How To Stop Nausea With Reflexology?

Accupressure and other similar techniques are highly effective ways to get rid of nausea.

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Reflexology therapy is a natural way to stop nausea. This strategic massage technique helps reduce the uneasy feeling without warranting medical intervention. Are you wondering how to stop nausea with reflexology? We can show you. Here, we discuss how you can use reflexology to not only achieve nausea relief but also help someone experiencing nausea. Reflexology can also help nausea associated with pregnancy or that occurs when you ingest the wrong food. Continue reading to know further.

Nausea Made Easy:

Woman feeling nauseaous
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Nausea, when it strikes, surely complicates life. What might be the reasons (1)?

    • Motion sickness
    • Sea sickness
    • Indigestion

We may have resorted to many remedies like peppermint and ginger to calm down what can only be described as a storm waiting to boil over. However, if you’re sickly green and need immediate relief, reflexology helps.

Reflexology For Nausea:

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese philosophy that has been gaining ground for effectively improving health and quality of life. Its appeal lies mostly in the fact that you can perform the technique on yourself anywhere, anytime you need.

  1. According to its principles, our body has specific energy points and are connected to each other via meridian lines.
  2. The points are located on our face, hands, feet and other areas.
  3. Referred to as reflex points, they connect to various organs within the body.
  4. Each point corresponds to a certain organ and when pressed, stimulates the latter.
  5. The stimulated organ performs with renewed energy.
  6. Performed regularly, reflexology improves and balances the entire system as the basis of this therapy is built on the mind-body connection.

Reflexology offers a map of such points to treat any problem. Hence, there are several reflex points on our body to handle nausea. When massaged, the technique will instantaneously relieve mild nauseous symptoms (2), (3).

protip_icon Quick Tip
Reflexology is an ancient Chinese practice that believes that your chi (life force) gets blocked due to diseases. This practice focuses on keeping your chi (life force) healthy and flowing throughout the body.

Let us look at a few reflex points for nausea.

1. Reflex Point 1 (Wrist):

Close up of hands checking the reflex point 1 - the wrist
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  1. You can find this point just below your palm.
  2. Measure three fingers width from the edge of your palm on your left wrist.
  3. At the third finger, about where the pulse is felt, is the point.
  4. Press the point in the center between the bones.
  5. Apply gentle pressure.
  6. Hold for 2 minutes.
  7. Apply more pressure and for longer with your eyes closed.
  8. Breathe deeply to calm yourself.

This reflex point corresponds to the heart.

2. Reflex Point 2 (Palm):

Close up of reflex point 2 in the palm
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  1. The reflex point lies between the thumb and index finger.
  2. Press on the fleshy area between the fingers.
  3. With the tips of the thumb and index fingers of the other hand, gently massage the point.
  4. Now apply more pressure until you feel a slight pain.
  5. Hold the pressure for about 2 minutes.
  6. Practice concentrated breathing (in and out, in and out).
  7. Release when you feel relaxed.

This reflex point corresponds to the large intestine.

 3. Reflex Point 3 (Neck):

Closeup of the reflex point 3 neck
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  1. The point is located exactly between your collarbones.
  2. Using a fingertip, press against the depression below your neck and centered in the collarbones.
  3. Hold medium pressure on the point for up to 5 minutes.

It will help relieve you from the feelings of nausea.

4. Reflex Point 4 (Knee):

Closeup of the reflex point 4 knee
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  1. Knee reflex point for nausea lies below the knee cap on the leg’s front side.
  2. It is between the kneecap and the muscle in your leg.
  3. To find the reflex point, hold four fingers horizontally below the knee.
  4. Focus under the little finger and towards the outer region beside the leg bone.
  5. Here, apply pressure on the point for about 5 minutes.

5. Reflex Point 5 (Foot):

  1. This point is located right below the ball of the foot.
  2. Find the point between the big toe and second toe, below the foot fold.
  3. Press on the point for a few seconds.
  4. Massage in circular motions.
  5. Now, apply more pressure and continue to make circular motions for about 5 minutes.
  6. If the nausea does not abate, perform the massage for 10 minutes.

The point corresponds to the stomach and considerably eases nausea (4).

protip_icon Quick Tip
If you are pregnant, consult your reflexologist before going for a session as it is believed that certain points in the feet may induce labor.

Infographic: 5 Reflexology Points For Treating Nausea

Using reflexology to treat your nausea can give your body a much-needed break from antiemetic drugs. This holistic healing practice focuses on treating various ailments through the stimulation of pressure points located all over the body. When activated these points enhance healing, boost bodily functions and ensure the smooth flow of one’s chi (life energy).

Check out the infographic below for a quick read on healing nausea through Reflexology.

5 reflexology points for curing nausea (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

You can certainly stop nausea using reflexology, and the mechanism is quite simple. When you press the reflex points corresponding to different organs in the body, they get stimulated and work with renewed energy. Massaging the reflex points on the wrist, palm, neck, knee, and foot will help instantly relieve the mild symptom of nausea by stimulating the corresponding organs like the heart, large intestines, stomach, etc. You may want to take professional help as many individuals struggle to find the exact location of reflex points. So, why wait? Try this technique at the earliest and see the results of these self-care techniques for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can reflexology be used in conjunction with traditional nausea remedies, such as medication or ginger?

Yes, there are no apparent side effects of using reflexology in conjunction with medication or ginger.

Is reflexology safe for all individuals, including pregnant women and children?

Reflexology is generally considered safe for people of all ages from newborn to old age.

What are the differences between reflexology and other complementary therapies, such as acupuncture or aromatherapy, in treating nausea?

Reflexology is an alternative medical therapy done by applying pressure to specific points in the body with the thumb. Whereas, acupuncture and aromatherapy involve tiny needles being inserted in the body and fragrances for relief, respectively.

How can someone find a qualified reflexologist who specializes in treating nausea?

Going on the official websites of professional reflexologists and asking for recommendations from medical practitioners can help find a qualified reflexologist.

How can reflexology be incorporated into a daily routine to maintain digestive health and prevent nausea?

Reflexology can be used to treat a number of health issues provided that you know the designated points of pressure in the body for specific problems. This is where you would need a professional reflexologist.

Key Takeaways

  • Reflexology is an ancient Chinese philosophy and a complementary therapy that involves applying pressure to specific energy points in the body for regulated energy flow.
  • To stop nausea using reflexology, gently massage the foot reflexology point, which is located on the inside of the big toe and the ball of the foot.
  • This therapy offers immediate relief from the symptoms of nausea and promotes healing.
  • The wrist, palm, neck, and knee also have reflex points along with the feet and help stop nausea.

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