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How To Store Makeup?

How To Store Makeup? April 27, 2018

We all love makeup, I guess that’s one of the first reasons we’re all here, isn’t it? It’s true that most of us have more makeup products than we need, but that’s no crime. What’s truly a crime is not taking care of what we have. Organizing and storing makeup does not have to be an expensive affair. Here’s how to store makeup in an easy, simple, creative and everyday ways, and before you do that, make sure you toss out anything into the bin that’s more than a year old or past its expiry:

How to Store Makeup Products?

Here are some of the best ways to store makeup brushes, cosmetic products and the other lip and eye makeup items.

1. Different Ways to Store Makeup Brushes:

No one likes their makeup brushes to get worn or smashed as they may make the application fill with flaws. Know how to store makeup brushes with these wonderful tips.

1. Use clear glass containers to put your makeup brushes.

2. Use old coffee mugs to store your brushes.

3. Keep your unused/extra brushes in clear plastic pouches or one of those simple vanity pouches you get free with makeup purchases.

4. Old toothbrush holders, pen/pencil holders and paint brush holders are great to keep different types of makeup brushes.

5. You may also use empty candle holder jars.

6. Also try Desktop storage boxes without lids to keep your makeup brushes.

This is how to you can store your makeup brushes.

2. How to Store Pencil Liners, Kajals, Makeup Pencils, Eye shadow pencils and Mascaras?

1. Old unused coffee mugs, glasses, pen-holders

2. Clear glass containers

3. Empty candle jar

4. Unused pencil pouch/box

3. Different Ways to Store Eyeshadow/ Gloss/ Blush Palettes:

1. Storage drawers

2. Plastic storage containers for sewing kits with pull-out drawers are an inexpensive way to safely store your palettes

3. Old CD stacks and cases are a great place to keep your palettes

4. Different Ways to Storing Knick-Knacks/ Lip Balms/ Pins/ Rubber-Bands/ Liquid Eyeliners/ Q-Tips/ Cotton Balls:

1. Clear glass container/cups

2. Small plastic bowls

5. How to Store Eye-Shadow Pots:

1. Use storage trays from craft stores that come for storing round pots of paints.

2. A small stack with little plastic drawers is great to store eye shadow pots.

3. Single drawer-style pouches to store pens and pencils.

4. Old shoe/cardboard box.

6. Different Ways to Store Lipsticks and Lip Glosses

For all women there who have many lipsticks to count, here’s how you can get helped!

1. If you’ve ordered makeup products online, chances are you may have got them in a box. Use this to store your lipsticks, or if it is small for your collection, use this to keep the ones that you use most often.

2. Sewing kits/boxes that come for storing sewing threads are a great place to store your lipstick .

3. Use an old, clean metal/glass plant holder with a wide base and wide mouth that’s not too deep and convert into a lipstick holder.

4. If you want to make it faster and easier to pick up the colour of your choice at rush hours, use smaller glass containers where you can keep the lipsticks upside down, so it’s easier to see the colours.

Corral these wonderful ways to store your makeup brushes or whatever makeup items or products before they get disoriented and lost forever!

This is how you can store makeup products and cosmetics. Learn these storage ideas to make your beauty palette organized.

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