonus for you.

9. Talk About It With Your Gang

Seek your friends and close people and discuss your issues with them. Not only will they be able to give you some useful advice, but they also leave the conversation feeling both seen and heard.

10. Start Meditating

It may seem like an unusual piece of advice, but taking some time to meditate every day is a must. Mindfulness enables you to process any negative emotions in a controlled environment. Furthermore, the positive affirmations acknowledged during the session can help increase your love for yourself. We also suggest enrolling in a yoga or a live meditation class if you require a personal instructor to talk you through the entire process.

11. Exercise Is Imperative

Exercise is crucial for your physical health and mental health. Anecdotal evidence shows a clear link between exercise and the release of endorphins. These ‘happy hormones’ are known for uplifting your mood and making you feel better. If you do not want to fall into a regular fitness regime, look for alternate ways. Learn how to ride a horse, rock climbing, or dance join classes.

12. Plan Your Future

Picturing your life without your special person is hard, and you can end up feeling stuck. The best way to deal with it is to face it head-on. Envision the rest of your life and make plans to accomplish your goals.

Instead of committing to a 10-year plan, start with something small like planning your dream vacation. This will be relatively easy to achieve and boost the extra motivation you need to make bigger, long-term plans.

While there is no quick and painless fix for a broken heart, you can follow several things to hurry up the process. Separate yourself from your ex – this means removing any of their reminders. You can also talk about your emotions with a confidante or therapist. Other great ways to stop loving someone include exercising, meditating, planning for the future, acknowledging your needs, and focusing on self-love.

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