How To Do A Reverse Perm At Home – A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Look nothing but stunning with smart and safe ways to straighten those waves.

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If you want to go curly on some days and straight the others, we totally get you. If you are bored of your permed hair, try reverse perm at home! It involves straightening your permed curls at home. In this straight perm technique, a solution is used to smoothen and straighten out the permed hair without causing damage.

At-home reverse perming is not only effective but also convenient, costs nothing compared to hair salons, and gives you the exact results you are looking for. Want to know how to reverse perm your hair? Give this post a read to get all the information along with post-treatment hair care tips. Scroll down!

What Is Straight Perm?

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Straight perming is breaking down the bonds that create permanent curls or waves in the hair. A hot flat iron is used when the perm solution is applied to the hair. This promotes heat oxidization and makes the hair straight, soft, and smooth.

Here’s what you need before you start the process.

What You Need For Straight Perm Process

  • Natural shampoo and conditioner
  • Straightening perm kit
  • Gloves
  • Vaseline
  • Flat iron
  • Shower cap

Check out the following section to master the straight hair perm process at home.

Check out the following section to master the hair treatment process of a straight perm at home.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Wear old clothes and cover your shoulders with an old towel. Always wear your gloves when working with the perming solution.

Steps To Straighten Perm At Home

  • Prep Your Hair

It is essential to prep your hair before any chemical treatment. Chemical treatments are best done on unwashed hair.

  • Divide The Hair Into Sections
Hairdresser dividing woman's hair into sections for perming
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After towel drying your hair, detangle it. For this, separate your hair into 4-6 sections. If you have thick hair, divide it into multiple subsections for easy application of a chemical solution.

Note: If you have sensitive skin or scalp, do a patch test before applying any chemical solution. Apply Vaseline along the hairline and the back of the ears to prevent a burning sensation.

  • Apply A Perming Solution

Apply the perm solution to each section of the hair, from root to tip. Avoid the scalp area. Comb the hair thoroughly to spread the solution evenly. Wrap a piece of paper and clip the end to weigh your hair down as much as possible. This process helps to create a straight effect naturally.

  • Post-Care
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Apply a neutralizer after using the perming solution. Remove the paper and wash your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Also, follow the instructions given on the perm kit box. Do not apply any shampoo or conditioner unless mentioned in the instruction manual. Rinse the chemical from your hair with lukewarm water, followed by washing with normal water. Do not wrap or bunch your hair as it might make it wavy.

  • Air Dry The Hair

Pat your tresses with a towel and let it dry naturally. If you have thick hair and struggling to air dry it, use a hairdryer.

  • Use A Flat Iron

If you want to have a long-lasting straight perm, use a flat iron. Divide the hair into four sections and choose the appropriate heat setting depending on your hair type. If you have fine, damaged hair, keep the heat between 250 and 300 °F. For thick hair, 350 and 400 °F are ideal. Also, do not pull your hair too hard as it may cause breakage.

Nicole Allen, a YouTuber, tried straight perming her hair at home. She gave the entire walkthrough in her video, stating, “I currently have my temperature at 400 which I mean it might be a little lot right now but it’s good (i).” After the entire process, she adds, “I [will] let it sit for 48 hours but it [just permanently] should be straight like I should not have any more problems.”

Note: Avoid washing the hair, creating buns, and pulling the hair back for at least 48 hours after the process. This will prevent the hair from kinking or forming bends. 

Here’s how the hair looks after straightening a perm with just a few hair products and techniques.

The Straight Perm – Before And After (With Picture) 

Image: YouTube @poormanism

You can also straighten your perm with the reverse perm technique. Check out the next section to know more about this process!

What Is Reverse Perm? 

Reverse perm is a hair styling technique to take out curls from the hair. It is generally used to transform tight kinky curls into loose curls. This process is one of the healthy ways to get your perms straight naturally. You can straighten your kinky curls easily with a waving lotion or gel.

People often tend to confuse between a reverse perm and a relaxer as both straighten your hair. However, both are fundamentally different. Check out the next section to learn more.

Reverse Perm Vs. Relaxer

A reverse perm is a process aimed at straightening the curls created by a previous perm. It involves the use of chemicals that alter the hair structure. However, complete reversal to the hair’s original state may not be achievable.

A relaxer, on the other hand, is used to permanently straighten naturally curly or wavy hair. It breaks down the natural hair structure and modifies the bonds responsible for the hair’s curl pattern. Touch-ups are needed as new hair grows with the natural texture.

Both treatments involve strong chemicals. Hence, seek professional advice before opting for either.

Image: YouTube @Katherout

Check out the next section for tips on maintaining straight perm hair.

Care And Maintenance Of Straight Permed Hair

  • Do not comb, pull, or bend your straight hair for at least 48 hours after the process.
  • Use a natural shampoo and apply a deep conditioning mask after your straight perm settles down. This will nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate your locks.
  • Avoid tying the hair in buns or ponytails for a few days to prevent the formation of kinks or small waves.
  • To maintain your new reverse perm, be sure to use hair products that promote hair health and avoid any harsh hair dye or hair color.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Avoid scrunching your hair when drying it with a towel. It is best to pat your hair dry to avoid adding curls or waves to your now smooth tresses. Do not aggressively brush your hair either.

Infographic: How To Reverse Perm Your Hair At Home

If you have gotten bored of your permed hair and are looking for a change, a reverse perm is your best bet. And the best part? You can do it at home in a few easy steps. You can straighten your permed curls at home for that sleek hair look. It is quick and cost-effective and gives amazing results. Check out the infographic below to find out how to reverse perm your hair at home.

how to reverse perm your hair at home (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

To recap, a reverse perm is used to straighten permed curls. It is the opposite of a regular perm, where you break down the bonds to curl your hair. You can achieve a reverse perm at home using a waving lotion or gel to loosen tight curls. It is a safer alternative to straightening or relaxing coily hair. You can also try reverse perm or light curls or wavy hair to achieve a straighter look with a boost to the hair volume. Once you reverse perm your hair, you should follow some maintenance tips to keep your hair healthy and damage-free, such as not tying your hair in tight ponytails or braids.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does olive oil get rid of perms?

A perm works by breaking down hair bonds and making it lighter. Olive oil can relax the wavy pattern of the perm and nourish the hair.

How long does it take for a perm to get out of your hair?

Depending on your hair texture and type, a perm could ideally last between 3-6 months.

Do you have to cut off your permed hair to go natural?

Yes. Your permed hair will never return to its natural state. However, if you do not want to compromise on the length of your hair, you can grow it out until you can chop off the perm-damaged part of the hair.

Key Takeaways

  • To straighten permed hair at home you need a natural shampoo and conditioner, straightening perm kit, gloves, vaseline, a flat iron, and a shower cap.
  • Apply perm solution to your hair, then straighten it with a flat iron to break down the bonds within your hair.
  • A reverse perm is another way to straighten permed hair. Repeating this process a few times converts tight coily hair to loose curls, gradually becoming straighter.
Reverse Perm At Home

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Discover the revolutionary reverse perm technique in this captivating video! Click on it to learn how to achieve sleek, permanently straight hair effortlessly. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to smooth, salon-worthy locks!

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